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Blade & Soul Preset: Petite Dark-Haired Gon Female

Hello everybody! I’m back with another Blade & Soul preset postĀ ?

This time, I’m uploading a female Gon!

If you follow me on instagram or twitter (or chat with me in-game), you may know that I recently appearance changed my Destroyer. I loved her old look, but something about it just wasn’t quite right for me. Female Gon tend to have a pretty classic face shape, and while my initial Destroyer preset was made with the thought of making her a bit more “Jin” in build (so she’s quite petite compared to most out-of-the-box female Gon and I actively avoided any of the more popular FemGon hairstyles, etc), I did keep that particular trait. But at some point I got it into my head to play with the character builder to see if I could make a Gon with more unique facial structure and less default Gon to as to make my Destroyer feel a bit more personalized.

I ended up totally falling in love with my new “just for fun” preset experiment and paid the money for the appearance change voucher, so I’m going to release my old Destroyer preset here just in case anyone likes her enough to use as their own – or, at least, as a base/jumping off point for their own creation, if not using her exactly.

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Blade & Soul Preset: Cute & Tiny Pinky Blonde Lyn

So… I have trouble with Lyn character creation. It’s taken me no less than, like, 6 iterations to finally create a Blade Dancer that I’m happy with (I decided I wanted to go super-teeny for her, and man, trying to make them look somewhat proportional when they’re super shorties is REALLY hard – their absolute smallest head size is still pretty bobble-headesque), and just last night, I decided to finally overhaul my summoner.

She was super cute and smol af, but I revisited a lot of her aspects when making the aforementioned Blade Dancer with the thought that I’d keep my BD on the molecular level and then go back and use a character re-customization voucher to make my summoner “grow up” – as it were.

I’m totally thrilled with my summoner’s new appearance, but I felt like I’d release my old summoner Blade & Soul preset here – for posterity, because she was a cutie pie, and/or in case anyone might want to use her, or at least use her as a starting point.

So here’s my old summoner, having a photoshoot in Hogshead Pastures~

Blade & Soul Lyn Preset - Pinky Blonde 2

(To see the rest and access the preset, please click the read more if you’re looking at this from the main page!)

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Mairi’s Top Fifteen Favorite Video Game Tracks

If you’re friends with me for any long period of time, one of the things you end up having to deal with is how much I like video game music.

I source this love to being a pretty sheltered kid – I wasn’t allowed to listen to the radio, but I was given pretty much free reign in regards to soundtracks. Disney movies, of course, were a big favorite for me (I still sing a certain song from Mulan to myself every time I encounter Attila in Civ 5), as well as various Broadway shows (while I never made the jump to being a true theatre kid, I went through a Phantom of the Opera phase like so many others) and instrumental movie soundtracks. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not musically inclined at all, really – I played both oboe and cello briefly but the combination of ADD and my instructor’s palpable frustration with my short-term memory being garbage caused me to throw in the towel pretty quickly. But the few times I could manage to figure out a song on my own when fiddling around with a piano or keyboard? Always, always movie-related. I’m pretty sure my mom got tired of my showing off my attempt at the Indiana Jones theme on her piano to any unsuspecting visitors!

So despite my lack of technical talent, I still saw the world in terms of how it should be scored. My best friend and I spent huge amounts of our time in middle school trading soundtracks (she introduced me to Star Wars first by way of its score, and when she got me to play some Sonic game with her the only thing I was interested in was using my tape recorded to capture some stage’s bgm that I found particularly attractive) and making lists of how we’d soundtrack particular situations, people, etc. We were lucky enough to be in an “advanced” English program together that actually allowed us to make radio plays and short movies with our classmates, and I’m pretty sure we annoyed the hell out of our classmates when we demanded to put in the extra work of background music for some scenes. I still remember the look on one kid’s face when I told him I thought we should edit in a particular Jackson Browne song as the audio for a scene about some video we were making for class. I think both due to the fact that I was a 12-year-old suggesting a Jackson Browne song (hey, my dad was OBSESSED with him and that love turned out to be genetic) and the fact that I was voluntarily suggesting more work. Heh.

Anyhow, all this is to say, that it was probably completely unsurprising that when I started playing video games in college, one of the aspects that could hook me on a game was its soundtrack. Years later, my friends still have to deal with my nerding out over the music in a new game and spamming their messenger with various youtube links to whatever tracks have caught my fancy.

After doing this the other day with regard to some music in Blade & Soul (ohgod I love the faction pvp music so much), it occurred to me that I could totally inflict that habit on unsuspecting readers here, too.

And thus, this post is born. I’m thinking I’ll do a few posts for variety – favorite character themes, favorite battle themes, favorite ambient background themes, etc. But this one, the first one, will simply by my overall top fifteen video game tracks of all time, with one caveat: only one pick per game. Otherwise this list would be way, way too weighted towards the Tales Of and Shin Megami Tensei series.

So let’s get right into it!

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Small Korean Beauty Haul (Featuring Holika Holika, Etude House and Tony Moly)

I’ve alluded to it before, but last month I went a little nuts and bought a TON of Korean cosmetics/skincare. A few of those products turned up today, so I decided to see how my Kindle Fire’s camera handled taking some haul photos. The verdict? Um… passable, I guess, but it was a pain and I definitely need more practice with setting up shots so I can avoid that obnoxious glare! I think that’s my biggest hurdle when taking these photos. Well, that and the fact that the Kindle doesn’t have any sort of preview display that I can see when I’m taking photos of anything other than myself, haha.

