Eden Eternal’s Cash Shop: Free to Play With a Side of Gambling

So I’ve been getting back into the swing of things with Eden Eternal over this past week, and while I surely don’t know everything, I feel like I am starting to get a handle on some aspects of the game.

I’ve mostly been focusing on my character that was already 39; once I hit 40, I swapped her from her previous Thief class to the Martial Arts class that unlocks at level 40. Since I finally achieved that goal (I’ve had my eye on Martial Arts since the moment I created her), I’ve mostly been working on leveling up her new class, getting her to 43 so that I could craft her some new gear, and doing my best to play the market enough that I could score her some decent cash shop gear as well. Today, I’m going to talk exclusively about the cash shop goodies – what they are, and the different ways to obtain them, and what I think about the whole setup (spoilers: just read the post topic).

So basically, there are special AP (Aeria Points) costumes, pets, and mounts. Now, when I say ‘costumes’, I’m going to be referring to all of the looks-changing items that cover up your basic, in-game gear. So “costumes” = AP boosting items that work in tandem with, not replacing, your in-game weapons and armors.

The items with diamond toggles near them are costumes - your actual stat-boosting gears are the things listed below them.

For costumes, it seems that most items are one of three ranks – basic (ie, just the costume – it will change your looks but nothing else), Alpha (will give a small boost, for example +5% critical damage from a certain Alpha rank back item), and the coveted Prime (the highest boost, so continuing the example that I gave for the alpha, it would be +10% crit damage for the same back item with a Prime rank). Since, as you can probably guess, the Prime rank items are the most in demand, they’re also the hardest to obtain as well as the priciest.

Look at all this cool stuff that I can't afford!

Now, as a note, if you’re solely interested in the looks and don’t really care about getting an alpha or prime version of a costume, then I’d suggest that you look into the Alpaca Capsule Machines in Tranquil Hill. It’s slightly more labor intensive than just AP spending your way to fashion victory, but the quests that give you the Alpaca Tokens do also reward you with Experience, Class Points, and money, so it’s not a bad deal at all. The rewards are random, of course, but you can end up with plenty of other handy things, like pet food or safety stones, even if you don’t get the costume you wanted on your very first try. You can read more about the Alpaca Capsule Machines & Tokens here, since I don’t really see the need to just reiterate what’s already a perfectly good guide.

Because even adorable anime fantasy worlds can't escape the lure of gambling.

In regards to pets, each type of pet has its basic form that can’t participate in combat, but can still pick up loot for you… but there are also many other forms of each “base” pet that give a wide range of combat abilities and player boosts. For example, if you look in the Pets/Mounts section of the current Item Mall, you can see the differences (in both abilities and price points) illustrated very clearly. The basic Himalayan Cat, at 499 AP, does nothing beyond pick up your drops and follow you around looking cute. The “Brave” Himalayan Cat’s cost jumps up to 2999 AP, and it gives the player a +10% Crit Dmg boost as well as giving the pet the ability to join in combat with basic attacks. The “Robust” Himalayan Cat, at a whopping 4999 AP, gives the same boosts as the Brave as well as having a higher durability (100/100 as opposed to the 50/50 – when the pet’s dura reaches 1, you either have to feed it or it can no longer be used in combat) and some special skills of its own (Ambush and Swift Attack, in this specific case). So as you can see, differences in abilities translate to VERY large price jumps in this game.

Adopt a virtual cat for almost $50 USD. The fact that it's not much less than a real cat's adoption fee is... either sad or funny, idk which.

It’s the same with mounts. Various mounts have different movement speeds – the basic alpaca freebie mount that the game gives you only has a 15% movement boost, as opposed to cash shop mounts like the Stalwart Sabretooth, while will run you 6999 AP (yes, that’s $69.99 in USD) in exchange for a 50% movement boost. There are also rarer mounts – things like dragons that can carry multiple people or seasonally-themed mounts like pumpkin stagecoaches for Halloween – that command very high in-game prices due to their ‘rarity whore’ appeal.

It’s worth noting that most of the desirable or limited-time weapons and costumes and such can’t actually be purchased straight from the Item Mall: to get what you want, you’re going to need either a lot of a luck or a lot of AP, since obtaining the newest items requires a whole lot of gambling.

Eden Eternal's Crystal Altar - Where players worship at the shrine of (usually) bad luck

See this? This is the Crystal Altar – the first, and seemingly most popular, form of gambling for cash shop items in Eden Eternal. In order to use the Crystal Altar, you first need the pink Eden Crystals. These can be purchased with AP or acquired in-game (you can buy them from other players, usually at around 65-80 gold per crystal on Sapphire server, and I believe that there are some highbie quests that allow you to get the crystals as well).

Basically, you “transform” your crystal into a new item each rank, with your chances running from the coveted primes or rare mounts to mundane but useful items like safety stones to the more disappointing “prizes” like pet food (easily obtainable without AP) or a blue or gold crystal. The blue or gold crystals hurt the most, as landing on one of them ends your crystal’s journey and you have to accumulate either 10 blue or 10 golds in order to get ONE transformation process (they do start higher up on the tiers, but still – there’s a very high chance that you’ll accumulate 10 gold crystals only to win… one gold crystal – so, yeah, ouch).

