#30 Tea Cosmetics Memebox Review & Unboxing

A few weeks back, I noted that I had unconsciously purchased a bunch of food/drink-themed Memeboxes… a pattern that also showed up in my most recent haul. Clearly, I am a sucker for foodie cosmetics – whether it’s simply that the product is packaged to look like a cupcake (see this review from one of my favorite bloggers; I was partially hoping it would turn up in this particular Memebox because of the tea connection, lmao) or that the item actually has some type of food or drink in the ingredients… coffee, ale, honey, tea, berries, sugar, whatever! This is my beauty kryptonite, haha.

With all that said, there is probably zero surprise that I was totally pumped when I realized that my Tea Cosmetics Memebox had arrived today!

Here’s the official description of the box:

Teas are natural wonders that have long been touted for their countless health and beauty benefits! This time, Memebox is back with the most powerful beauty benefits of various teas with our Tea Cosmetics Box! We’re bringing you the most natural remedies to address all your skin care concerns!

This Tea Cosmetics Box packs a punch with natural yet potent tea infused cosmetics that work to brighten dark spots, clear pores of impurities and perfect a glowing complexion.

Sure sounds appealing, eh? Let’s find out if the actual box lives up to the hype~

Here’s the classic first look photo – at first glance, this seems like a normal-to-low amount of products for a Memebox, yeah? Looks can be deceiving…!

Blah blah, click the read more if you’re on the main page, blah blah etc.


And here’s everything pulled out of the shipping box. You can see several full-sized products, some weird pyramid thing, and a veeeeeeeeeery mysterious canister. Looks like a tea canister, no? Like the kind that more high-end tea brands use. Hmmm…! We’d better check out the information card and see what that’s all about. Did Memebox send me tea?

card back

card front

As you can see, there’s details for way more products than it looks like are included at first glance! That’s because the canister is actually a kit with miniature versions of FIVE products – and yes, actual tea, haha. They included two delicious-smelling tea bags in the kit!

ATRUE Miniature Set

From left to right, here’s everything that’s included in this A*TRUE Miniature Set:

A*TRUE Sweet Song Black Tea One-Step Cleansing Water (20ml)

“Sweet Song” is a black tea blended from verbena leaves and orange blossoms, each also known as ‘mystical herb’ and resembling ‘purity’. Over 87% of the cleansing water is consisted of the Sweet Song blend, and thus is highly rich in minerals and vitamins and effective in softening and purifying the skin.
How to use: Wet a cotton pad with the Cleansing Water and wipe away all makeup residues. For stronger eye makeup, gently push down the wet cotton pad onto your eyes for ten seconds.
Full size product: 300ml for $37

I’ve actually never used a cleansing water before! I usually don’t wear much makeup day-to-day beyond BB cream and/or tinted SPF, maybe some blush to give my cheeks color, so maybe I’ll try this on days when I actually have eye makeup to remove.

A*TRUE Vanilla Black Tea Day Relief Body Wash (20ml)

The “Ceylan Vanille” black tea is often used as a stress reliever and consists of uncurled tea shoot, two young leaves in the process of budding, and rich vanilla. The moisturizing effect of vanilla not also yields more moisture, but helps to retain a smoother and softer skin.
How to use: Use a shower sponge or a washcloth to lather the body wash well. Generously massage it onto the body and rinse off with warm water.
Full size product: 250ml for $32

Yummy-scented body washes are always a good thing, in my mind! Since this is a travel size I’ll let myself test it out sooner rather than later – I hate having my shower cluttered with tons of open scrubs and gels, you know? But when they’re just little mini-bottles, it’s not so bad.

This smells totally delicious, like delectable vanilla tea, just as described.

