Etude House Baby Pudding Pact Review

I feel like this is becoming my own personal plotline, but today’s review is yet another instance of just how vulnerable I am to cosmetics marketed via food/dessert associations.

I stumbled onto the Etude House Baby Pudding Pact (SPF 33+ PA++) on eBay, and the name and packaging alone had me running to look for reviews. I didn’t find any, so after thinking about it for a few days, I eventually took the plunge and justified it by saying that SOMEONE needed to review it, so why not me?

(Note: I purchased this in early August; since then, my Google-fu reveals two reviews have popped up – here and here. If you’re interested in this product, I recommend checking them out as well!)


I purchased this item in W13, which is the darker shade. It’s pretty much a reflex at this point, since so many companies only offer two shades and I usually only have a chance at matching the second, slightly darker (and usually somewhat yellower) shade. The first shade is called NO2, and you can see from this graphic that it’s meant to be much, much lighter than W13.


If you’re interested in seeing swatches, a coverage test, and my overall thoughts on this product, hit the read more!


I was actually a little disappointed that the packaging wasn’t cuter. I mean, this is Etude House. They regularly put out such cute packaging that it could challenge a baby kitten in a cute-off. Why didn’t the compact look a bit more like the cartoon flan on the outer packaging? Flan would actually translate pretty easily to a pact-style packaging, I’d think. Creamy-colored bottom, caramel-colored top, they could’ve made the outer box look like the Sweet Recipe Cupcake All-Over Color did, like sweets packaging! TL;DR WHY DIDN’T MY MAKEUP LOOK MORE LIKE FOOD QQ

The product has a very light (fragrance is the last ingredient on the list, which is a nice change from some cosmetics that have it poured in by the bucketload) and inoffensive (to my nose) scent – I’m not really sure how to describe it, actually. There’s something familiar about it, like I’ve surely smelled it before, yet I can’t place it at all…? It does not, sadly, smell like pudding or flan or even custard. Missed opportunity!


As you can see, there is a little flip-divider for your makeup puff to sit on so that it doesn’t touch the actual makeup during storage. You can see that my puff already has makeup on it since I’d tested this out before I remembered to take photos. Whoops. I did try to wash the sponge, but it didn’t make any visible difference. I tried using a gentle face soap and my BeautyBlender cleanser that I’d received in a past Glossybox, but no luck. So I’d say this is a cheap-ish sponge that you’re not intended to keep for long, I guess, since it seemingly can’t be cleaned.


Here’s a close-up of the actual pact. It’s… not quite a pressed powder, but it’s not quite a cream, either. It’s like a slightly dryer version of the CoverGirl Aqua Smooth Compact Foundation – it’s like it was meant to be cream-to-powder, but it never fully makes it to “cream” as it’s just a tad too dry. It’s certainly nothing like what “pudding” should imply.

This made it a little hard to get the product on the sponge at first – I found myself needing to swipe several times before I got a decent amount of product on the sponge.


The swatch, like the color in the pact itself, looks a bit darker, right? I have to admit to being very alarmed at first, thinking that for once I’d actually ordered too dark of a color from a Korean brand! However, it does end up looking lighter after you’ve applied and blended it out:


As you see, it looks much more natural after blending, and I think it actually looked pretty close to my skintone when applied and blended to my face. The finish was really nice, too – very silky-soft, I kept like… petting my face because it felt sooo smooth with this on!

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for medium to high coverage, this product will not be what you’re looking for. Let’s do my standard coverage test – first we have a dark brown eyeliner to emulate dark spots/PIH and pink lipstick to act as reddish/inflamed blemishes and/or PIE (if you’re not familiar with PIH vs. PIE, MissPicklesMeow made a fantastic post about it here).


And here we have… well, as you can tell from the darkness, this is THREE layers of the powder. I was trying to see if even building and layering would offer better coverage, but it’s pretty clear from this test that this product is meant to be very light coverage, possibly just minor blurring/perfecting – to get even the medium(ish) coverage you see here, you’d have to apply so much that the color would get skewed (looks a tad orange, no?) and probably look too dark, somewhat cakey, and too powdery.


The other unfortunate downside of this product was that it clogged my pores a LOT. Now, it should be noted that I am extremely clog-prone – products that probably would be fine for most of the general population will clog me, and those clogs will show up really fast. In the case of this product, they actually started turning up by the end of the first day that I wore this pact. I ended up with little clogged pores on my jawline, cheeks, and nose, which are places that I’m actually not normally oily nor prone to breakouts (left to its own devices, my skin is pretty much a chin-acne-only kinda deal; if I break out anywhere else, it’s a product issue). After a few days of use, whiteheads had actually popped up in the clogged areas. Obviously, I stopped use of this pact completely, and sure enough – the clogged pores and whiteheads began clearing up and started healing. I’m 99% certain that it was this product, since I hadn’t introduced anything else new in the weeks prior to trying this out.