Small Haul - Wide Shot

I used the JuneĀ GLOSSYBOX‘s packaging as a backdrop – just to be patriotic since it’s July, and also because that box was so pretty! I’m not sure if the colors/pattern helped or hindered my glare issues, though…

Anyhow, on to the goodies! Click the read more to expand and see my mini Korean beauty haul, crappy photos and all~

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DCUO: Tech Ninja Styles for my Sorcery Heroine!

New Look DCUO

A few Tech Ninja styles dropped for me while I was doing my lowbie Amusement Mile mission, and I actually really dig how they look with my Noble Warrior chest/tiara. The shoulders are Egyptian and dropped in today’s vault, the belt is Druid style and I have no memory of where/how I obtained that piece.

DCUO Sorcery Heroine Posse

I’m also really enjoying the utility belt attachment. I can summon four summons at once right now with my TOM-BOT and Ninja henchmen trinkets + my Sorcery pet. I wonder if further utility belt upgrades will let me pull out six summons at once? Not that it would really accomplish anything, I just want to be able to summon an super squad.

I’m leveling an army of alts at the moment, trying to figure out which powersets I really love and want to main. So far, Sorcery is definitely a frontrunner along with Rage and Mental.

Eden Eternal: A Basic Guide On Racial Crafting

In my last post about Eden Eternal, I covered all of the cash shop goodies and the various ways for you to throw money at the game. Today, I’m going to start talking about how to manage in the EE world without spending any real-life money at all! I’m planning on going a bit more in-depth about this, so expect multiple posts as I figure things out.

As I’d mentioned awhile ago, I rolled a new character on the new Diamond server in order to get a feel for both how the lower levels had changed since I’d first played (since my first character did her level 1-30 grind back when the game was brand spanking new to English servers – there was only one race to choose from, only like 1-2 guilds had actually built up enough fame to have towns, and huge amounts of the game hadn’t been implemented fully yet) as well as to try out one of the shiny new (to me, at least) races – but also to have a character that I could run COMPLETELY without the “taint” of any cash shop spending (yup, my other char benefited from a random AP rebate that I got, so she’s already spoiled), so that I could more honestly experience how the game plays if you choose to truly embrace the whole “free to play” aspect of Eden Eternal.

So many people selling delicious AP items... so many delicious AP items that I can't yet afford D=

My adorable fuschia-haired Halfkin has been on her grind over the past week, trying to get her to level 30 – since that’s when the whole world really opens up. Prior to 30, you don’t have access to the auction house, mail, or racial crafting – just to name a few – so as you can imagine, it’s hard to get any real feel for the economy and how to make money long-term when you pretty much have to rely on the horrible prices NPC shops give you for your loot.

My char is at level 34 now, and is taking a break from killing monsters with the power of rock (she’s a Bard, with the long-term goal of specializing in the Blade Dancer class) to get started on the racial crafting aspect of the game. So right now, let’s look at that in a bit more detail!

I can already tell you that gathering materials is pretty tedious – you basically have to buy the necessary items (once you hit 30, you can purchase a pickaxe, gardening gloves, or crystal ball from vendors in Aven – each item is 2g, and you’ll be able to recoup that and more after selling the produced items, so it’s worth it), lead your character to the correct spot (mine, garden, or energy pool in any guild town, respectively), right click the gathering item, and then… probably minimize the game and go do something else! You can’t move or really activate any other functions without interrupting your material farming, so unless you’ve got a really chatty guild or friend online to distract you, you’ll probably need to find something else to do here. On the bright side, this means that all of you MMO addicts will have a window of time where you absolutely have to back away from the game and go do something else – it’s like a forced break, unless you have some strange ability to NOT be bored out of your mind by staring at the same “gathering” animation for an hour or more!

Battle Dog, you are not being a very good team player. Can't you see that the pickaxe is bigger than my Halfkin? Offer to help her already!

I’m just showing screenshots of the Halfkin crafting system, but the general idea is that there are various levels of crafting (for example, Halfkins make trophy enchants, so there are level 30 trophy enchants, level 35 ones, level 40, etc and so on), but you can only have one active recipe per level at any given time. The recipe that you unlock is random as well, so if you didn’t learn the one that you wanted, you have to “forget” it and then feed materials back into your crafting interface to learn another random recipe. It might be easier just to see it in action, so here we go…

First, you sacrifice certain crafting materials to create your race's basic crafting material. For the Halfkins, this means some sort of thread.
Once you fill up the thread's meter, you are given the opportunity to learn a new recipe.
A recipe will appear, and you can see the benefits of the produced item as well as the crafting materials necessary for its creation.

See? Not particularly challenging at all. And as long as you’re willing to put in the effort of gathering the materials, it’s not a terrible way to pad your in-game bank account…

On Diamond server, where prices tend to be lower because it’s a new server without any oldbies with massive savings to inflate prices, I was able to sell each Level 30 Trophy Enchant for between 8-10 gold each, and Level 35 enchants for 12-15 gold. I’ve noticed that the higher level enchants jump in price SIGNIFICANTLY.

On the Diamond server, we've got a Level 6 Trophy Enchant going for 140g - a nice payday for the creator!

So there you have it. An incredibly basic how-to on the racial crafting system. While I focused on the Halfkin skill, all the other races follow the same basic premise – gather, learn, produce, sell. If you have the time to dedicate to gathering, racial crafting can definitely be a decent way to make an income without spending real-life money. I’ll begin investigating some of the other ways to generate gold in EE and report back on that later, so until then…

See you later~