All the opinions expressed on this blog are my own. While I am open to the idea of sponsored reviews, know that I will still give my honest opinion about whatever product or service I’m reviewing. I will also alert my readers in the post if a product was given to me for the purpose of review; if I don’t say otherwise it’s safe to assume that I purchased the product(s) in question myself.

I am not a medical expert, fitness expert, skincare expert, ice cream expert (though I’d like to be), etc. Do not take any of the opinions and reviews on this blog as professional advice; please trust your doctor/dermatologist over my opinions.

When possible, I will include affiliate links in posts. This means that if you click a link and make a purchase/account, I may receive a benefit or compensation in exchange for referring you. If you use any of my referral links, thank you! I love you!

I am currently testing out VigLink, which will automatically turn certain keywords into affiliate links. So if you see some random words turn into hyperlinks with urls pointing to a bizrate domain, don’t freak out thinking that you have malware – hover over them and, if the link’s alt text says ‘Link added by VigLink’ (it should be displaying on this link right here, as an example!) you’ll know it’s fine and added by my plugin.

However, if you’re seeing such links on all sorts of sites and they don’t have the VigLink alt text, please run a malware scan on your device! I suggest running RKill and then, when that process finishes, running an updated version of Malwarebytes.

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