This means, of course, that it’s CosDNA time! Here are the ingredients for the Baby Pudding Pact:

Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Dimethicone, Squalene, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Talc, Zinc Oxide, Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Aluminum Hydroxide, Triethoxycaprylylsilane, Stearic Acid, Ethylhexylglycerin, Gylceryl Caprylate, Polyquaternium-51, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Glycerin, Nelumbo Nucifera Flower Extract, Water, Prunus Mume Fruit Extract, Iron Oxides (77491), Iron Oxides (77499), Fragrance

I’ve uploaded the ingredients from my box to a page at CosDNA, since this product wasn’t listed. For future reference, it can be found here.

As you can see there, not many flags come up in the CosDNA system – though the ones that do *are* all acne triggers rather than irritation. The possibly-acne-inducing ingredients are Dimethicone (rated 1), Talc (1), Zinc Oxide (1), and Stearic Acid (2). I’m pretty sure that I’ve used products that include all of these without problems before, though I’m not 100% certain about Talc – and, it’s worth noting, I don’t think I’ve used anything with Dimethicone QUITE so high up in the ingredients list before, so it’s entirely possibly that I can tolerate Dimethicone at certain levels (many of my favorite products contain it, albeit lower on their ingredients list), but this product was just too much for me. Of course, it could also be some of the other ingredients – a few of them don’t ring bells as anything I recall using before.

I feel like since it was clogging rather than irritation, I’m inclined to suspect one of the film-forming (such as Polymethyl Methacrylate) or silicine (Dimethicone, etc) ingredients – they’re all so high up on the ingredients list, I’m afraid that it might be the very same ingredients that created such an amazingly silky-smooth finish that also ended up clogging me. While I can’t know for sure, the best I can do is write down the ingredients and continue comparing them against other products that give similar reactions.

Overall, my Etude House Baby Pudding Pact review can be summed up on one word: meh. The packaging left a lot to be desired, and the product itself wasn’t particularly impressive for my needs – since I do get hormonal breakouts and suffer from PIH, I prefer at least medium coverage most of the time and this definitely leans light. Additionally – and more importantly- it clogged me and lead to eventual whiteheads, which is a total deal-breaker!

On the plus side, I did feel like it gave me a decent blurring/perfecting effect and made my skin feel amazingly soft! So if you have the right skin tone for this product, generally clear skin, and you’re NOT clog-prone, this could be a product that you would enjoy.

However, this isn’t a particularly unique product, so if you don’t feel like dealing with the flaws, you could probably find a better alternative pretty easily. I’d personally give this a pass just because there are so many other options out there that could do a better job.

So, bullet-point beatdown time!


  • If you only need light coverage and minor ‘perfecting’ effect, this fits the bill well enough
  • Gives skin a very soft, silky-smooth finish
  • Blends out to a natural, glow-y look as long as you don’t apply too much


  • Clogged my pores almost immediately; continued use caused whiteheads
  • Weird texture, dry & not quite cream-to-powder – this makes it a bit difficult to apply
  • Cheap, unimpressive packaging and crappy sponge
  • Minimal coverage; not really buildable
  • Attempting to build coverage results in the color darkening very quickly and looking a bit cakey
  • It’s just not cute enough for the name. Etude House, WTF?!

To me, this seems like a pretty obvious flop. It’s a strangely sub-par, boring cosmetic from a brand that usually excels in packaging and is usually above-average in quality.

Shame since that name had such potential.

why this

MTE, Sayaka. MTE.


  • Starting from $13.99 @ eBay
  • Starting from $9.99 @ Amazon

While I purchased this with my own money and am not affiliated with Etude House, there are eBay and Amazon affiliate links present in this post – please read the site’s disclaimer for more information. As always, thank you if you use the links to purchase anything – it’s really appreciated!

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November 28, 2015
Hey! Thanks for your post, I agree with everything you said. From the first time I used it (bought it on a recommendation of the sales lady...), I felt the packaging was really disappointing as well. When I buy Etude House, I want pink, glitter, girly designs that border on cute extremity. Exactly like you said, stuff that could rival a baby kitten! Haha. I was told it could be used as a concealer, but I had the same problem as you - it appeared too light, and when I used more, it gave my face a very cakey effect that I didn't notice until I took pictures with friends. I didn't get any break outs, but I did notice more white heads on my skin, and thought it was just my hormones or something. To read that you suffered the same issue makes me think it probably was the pudding pact, because I didn't change anything else in my make up regime that causes clogged pores. And as for the cheap sponge - I couldn't agree more! I actually tried washing it earlier today, and when none of the 'concealer' came out despite various methods, I gave up and came online to see if the product was really worth keeping. I'm trying to clear out my drawers, lol. Keep writing, I loved reading your funny - and informative - post!

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