AWESOME Glow Glow Balm Review

So… the AWESOME Glow Glow Balm. I received this product in my Pinkaholic Memebox, and it’s one of the products that I’ve been using pretty frequently.

glow glow balm

I briefly covered my feelings on this product in the previously mentioned unboxing post, but I figured I’d go a little more in depth since a few people seemed particularly interested in the Glow Glow Balm.

Here are the details that were given on the Memebox information card:

This ultra hydrating and soothing balm made with argan, olive, macadamia oils delivers soothing hydration wherever you need it. With its concentrated formula, a little goes a long way. It balances the moisture levels in the skin, and gives skin a healthy, glowing sheen. It can be used together with a facial cream for extra moisture and glow, and it can also be used in place of a lip balm, a hand cream, and a highlighter.

How to use: After cleansing and toning the skin, apply a small amount of balm onto the skin and massage into dry areas.

Full Size: 45g for $42

They also created this “how to use” video, so you can get a look of how it mixes with other products, looks on lips, and see all of Memebox’s ideas for different ways to use the balm:

Click past the read more to get my thoughts!

The texture here is a thicker Vaseline kind of feel, so it’s far past my comfort zone for mixing with my moisturizer or using in place of any face oils/serums like the video’s first two examples. However, if you have the kind of skin that can get away or even flourish with using really thick products like Vaseline on your skin, you could easily give this a try.

glow glow balm open

You can see here the thick, almost solid texture. It’s definitely a balm, not a cream or lotion. It also has some slightly occlusive, water-repellent properties – I put some on my hands and then tried to wash it off with just water, and the water did that thing where it kind of turns into droplets and drips off rather than rinsing off the product. Even after using soap to wash the balm off my hands, I could feel a bit of residue. Like I said earlier, I’m really clog-prone, so that kind of texture and residue is a real no-no for my skin. So if you share that issue and want to use this as a facial highlighter, do remember to use a good makeup remover or cleansing oil to remove it thoroughly at the end of the day!


While it’s a light pink in the tub, it applies mostly clear. The above photo is a decent dollop across my hand – you’ll notice that once it starts to spread or blend at all, it loses pretty much any opacity and just gives a clear, slightly shimmer, slightly wet look.

emma frost skin

Personally, I’d recommend only mixing a tiny bit with a face cream or using it as a highlighter, because this stuff can get pretty sparkly when the lights hits it – I think if you used it as your all-over face moisturizer, you would look at best kind of shiny, at worst like you were attempting disco ball cosplay. You can see what I mean above!

zoom in

Here’s a zoomed-in look – when light hits my hand directly after using the balm, my hand glitters like Emma Frost’s diamond form. This would be really pretty as a highlighter or lip balm, of course, but it’s a bit much when I try to imagine it all over my face!

It’s a bit thick and can be kind of slow to absorb so it’s not my ideal texture for a hand balm – I have really dry hands so I need to use a lot of product, and then I end up having to rub it in for like 10 minutes before it totally sinks in and stops being so sticky. Keep in mind, though, that I am really picky about hand cream – if it’s just the wrong texture somehow, or if it feels like it never sinks in COMPLETELY, I’ll wash it off because it will drive me crazy – I basically need it to feel exactly right or I just won’t like it at all. I hate hate hate feeling like I have thick, unabsorbed product on my skin, especially my hands. So if you share the same hang-ups, I wouldn’t try this as a hand balm.

On the other hand – I had my mother (a nurse, so she also has very dry hands) try it and she actually liked it a LOT – but she’s also been using Vaseline on her hands for decades, so she has no opposition to that thick texture or the product not fully absorbing. She said it made her hands really soft, and she loved that it didn’t have any kind of strong scent.

For my own personal use, I’ve been using it as a lip balm, cuticle balm, and putting it on my elbows and heels, which both tend to be bone-dry. The very things that made me not want to use it on my hands/face make it a good choice for my lips: it’s thick, protective, and slightly shimmery. It definitely feels like it sits on top of your lips rather than fully absorbing, but in the winter, when it’s dry, cold, and windy, I feel like that’s a good thing. I tend to get a lot of irritation and flakiness on my lips during the winter due to the double-whammy of harsh wind outside and dry heat inside, so I can dig on some super thick balm for my lips!

For cuticles, it’s similar. I usually don’t get dried out nailbeds, hangnails, or cuticle tears, but when I do they drive me up the wall. Having a heavy-duty moisturizing balm to soothe and protect those issues when they DO crop up is really nice. And since it’s only on my cuticle, I’m not as picky about the thicker texture – I can deal with the balm feeling on my nailbeds, just not my entire hand.

Same goes for heels and elbows – since they tend to get sooo dry during the winter, I like giving them an extra shot of protection with this balm. I swear, my slippers wick all moisture out of my feet, so I’m having to apply thick creams to them twice a day anyhow – in that case, I do mix the cream with some of this balm for an added moisture punch. Likewise with my elbows – I’m actually kind of self-conscious about them. I don’t ever let them get ashy, but they both have far darker pigment than the rest of my body and they’re prone to dryness, which means that I grew up with my mother and grandmother always making comments wondering what was wrong with them. Part of me knows that’s a really dumb thing for them to have continually brought up because it’s not like you can change your skin pigment, but the other part of me always thought I was doing something “wrong” by having dark elbows and so I’ve just done my best to make sure they’re exfoliated and moisturized.

Unfortunately, I can’t find an ingredients list for this product online, so no CosDNA analysis for this review, sorry!


So, my AWESOME Glow Glow Balm review is that I think it’s a very useful product. I keep it on my computer desk to apply to dry lips or cuticles when the need arises, and I take it upstairs with me to use on my elbows and feet after showering and before bed. It’s very much a convenient, multi-purpose item. I’d use it as a highlighter more if I had more occasions where I felt shimmery makeup was appropriate – and also if I didn’t have multiple other highlighters now from various Memeboxes and Glossyboxes, hahaha.

If you’re looking for a cute, effective, multi-use item, the AWESOME Glow Glow Balm will probably be right up your alley. Since it’s so thick, it takes a lot of use to make a dent in the jar – I honestly think I’ll get several months at LEAST out of this one tub.


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