A*TRUE White Snow Tea Brilliant Essence (20ml)

“White Tea” is a special tea blended from snow buds which are considered extremely preciously since it can only be cultivated once or twice every year and carries the energy and nutrition of young, baby sprouts. It’s also very rich in polyphenol which works to deliver vitality to skin and suppress formation of blemishes and freckles.
How to use: After toner application, apply the essence evenly over your face and pat it in for full absorbance.
Full size product: 40ml for $55

Well, anything that promises to suppress blemishes sounds good to me! The description at the A*TRUE website makes it sound like it’s more meant to help lighten/remove the PIH-esque dark spots, which is certainly a problem that I get – the brown, dark scars that just take forever to go away on their own. Retinol has helped with those a lot, but they still do linger longer than they’re welcome, so I’m excited to try this essence!

A*TRUE Black Tea All Day Long Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++ (10g)

The ‘Ronde du Soleil’ blending is a harmonious mix of black tea, orange peels, and cinnamon, and is well acknowledged for its skin soothing and moisturizing formula. This All Day Long Sun Cream contains 39% of the wonderful blend and works to effectively protect your skin from the sun whle controlling its moisture levels as well.
How to use: Apply the sun cream adequately all over your face, 30 minutes before heading outdoors.
Full size product: 50g for $36

I have to admit to being somewhat apprehensive about using anything with cinnamon on my face. Looking at the ingredients list, it does seem to be Cassia Bark Extract and not cinnamon oil, but… still. I have bad memories of buying a “skin safe” pumpkin-cinnamon body lotion from an etailer long ago and it making my entire body go as red as Rudolph’s nose! So I’m a bit cautious. Maybe I’ll get brave enough to patch test, at least.

I do like that it has Niacinamide, though.

A*TRUE Himalaya Black Tea Watery Gel Cream (15g)

This Watery Gel Cream is made from Darjeeling blend cultivated in the Himalaya highlands and well acknowledged for its strong vitality. This cream is recommended for dry skin types since its water-like texture instantly melts into the skin and delivers deep hydration and rejuvenation to dry and sun-damaged skin for a healthier, more glowing complexion.
How to use: Use the included spatula to scoop an adequate amount of the cream and apply it evenly over your face.
Full size product: 50g for $49

Aww, I was disappointed when I read that this is for dry skins. I usually associate things like ‘watery’ and ‘gel’ with products made for oily/combination skin, so I was actually a little surprised by that! I might be daring and try to use it anyhow, since during the dead of winter I can usually get away with using products that pack more moisture (I walk my dog at night, and the icy cold winds + the dry heat inside = dehydrated facial skin) as long as I use them sparingly. So we’ll see! If it doesn’t work for me, “dry and sun damaged” basically sums up my mother’s skin concerns, and she’s a lifetime tea lover, so she’d probably give this a shot.

Beyond the actual products, the pouch on the far right of the image does contain two delicious-smelling tea bags. I haven’t made them yet, but they smell soooooo good!

With all those product descriptions already, it’s hard to believe that I still have four more items to talk about from this box – that kit is just the beginning!

tea toc water

A;T FOX Tea Toc Water Clear Tablet (4g)

This water clear tablet will make your daily cleansing routine an entirely new experience! When the tablet melts in warm water, the water is transferred into pH 4.9 which is basically the best condition for your skin. The green tea extracts from the tablet will then de-tox and soothe your skin to its potential.
How to use: Drop the tea bag into a bowl of water and wait until the tablet resolves completely into water. Gently pat your skin with the water. Do not rinse afterwards; simply let your skin absorb the goodies.
Full size product: 8 tablets for $14

Well, this certainly sounds interesting! I appreciate the low pH, as it can be a challenge to find Asian cleansers that aren’t way too alkaline. I’ll probably try this as a morning treatment/cleanser some time when I’m feeling in need of pampering. I can’t imagine using this as a main cleanser, though, just because of how fussy the brewing aspect sounds. Additionally, at $2 per tablet, that is one HELLS of a pricey cleanser. Can it really be meant to be your day-to-day cleanser? I could understand the extra step and higher price if it was meant to be a once-weekly treatment or something, but…

Note to self: absolutely do not fall in love with this product, because until you suddenly wake up one day with Hilton-level finances, that price is just prohibitive!

tea water

A;T FOX Gyoolpy Tea Fresh Water (100ml, Full-Sized Product)