In the spirit of scientific curiosity, I purchased 10 Eden Crystals. Here is how my mini-gambling attempt worked out:


  1. Blue Eden Crystal on the very first tier. Ouch!



  1. Class Points Charm (skipped because charms are easy to obtain via the free rewards box)
  2. Austere Pickaxe (used for racial crafting, I passed because I already have three)
  3. Blue Eden Crystal ends the game



  1. Portal Stone (skipped because I have around 300 of these already and never use them)
  2. Eternal Chisel LV 50 (skipped because I’m so not level 50)
  3. Gathering Aid (skipped because it’s easy to get non-trade versions of these)
  4. Heroic Trait Reassignment Tome (I claimed this because it can be sold for around 100 gold in the auction house)



  1. Portal Stone
  2. Gardening Gloves (Claimed because I didn’t have these yet)



  1. Crystal Ball (skipped because I already have a few)
  2. Austere Pickaxe
  3. Gathering Aid
  4. Blue Eden Crystals x3 ends the round



  1. Class Points Charm
  2. Austere Pickaxe
  3. Gathering Aid
  4. Heroic Trait Tome (skipped because I decided to see if I could make it all the way to the top tier)
  5. Loot Charm
  6. Safety Stone (skipped because you can get these via the alpaca machines)
  7. Gold Eden Crystal x3 – Aw, man, we made it to the top tier but landed on the crap prize… oh well~



  1. Portal Stone
  2. Blue Eden Crystal ends the round



  1. Shattergem (skipped because I have a few)
  2. Blue Eden Crystal ends the round



  1. Crystal Ball
  2. Pet Food
  3. Gardening Gloves
  4. Heroic Trait Tome
  5. Loot Charm
  6. Safety Stone
  7. Corona’s Essence LV 65 – Wow, we actually won a top-tier item! You can either sell this for around 450 gold, or save it and use it to boost the success odds of a crafting attempt (which is what I will be doing, because having crafting fail on you sucks so hard)



  1. Shattergem
  2. Pet Food
  3. Gathering Aid
  4. Blue Eden Crystal ends the round


BONUS BLUE ROUND (10 Blue EC needed):

  1. Gathering Aid
  2. Gold Eden Crystal ends the round


BONUS GOLD ROUND (10 Gold EC needed):

  1. Loot Charm
  2. Gold Eden Crystal ends the round


Overall, it’s not HORRIBLE, but you can end up with a whole lot of wasted rounds if you’re not willing to claim some of the lower-level prizes every so often, as most of your attempts will get cockblocked by a gold or blue crystal. But still, making it to the top tier twice in ten attempts is probably the luckiest I’ve ever been with these things. I’ve come to the conclusion that I prefer to just sell the Eden Crystals themselves and then buy the items I want from people who are either far luckier or just more dedicated to gambling than I am… but then again, I’m not really the gambling type, so that may be why I don’t really find this method of obtaining cash shop items to be that appealing. I like to know that I am definitely getting something for my money!

Unfortunately for me, most of the alternatives in EE involve gambling: Loot Forge is very similar to the Crystal Altar, except that instead of “failed” rounds producing a blue or gold crystal that can at least be used in the future, a failed Loot Forge round gives you… nothing. I personally wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole, the risk of completely losing money is far too high. Loot Wheel is a bit better, where you put in some AP and spin the wheel, and whatever it lands on is what you get. At least with this system, you’re always going to get a prize, and you can look at the prizes beforehand and decide if the lowest prize is worth the cost of the spin or not. And, of course, there are the mystery boxes, where you pay a set amount of AP for a supposedly fair chance at winning one of the prizes in the bag. To be blunt, most of the time you’ll just get Eden Crystals or various low-tier useful items (think Safety Stones and World Calls), but at least you can sell the crystals and items that you don’t want without the risk of just completely losing your money.

The last way of directly purchasing cash shop items with AP is the “tiered spenders” that seem to run every weekend. Quite frankly, as long as you want the items on the promo, these are pretty win-win opportunities. You unlock certain items – usually you have a choice of which item you want – for every level of AP that you spend during the given timeframe. So you get both the promotional item and whatever you actually spent the AP on, so really not a bad deal at all. Out of all the various ways to throw money at Eden Eternal, I’d say that the tiered spenders are probably the best way: you can get the most bang for your buck and at least the items are guaranteed. No gambling!

Of course, this post has been SOLELY about the cash shop portion of the game. In the interest of not having each EE post be the length of a novel, I’ll be closing up shop on this particular topic here – next in the tube will be information on how to make money and get gear WITHOUT any aid from the AP side of things. Expect that post in the next week, since I want to talk about crafting in it but need a few more days to get a better handle on the topic (and I need time to get the items – the entire time I’ve been typing this post out, my EE character has been parked in a random guild town, farming for crafting materials with the gardening gloves that I won earlier – shit is time-consuming as hell).

So yeah, stay tuned if you’re not completely bored with these posts by now! And please feel free to tell me if I’m missing anything – remember, I’m trying to be as thorough as I can be here, but I’m still a guildless newbie stumbling around in the dark =3

Until next time, I'll be grubbing around in the dirt in poor, unsuspecting guild towns~

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