11 Super-Cute Coffee Mugs to Make Your Morning Java Look Totally Adorable!

When I woke up today, I knew immediately that it was going to be one of those mornings that required two (or three!) pots of coffee. As I was mixing in my creamer and adding a dollop of whipped cream, I had to stop to admire just how sweet my caffeine fix looked – the combination of my cute polka-dot-and-heart mug and the whipped cream is just so visually pleasing to me! I honestly believe that at least a part of the satisfaction borne from my morning coffee is due to how pretty I always make my drinks. Around holidays, I even go for thematically-appropriate sprinkles on the cream, like peppermint bits around Christmas or orange-and-white candy dots for Halloween. It’s a lot of fun and takes only a couple moments to give myself that little shot of fun in my mornings, but it just wouldn’t work without the adorable coffee mugs!

That leads me to this post – I decided to hit up some of my favorite sources for cute coffee mugs, pick out my favorites, and feature them here for you all to see. Maybe you’ll end up loving some of my curated cups here, or maybe you’ll think I have the WORST taste, we’ll see!

Feel free to comment with any other coffee cups that you think are too pretty to pass up, as this is obviously a case where I’m totally up for some window-shopping!

Paper & Clay Mugs

These handmade mugs are created by Paper & Clay Studio on Etsy, and something about their soft shape and dreamy pastel colors just makes me think of marshmallows! I think that these coffee mugs are the perfect mix of sweet and minimal – they definitely bring to mind some candy cuteness, but the clean design saves it from going overboard and veering into kitsch. I think they’re totally gorgeous!

Woodland Mugs

For people who are into a sort of cute/natural aesthetic, these Woodland Mugs from World Market are pretty adorable! Very spring-y, in my opinion. They’re stoneware with etchings on the outside made to look like tree trunks, and the insides have pops of bright color to make things interesting. And of course, the cherry on top is the cute little butterfly and bird figures perching on the handles. Cute, cute, cute!

See the rest of my picks by clicking the read more!

I Heart You Travel Mug

If you’re always on the go in the morning but still want your coffee to look cute, the I Heart You Travel Mug from Gray December certainly fits the bill! While it’s not microwave/dishwasher safe, it does come with an adjustable lid and looks like it would fit perfectly in most car cupholders. I’m a total sucker for pastel purple on just about anything, so this was a shoo-in for the list just based on that perfect shade of lilac alone!

Romancing the Teapot Mugs

For those who prefer more overtly girly-girl styles, Romancing the Teapot has you covered. I’ve selected my three favorite mug styles here (from left to right: Sweet & Sassy Mug, Large Blue Striped Mug, and For the Love of Tea Mug) but the shop offers a ton of other handmade, seriously ornate confections to make your tea, coffee, or hot cocoa sessions as pretty as can be. Check out their teapots if you want to see some jaw-dropping detail! As someone who could barely make a plain cup in my high school pottery class, color me impressed.

Lucky Charms Marshmallow Mugs

I must have a weak point for mugs that remind me of marshmallows, because these mugs from Asian Food Grocer totally remind me of the brightly-colored marshmallows in Lucky Charms! I actually own the pink one, and for a cheap mug (they’re like $5 each), I’m happy with it. Not only is it totally cute, but the finish hasn’t stripped at all despite heavy usage and lots of runs through the dishwasher – it’s still just as glossy and cutely pink as it was when it first arrived! The handle is slightly unwieldy, but it’s still totally workable. I might snag one of the clover colors (probably the blue version) when I place my next AFD order (they carry my absolute favorite instant yakisoba in the world for the best price that I’ve found, so I stock up every so often)…

Chalk Talk Mugs

Breaking away from my obvious pastel bias for a moment, these Chalk Talk Mugs from World Market are also quite cute and fun! Write your name, a personal motto, or draw something fun to help you start the day off right – it’s just such a cute idea. I can imagine that younger kids would have a lot of fun decorating these for their coffee-holic parents, too!

Beachy Mugs

Another fun group of mugs from World Market: Seahorse Mugs, Starfish Mugs, and Octopus Mugs. Each handle design comes in its own set of two! First of all, I obviously love the colors on the handles/rims – peaches and corals have been my THING this summer, and turquoises and minty greens are longtime favorite shades of mine. These mugs are just the right level of dorky, beachy silliness – I think having the actual mug be simple and clean saves them from becoming tacky trainwrecks. Once again,  I think these would really amuse kids, but they’d also look fab in a beach house or just to help you get into the summer spirit!

Coral & Mint Ceramic Mugs

Surprising nobody, here’s another mug set from Etsy that uses my two favorite colors! The Coral & Mint Ceramic Mugs from RossLab come in this set of two, and they’ve got a pleasing rounded shape that I really dig. The cute heart print and pop of matching color on the inside make for an all-together adorable effect. If you like the look, she also has bowls & more that share this pattern, so poke around the shop!

Structural Flower Mugs

Okay, clearly somebody told World Market how to play to my personal tastes this spring, because here’s yet ANOTHER mug set that I’m loving! A set of four, the Structural Flower Mug Set features four tall coffee mugs with detailed flower paintings on the cup. I can visualize these in the same kitchen as the previously mentioned Woodland Mugs – probably in the home of somebody who loves gardening and fairy tales.

Ombre Mug Set

If you guys don’t mind, I’m going to get a little personal here: the slightly irregular, yet rounded shape of these mugs combined with the ombre/dip-dye paint job on these mugs reminds me greatly of the coffee mugs that my dad always had. He favored dark blue, turquoise, and green glazes over the pastel shades you see here, but I think his tastes instilled in me a forever-love of this style of mug. This mug set is basically his style, updated to my color scheme tastes. It’s very nostalgic for me, yet fresh at the same time.

Mint Green Groove Mug

Given everything that I’ve said above and the name of my blog, is it any surprise that I picked out the Mint Green Groove Mug from kimwestad as another of my favorites? The mint glaze is a perfect shade, the shape is so lovely, and the combination of the hand-thrown grooving on the pure white cup somehow reminds me of sweet whipped cream. I’d love to drink a mint mocha latte (with copious amounts of whipped cream, ofc) out of this mug!

That’s it for me. I admit to finding a few more that I wanted to include, but I started to think this post was getting too long, so… maybe next time, ahaha ;3

Referral links are present for the World Market mugs, however I am not affiliated with any of the Etsy sellers in any way – I just legitimately liked their products enough to feature them here of my own accord. I mean, the same goes for the WM mugs since I wouldn’t have picked them if I didn’t find them cute enough, but you know what I mean, right?

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