The Gyoolpy Tea Fresh Water is a facial mist made from mineral water and vitamin-rich tangerine peel tea highly prized for its moisturizing and brightening effect. Replenish, soothe, and refresh with a quick spritz whenever and wherever!
How to use: Spray the Gyoolpy Tea Fresh Water evenly over your face whenever it feels dry and needs refreshing. It can also be used instead of a toner and a makeup fixer before and after makeup application.
Full size product” 100ml for $10

This sounds interesting! I tried it last night after my walk and it did feel like it refreshed and absorbed very quickly without disturbing my BB cream. I’ll probably end up trying this out as a toner, refreshing spritz, and makeup setting spray, just to see which way I prefer using it.

I love A;T Fox’s packaging, I have to say. I just wish it was easier for me to find information about the brand! Pretty much all searches just lead back to people getting their products in various Memeboxes.


The Skin House Lavender Lightening Emulsion (120ml, Full-Sized Product)

Infused with lavender tea complex, the Skin House’s Lavender Lightening Emulsion works to smooth out roughened skin texture, deliver deep nutrition and moisture, and brighten up the skin tone all in one.
How to use: Apply an adequate amount of the emulsion evenly over your face and pat it in for full absorbance.
Full size product: 120ml for $40

Oh, I’m excited to try this out for sure! While I know that lavender can be irritating to some, I’ve generally had very good luck with lavender-based facial products. I also love lavender tea (my current favorite tea at the moment is this Skyrim-themed rooibos and lavender blend that I’ve been meaning to make a post about) and, as I’ve stated before, smooth skin that’s free of dullness sounds wonderful to me!

I’m currently using another Skin House product that I received in my Luckybox #9 (the pore serum), and while it’s too early for me to comfortably pass judgement but I can say that I love the brand’s overall packaging aesthetic.

I just wish that they’d put the full ingredients list on the website. They currently only offer “ingredients includes” blurbs. For this product, the “ingredients include” Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Extract, Arbutin, Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Extract, Myrciaria Dubia Fruit Extract, Punica Granatum Fruit Extract.


e choice Fermented Tea Skin Drinks Sleeping Pack (70g, Full-Sized Product)

Infused with jasmine, rose, chamomile, green tea, and white tea extracts, this sleeping pack boosts its oriental tea complex that works to deliver deep nutrition, moisture, and soothing effect overnight.
How to use: After toner application, spread the sleeping pack evenly over your face and rinse off with warm water the next morning.
Full size product: 70g for $2 (this is either a misprint or all the retailers stocking it online are grossly overcharging, because I’m seeing it for $9.99-ish)

This product, alongside the A*TRUE mini set, is the item that I’m most excited to try. I’m currently testing a new BB cream so I don’t want to use any new products for about another week, and it’s kiiiiiiiillling me to wait to test this out! I only started using sleeping packs recently and they’re so fantastic. This hits the note of having a bunch of yummy-sounding tea ingredients, fermented ingredients, and promising moisture and soothing effects, so I’m really looking forward to trying it out!

…plus if it’s actually only $2 for the full-size, uh, that’s a good price point to fall in love with, lmao.

So that’s everything, all laid out for my #30 Tea Cosmetics Memebox review! Overall, this box was a knockout success for me. Everything sounds really great and I’m looking forward to at least trying all the items. The only products that I’m even remotely hesitant about are the SPF and the gel cream from the A*TRUE set, for reasons outlined above, but even then… they’re only baby-sizes so they’re perfect to let me indulge my curiosity even if they don’t agree with me in the end.

Obviously, there are referral links present in this post. Lots of them, haha. Please visit the site disclaimer for more information, and THANK YOU if you choose to buy anything via these links – I love you much!


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September 24, 2014
This looks like a really nice box! I almost got it because I love anything food-related too, especially tea, so I'm kinda sad I missed out!
September 24, 2014
Speaking of food related... I clicked your blog and now I'm sooo tempted by that Okashi Box, nooooooooooooooo D:

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