For anyone curious, this is my current skincare regime! I’m still trying to perfect it, so please don’t take this as medical advice or my saying that this is the ultimate skincare routine. I’m sure that I’ll be editing and tweaking things, but I just wanted a page for people to keep track of my skincare set-up at any given moment if they so desire.

Last Updated:  10/2017

First, a summary of my skin type & concerns:

  • I am in my early thirties (!!!) and thus far no real signs of aging, but I’m trying to be proactive!
  • My skin is oily, acne/clog-prone yet also sensitive and easily dehydrated if I use products that are too harsh. I break out from a lot of popular ingredients if they’re too high in a product’s formulation – this is why you may be surprised to see a lack of products from The Ordinary; most of the products I’m interested in from them have triethanolamine extremely high up on their ingredients list, which would mean inevitable breakouts for me. Other ingredients of issue are shea butter, donkey/horse oil, and I’m currently trying to pinpoint the ingredient(s?) in a lot of lightweight “gel” or “gel cream” moisturizers that makes me get clogged pores after about a week of continuous use.
  • I am very sensitive to hormonal fluctuations – Curology + period-less birth control has helped to control hormonal breakouts a TON, but I also have to avoid ingesting green tea, flax seed, and evening primrose. I can use them topically, but if I eat them, I get hormonal breakouts on my chin. While this isn’t directly related to my skincare routine, I wanted to mention it in case it gives someone else an “aha!” kind of moment. Those three are so commonly recommended for hormonal acne, but *effects will depend on your personal hormonal balance and sensitivities* – so if your skin has gotten worse since trying any of those supplements, know that they may actually be exacerbating your problem.
  • My skin totally sucks at naturally exfoliating itself, which leads to clogged pores, dullness, and any blemishes/hyperpigmentation taking FOREVER to fade if left to their own devices.
  • While I have skin that seems to be naturally sun resilient (I’ve never had a sunburn and I don’t tan/freckle easily), I prefer not to take risks – especially now that I’m using retinoids – and use sunscreen daily, even when I’m not planning on going outside.
  • I have Keratosis Pilaris on my arms; currently undergoing laser hair removal on my arms and using the Kikumasamune Sake Lotion (the alcohol free pink bottle that includes ceramides) to AMAZING effect!

Hopefully that should give you some insight into my skincare choices!

Scroll to the bottom to see recent photos of my skin without filters, with and without makeup.

If I’ve reviewed a product listed here, I will link the product name to my review and add a ** to the name!

CURRENTLY TESTING: Sunday Riley Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment


  1. Cleanser: Hebes Apothecary Hydrating Cream Cleanser with Green Tea & Goat Milk
  2. Treatment: Sunday Riley Good Genes (I think this does improve my skin texture and I’ve noticed some deep, deep under the skin bumps that have been present but functionally invisible (just kept in check from ‘blooming’ by my Curology) on my chin for ages are starting to “come up” without any inflammation, so I may actually end up purchasing a full bottle to see if I can finally clear out that cyst without irritation or possible scarring from surgical removal; if a full bottle doesn’t handle it, I may not continue as it is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$)
  3. Vitamin C: Ole Henriksen Truth Serum (If you can stand other Vit C serums, there are much better to be had out there – but I sensitize from Vit C easily and this is literally the only one I can use without redness and irritation)
  4. Essence: Holika Holika Hyaluronic Acid 3-Second Starter
  5. Daytime Oil: Tarte Maracuja Bronzing Serum (it gives a very nice natural glow without any shimmer AND smells like maple doughnuts – it’s on seemingly permanent sale on Tarte’s official site so don’t pay full price elsewhere)
  6. Lotion: Kikumasamune High Moist Lotion (I use the pink version with added ceramides)
  7. Eye Serum: Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater Eye Serum
  8. Eye Cream: Purebess Galactomyces 80 Eye Cream (I also use this as a spot treatment if I get dry patches anywhere else)
  9. Moisturizer: Ole Henriksen Nurture Me Moisturizing Crème (This has some problematic ingredients and way too much – admittedly delicious creamsicle – fragrance, but is the only easily accessible moisturizer I’ve found that doesn’t break me out and is thus my “control” product while I test out other moisturizers)
  10. Primer: Beauty People Bbosong Oil Control Primer Pact (you NEED this if you are oily)
  11. Coverage: Tarte Empowered Gel-Cream Foundation in Medium Honey for dewy finish, Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation (currently using a deluxe size of 220, but I am hoping to try 210 when it’s back in stock as 220 isn’t quite right) for matte finish
  12. Undereye Corrector: Peripera Ink Corrector in Dark Thief Peach
  13. Concealer: Colourpop No Filter Concealer in Golden 40 or NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Ginger; neither are really amazing for undereye circles, but the Colourpop has great blemish coverage and the NARS is my go to for cleaner lines around my brows (trying to grow in my brows a bit, so I do some minor concealer shaping to make them look better) – I find it too sheer for actual blemishes or undereyes.
  14. SPF: Skinfood Dragonfruit Waterfull Sun Stamp SPF 50 PA+++


  1. Makeup/SPF Remover: Hebes Apothecary Hemp & Chamomile Micellar Cleansing Balm
  2. Eye Makeup Remover: Skinfood Bananamond Shaking Point Makeup Remover
  3. Cleanser: Hebes Apothecary Hydrating Cream Cleanser with Green Tea & Goat Milk
  4. Treatment: My Curology prescription cream
  5. Essence: Holika Holika Hyaluronic Acid 3-Second Starter
  6. Ampoule: Shara Shara Honey Bomb (RIP, but I still have like 1/3 of my bottle left ?)
  7. Night Oil: Violet Moon Botanicals Amethyst Multi-Use Oil (Unscented)
  8. Eye Serum: Innisfree Jeju Lava Seawater Eye Serum
  9. Eye Cream: Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm (my Curology derm recommended an eye cream with retinol in it to combat dark circles; we will see how it works out)
  10. Moisturizer: Ole Henriksen Nurture Me Moisturizing Crème
  11. Sleeping Mask (2-3x per week): Ladykin Vanpir Repairing Water Mask


  • Gentle Exfoliation: Tony Moly Gold Black Sugar Mask (at least once a week to keep my skin looking soft and radiant ?)
  • Soothing Mask: Skinfood Freshmade Watermelon Mask
  • Deep Cleansing Mask: Zamian Premium Gold Cacao Pack
  • AC Spot Treatment: MEDca Universal Acne Pimple Patch Absorbing Cover (this variety specifically is the best available imo; unlike pretty much all other hydrocolloid patches out there, this type can pull out gunk from pimples that are still under the skin and haven’t been lanced or popped and will completely dry out a pimple overnight; also, the heart shape is really good for places like the side of your nose or lip corners due to the unique shape being more flexible – please try them)
  • Favorite Sheet Mask of the Moment: Eightwonders CHOC CHOC Propolis Black Honey Black Mask with Bamboo Charcoal and Ultimate Natural Green Propolis Extract (if you are oily, clog-prone, yet prone to dehydration this stuff is booooooomb – buy it here)
  • Foot Treatment: Skinfood Shea Butter Foot Mask 1x per week (if you have dry feet and feel like you’re forever applying lotion to them, please try this and have your mind blown – it’s just a wearable sheet mask for your feet)

Recent photos of my skin (June 2017) without filters or makeup:

Recent photo (September 2017) of my skin WITH makeup but no filter:

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