Blade & Soul Preset: Cute Brunette Female Gon

So, I feel kind of bad. I recently noticed two things:

  1. My previous two Blade & Soul preset posts get a surprising amount of traffic – in recent weeks, they’ve consistently been my most popular posts
  2. The actual preset files for those two posts apparently did NOT survive my web hosting change, so said posts are almost useless D:

I’ve mentioned it a few times, but I had some kind of electronical curse placed on me over the summer – my motherboard, PS3, and phone all died within about a week of one another. A few months later, my SSHD crapped out. Not even a month after THAT, my GPU died. The result of all that nonsense? I lost my entire preset folder in August, so I don’t have backups of the missing presets. I’ll leave the posts up as ideas fodder for people, but unless it turns out that someone who grabbed either of the presets before the file disappeared wants to give me a copy to reupload here, they’re not real presets anymore.

Let’s try and make up for it with some new, actually existing Blade & Soul presets, huh?

Since the FemGon post was far and away the more popular of the two, my first new preset that I’ll share is another female Gon. Meet Spiced Ale, so named because, uh, that’s what I was drinking when I made her.


I feel like she vaguely reminds me of someone, but I can’t quite put my finger on who she resembles. If anyone has an idea, let me know!

Ms. Winter Booze here was born when I started playing around with a potential rework for my Yun Force Master. While I love me some Yun (my Force Master, Kung Fu Master, Blade Master, and Gunslinger are all Yun), I had a moment of thinking it might be fun to reimagine her as a Gon. While I’ve decided against that, I did end up falling into the character creation abyss anyway and coming up with a female Gon preset that I actually really like – I just have absolutely no use for her as my deck is already full. So I’m releasing her here on the chance that she can either be someone else’s character as-is, or at least serve as a base for tweaking if she’s kind of but not really what you’re looking for in a Gon preset.

If she looks kind of interesting, read on for her preset and a bunch of silly screenshots that pass as my attempt to show her off!

First things first: she’s another shortie. I don’t know why, but I like making mini FemGons. I’ve had several people tell me that my Destroyer is the smallest Gon they’ve ever seen! I think that I just like how the proportions look a bit more when they’re a bit… condensed.

As you can see, she’s about shoulder height with Lusung when standing kind of straight. When she’s in the weird super-scoliosis FemGon idle pose, she ends up looking slightly shorter than Jinyung (the female Jin on her other side).

She’s at the perfect height to side-eye Male Jin crotch, I guess? If that’s something that you prioritize when building your Blade & Soul character, boy are you in luck!

For a better idea of her proportions, you can get a pretty good look at them here:

With female Gon, I always, always move the breast height slider way down. The weird floatation-device, are-these-boobs-or-balloons-trying-to-fly-into-the-sky way that the default Gon boobs sit is just… off to me. Your mileage may vary, but I’ve seen so many people complain about how even turning down the size slider doesn’t change the collarbone-boobs, so I thought I’d point out how I get around that issue. Just use the height slider to move their breasts down to where they actually sit on a human body, and they’ll look… well, about as natural as possible for a Blade & Soul character. I mean, this is a game where NPC’s boobs jiggle because you talked to them. We can’t set our expectations too high!

Also, I just like thighs. They save lives. Gon don’t have it as bad as Yun where if you give them anything beyond emaciated thighs, half their outfits start clipping through them, but I still reined myself in here out of habit. But it’s enough that they’re still bigger than what most players seem to choose, but easily remedied if you dislike the look.

My primary issue with making female Gon is that the exaggerated heart-shape present in all of their core faces just isn’t that appealing to me. I usually end up making their heads a bit shorter vertically, adding fullness to the chin and jaw and readjusting where the features sit to make up for the fact that I just mercilessly chopped off like half their jaws. So honestly, Spiced Ale here has a very similar face shape to my destroyer, just because that’s really the only solution I’ve hit on thus far for avoiding the default ultra-tapered jawline.

Likewise with the eyes, Gon eyes tend to be either super squinty or huge and round. I’ve noticed that changing their eye shape/tail TOO much ends up with really wonky facial animations – you can end up with your eyes clipping your sockets during the idle pose cycle, which is pretty terrifying. I think that this works out, though.

That’s pretty much all I can think to say about what I did to attempt to make her stand out a bit from the default/common female Gon presets – figured I’d detail it both so people could fix it if they like the preset but not one of those decisions, as well as help anyone else who was running into the same points of annoyance with Gon character creation.

In the interest of being overly helpful, here are some images of how this preset looks with a few different outfits and wigs that you can obtain:

In closing, here’s this particular preset capturing how I feel today:

Here’s a video of her dancing that I made but don’t really have anything to say about (other than /dance2 is way superior to /dance for FemGon) yet still want to post anyway:


AAAAAND finally, here’s the preset. Right click, save-as to your CharacterCustomize folder. If you have any issues, please let me know.


Thanks for reading and I hope that someone out there decides to snap her up! Please let me know if you use her (even if it’s just as a base), because that would make me feel good and maybe a bit less silly that I just wrote all this about video game character customizing 😉




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