Fresh Geeky Scents Review: Assassin, Thief & Convict Mass Effect Inspired Fragrances

One of my very favorite things about shopping Etsy/Indie brands is the wide range of nerd-inspired items. While some people collect figures or movies or comic books, I like to indulge my merch/swag desires via cosmetics and cute clothes! Whether it’s Zatanna-themed eyeshadow (thanks, /r/IndieMakeupandMore for that find), Skyrim-inspired “Skooma” tea or just Nova Corps t-shirts to make me feel like even my casual errands or workouts are cosmic-level superhero shenanigans, I dig nerdy goodies that I can actually use, not just collect.

So when I somehow stumbled upon the Fresh Geeky Scents shop and noticed that she has a collection of Mass Effect inspired perfumes, I knew that I totally had to check them out.

Fresh Geeky Scents Review 2

While FGS has fragrances for almost all the main crewmembers (I’ve requested a Zaeed scent since he’s basically my Mass Effect true love – seriously, no matter what class my Shepard was in ME2, Zaeed was the first companion recruited and he stayed in my party the entire game. He is perfect. My love for him is such that I would probably buy anything with his name on it, tbh), I picked out three whose blends sounded the most appealing to me personally:

CONVICT: Jack or Subject Zero is a strong, unique woman who doesn’t take crap from anyone. This perfume is a dark, dusty vanilla with hints of woods. Sounds simple but this is truly a unique scent perfect for the woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

ASSASSIN: A fresh aquatic unisex fragrance inspired by everyone’s favorite Drell, Thane. This scent opens with notes of citrus and melon and finishes with musk, moss and wood, all bathed in a fresh floral aquatic scent. The perfect fragrance for him or Siha.

THIEF: This perfume, inspired by Kasumi’s love for Keiji, will have you falling in love at first whiff. Main notes of cherry blossom fill the air with hints of lilies, freesia and sandalwood. A truly fresh and romantic scent – perfect for a date, or a stroll though the park, and perhaps most importantly light enough that Kasumi wouldn’t give herself away in the middle of a heist.

I got my order this week, and I’m really pleased! First of all, shipping was really fast – she shipped out the morning after my late-night order and I got my items in less than a week. Everything was packaged securely and cutely (sparkly ribbons and multi-colored paper!) and she even included some free candy. How did she know that watermelon airheads are my weakness?!

For my individual thoughts on each scent, read on!

First of all, each scent is packaged in a simple, clean glass rollerball with the Fresh Geeky Scents logo & scent name applied as a sticker. Nothing flashy here, but the cap screws on securely and the vials are easily portable, so that’s good enough for me!

All of the scents have average lasting power for a rollerball, about three to four hours before I find myself unable to pick up the scent anymore. I find that rollerball fragrances never manage to last more than a few hours on me, regardless of the brand. Some last longer than others, of course – for example, CLEAN fragrances fade to oblivion after only 15 minutes or so, but NEST scents will give me around 5-6 hours. I don’t find this particularly annoying, since the travel-friendly packaging of rollerballs means that you can reapply whenever you feel your perfume has dissipated. So while 3-4 hours would be on the short end for a bottled fragrance, I feel like it’s about normal for a roller-style application.

I also think that I personally tend to burn scents a little faster than most people – something about my body chemistry, I suppose. I just remember that when my roommate and I would share perfumes, they tended to last considerably longer on her, regardless of the dispensing style or brand. So do keep that in mind; 3-4 hours on me would translate to 6-7 on her, easily. So YMMV with the scent duration.

FGS Close Up

Sillage on all three scents is low, which I prefer. I hate perfumes that are intrusive and loud – I want people close to me to think I smell good, not hit passers-by over the head with a scent-induced migraine, you know? When I was testing these with a friend and applied them to my arm, she needed me to put my arm pretty close before she could get a really strong impression. To me, that is a positive! I do tend to be scent-sensitive in regards to headaches, and anything with too strong of a sillage can do me in and scent me running to scrub it off and top it off with some ibuprofen. So this level of soft, understated-but-still-there scent broadcasting is my ideal.

Now for my thoughts on each individual scent:


Main notes of cherry blossom fill the air with hints of lilies, freesia and sandalwood. 


