Exploring the World of Eden Eternal

Note: This is an old post ported over from a gaming blog that I used to write alongside my longtime friend Mento. Images did not survive the import process, and unfortunately I have no idea or record of what they were, so these posts are presented in all their jacked-up, ugly glory. 

I have sort of a weird relationship with X-Legend’s Eden Eternal – I initially started playing it when it first launched because Aeria Games, who at the time hosted another game that I was really involved with, was entering every player who got to level 30 into a raffle to win something along the lines of 1,000,000 AP, which is what their cash shop points are called. Sadly, I didn’t win, but I did get my character to level 30 within the correct time frame. Of course, once I hit that milestone, I went back to my other game and sort of forgot about EE for months upon months. I picked it up again around Halloween – out of the blue, I just got a desire to start playing again – and played semi-regularly until around the New Year, when once again, the other game started hogging all my attention again.

I found myself wanting to check back into the world of Eden Eternal again this week, and so redownloaded the client and found quite a few changes already apparent: they’d merged all of their smaller servers into two “megaservers” (which means that I need to rename one of my charas – orz) and added a huge amount of content.

Wide-eyed, super-cute and purple-haired, I’m ready to explore all the new Eden Eternal content!

I haven’t yet gotten to explore most of the new stuff, as I spent most of yesterday just getting reacquainted with the controls and interface and remembering what the hell I’d been up to the last time that I’d played. It turns out that I’d been one level away from being able to unlock the Fighter Class, which is the class that had most interested me initially. Of course, they have added a number of classes since the last time I’d played, so I’ll have to look into those as well – the nice thing about EE is that you can swap between all unlocked classes freely, without losing your progress in any class. So while I’m super excited to try out my finally-attained Fighter abilities, I’m sure that I’ll eventually try out all the other new skill sets as well!

My adorable, for-this-review-only Halfkin just unlocked the Cleric class!

Anyhow, all this is to say – I’m going to be exploring Eden Eternal again over the next few weeks and probably posting a few rambling posts about the game. I’m planning on both continuing my original character, since she’s level 40 already, as well as making a new character to check out and refresh my memory in regards to the early levels of the game. So if you’re at all interested in super-cute, anime-style MMOs, watch this space~

Until next time, I’ll be dance emote spamming~

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