Kasumi’s scent is my favorite of the bunch! I’ve been on a cherry blossom kick lately – Repetto’s new fragrance, Organix’s Cherry Blossom & Rice Milk body creme, My Beauty Diary’s Sakura sheet masks, and the Garnier Sakura White skincare line have all been in heavy rotation for me this summer. Sakura just has such a pleasant, light, not-quite-fruity-but-not-quite-floral aspect to it that really appeals to me. It’s definitely the most prominent note in this blend, which really works for me. The lily note is the next to assert itself, and does so quite subtly. It really blends beautifully with the cherry blossom! Lily is another of my favorite fragrance notes, to be fair, so I suppose it’s no surprise that I like this blend so much. The freesia is there, but it was clearly added with a light hand – smart, because freesia can go knockout overpowering if used incorrectly. Just check out any Bath & Body Works freesia scent and you’ll see what I mean, haha – they are the definition of doing freesia wrong.

The base of sandalwood really only comes out in the dry-down after about thirty minutes, to my nose. It’s very light and subtle, adding a slight woody creaminess. Smart formulation: sandalwood is known for prolonging floral notes, and it plays particularly well with white florals.

Overall, a very feminine, clean and sweet-but-not-too-sweet fragrance. I love it. I’d buy candles in this scent if they were ever offered, for sure. Honestly, I’d buy lots of things in this scent – gimme some dryer sheets and hand soap, lmao. I’d be happy!

It’s also worth noting that when I was wearing this around my mother, she asked me no less than FIVE TIMES to put out my arm so that she could smell THIEF again. I think that means she liked it just a little, hah.


This scent opens with notes of citrus and melon and finishes with musk, moss and wood, all bathed in a fresh floral aquatic scent. 


Thane’s scent is fruity and fresh, but with a darker edge of woody, musky notes that steers the fragrance away from skewing too young or too fruity. For me, a watery melon note is the strongest – and given that I tend to wear what I call “unsweetened melon” scents like Un Jardin Apres La Mousson by Hermes, this is quite welcome. I can’t pick out the specific citrus type – to my nose, the citrus isn’t the star, more of a supporting element. You can pick up on it if you know it’s there, but this is not an overt citrus scent by any means – like I said, a fresh, watery melon is the main attraction, with underlying woodiness from the moss and wood.

If you like fresher, greener fruity scents over super-sweet fruit blends, give ASSASSIN  a shot. It’s very refreshing and cooling, with depth from the wood, moss, and musk at the base. Excellent scent choice for summer, in my opinion – I tend to love aquatic and melon fragrances on the hottest days, and I’ll definitely be reaching for this blend on days when the thermostat creeps up to around 90 degrees for a much-needed dose of watery freshness!


This perfume is a dark, dusty vanilla with hints of woods. 


I think this scent is the least unique of my trio, but that’s not to say that it’s bad. It’s a relatively simple dark vanilla – not sugary-sweet vanilla cupcake/icing, but actual vanilla. Go to your pantry and smell the bourbon vanilla extract, and then imagine it toned down and edged out a bit by some sensual wood notes, and you’ve got CONVICT. If you’re a non-dessert vanilla lover, this one will probably be to your liking. If you already have tons of dark/woody vanillas, you might not need this blend as I don’t really find anything incredibly outstanding about this one – but then again, most vanilla fragrance lovers I know aren’t opposed to buying tons of permutations of the same idea! I personally don’t have anything else like this currently, so I’m happy to add this to my fragrance wardrobe.

I’ll probably use this around the winter holidays, as it has a definite cold weather feel to me – there’s somehow a cool-yet-cozy vibe that I get from this perfume. I do think that Jack would approve – she’d probably find the idea of a darker take on such a commonly oversweetened note like vanilla to be quite appealing!

Fresh Geeky Scents Review

So there you have it – I hope you you guys found my Fresh Geeky Scents review useful. Overall, my impression of this particular indie brand is incredibly positive. I can see myself using all three scents frequently, particularly the Kasumi blend. On her shop news, the owner does state that she’s working on incense versions of her scents, so I’ll hold out hope for candles as well – while I don’t dislike incense, with such a light scent like THIEF I’d worry about the smoke overpowering the actual fragrance. But if she does ever release candles, my home is totally gonna smell like Kasumi!

At $5.50 per .33 oz bottle, these are very reasonably priced, IMO. I think we all know that some indies price their scents so steeply that it’s hard to justify trying out a bunch unsniffed, but given my pleasure at the ones I’ve already bought + the low price, I think I’ll absolutely be trying out more from Fresh Geeky Scents.

Up on my hit list: I’ll order Renegade for Her and Archangel once the weather gets cooler, as they both sound like fall/winter scents to me. And, obviously, any upcoming blends based on Zaeed (or Miranda… or Samara… or Jacob…) will have my attention!

While I am not affiliated with Fresh Geeky Scents – I found these items on my own and purchased them with my own money – there are some affiliate links present for some of the other products that I mention throughout the post. If you need more information on what this means, please read my site disclaimer – and THANK YOU if you use any of said referral links to buy anything!


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