Hello Care Olive Collagen Sheet Mask Review

Remember how I was planning to step up my sheet mask review game? Hahahahaha, yeah. Good joke, I guess. But I’m actually going to pay up today and give you guys my Hello Care Olive Collagen Sheet Mask Review, since I actually remembered to take photos when I used it two nights ago!

But seriously, guys. This is how crazy my sheet mask backlog has become: I posted this pic of my Hello Care Sheet Mask haul from Asian Food Grocer twenty-six weeks ago, and I’ve only tried a whopping two of them since then.

Got a bunch of clearanced sheet masks today, lucky lucky ? #kbeauty #skincare #shopping

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I may have a problem.

Anyhow, as I alluded to in that insta post, I managed to get these sheet masks dirt cheap when Asian Food Grocer was clearing them out. I guess sheet masks weren’t selling very well for them, because they slashed them all to like 50 cents each and don’t seem to have ever restocked. I grabbed one of each type available, though looking at Hello Care’s website, the Intensive Collagen line has a TON of variations beyond the seven “flavours” that I purchased.

However, today I’m only going to be talking about the Hello Care Intensive Olive Collagen Treatment Mask.

Here is the description from Hello Care’s website:

So, this sheet mask is claiming to deliver both moisturizing and smoothing effects, thanks to olive extract and hydrolyzed collagen.

I’ve said before that I’m not really sold on topical collagen as really doing much of anything, but it’s a wildly popular ingredient in a lot of Korean skincare and it there seems to be no indication that it can harm anything, so I kind of just mentally delete it from my decision making equations when buying new skincare products. So for me, the olive extract was the real draw here – I’ve used plenty of body lotions with olive extract and/or olive oil and been pretty pleased with their moisturizing effect, so I was interested to see if an olive extract sheet mask would deliver that same level of hydration.

I bought these without investigating the ingredients too much – bad, I know, but I was blinded a bit by the super-low price. I’m glad that I didn’t pay too much, because the formulation seems decidedly underwhelming, in my opinion. Not BAD by any means – these are all pretty much solid and reputably effective hydrating ingredients – just nothing unique or special that would make this sheet mask worth paying any more fifty cents per treatment, you know?

Mostly just basic, well-documented humectants (propylene glycol, butylene glycol, glycerin), texture enhancers (carbomer to add a gel feeling), and a few marginally controversial yet functional ingredients (alcohol, triethanolamine and mineral and castor oils).

The unique ingredients are the hydrolyzed collagen (once again, eh), allantoin (skin soothing and well-known skincare goodguy), and olive fruit extract. Allantoin is in the middle of the ingredients list, but both the collagen and olive extract are at the bottom, so you’re not really getting a whole lot of them in this formulation.

Knowing this, I went in expecting a decent hydration experience from this Hello Care Olive Collagen Sheet Mask – maybe with some additional smoothing from the allantoin and olive – but nothing game changing. I can be sensitive to triethanolamine when it’s very high up in formulations, but I was willing to give this a shot since it wasn’t in the first couple ingredients and that’s usually the danger zone for me in regards to triethanolamine causing irritation/clogging – and even then, it’s more of a “prolonged use will cause clogged pores” and less of a “one use and everything is on fire oh god help” type of reaction!

Okay, so first of all… the sheet mask itself is ENORMOUS. You can see how much I had to fold to get it to remotely fit, and it was constantly trying to slide off my face so I had to lay down the entire twenty-five minutes. The sheet itself is super saturated – I was dripping all over the place, and even had a problem with some of it dripping down into my eyes when I first applied the mask. Laying down helped prevent this from happening again, but there was a considerable amount that bled down into my hairline and neck. I use the cute bear headband from Memebox when I sheet mask, so I expect that did save me from getting more in my hair.

I allowed this sheet mask to sit on my face for a little over 25 minutes. By the end, it was still quite damp but enough of the essence had absorbed into my face that I was no longer the Drip Monster from the Olive Lagoon or anything.

After removing the sheet, I patted the remaining essence into my face and neck and hands. There was so much essence remaining in the packaging that I was – no joke – able to fully cover my stomach, my neck, my chest and boobs, and both of my full arms. I’d wager that for someone with a smaller chest (I’m a 32G/34FF, so try to estimate how much more/less you’d use accordingly), you could probably cover even more ground with all that spare essence. I don’t think I’ve ever had that much product left over in a sheet mask package before!

You can see here how my skin looked about ~1 minute after I finished removing the sheet and patting in the excess:

Forgive my sunken eyes/dark circles. It’s been a rough few weeks 😛

No redness or irritation, but also no real glow or bouncy effect and there was a slight bit of tackiness that lasted for about ten minutes. I tend to look super well rested and radiant-but-not-oily when I use, say, a MBD sheet mask or the healthy and chewy skin feel that I got from the Skin79 Strawberry Girl Sheet Mask, but this was pretty much just “my skin is a bit more hydrated and smooth” more than any sort of chok-chok, y’know? Not to say that I don’t appreciate the smoothness – but there are just so many other brands and formulations of sheet masks that deliver better results.

I will say that both the essence on my face and the essence on my body did not pill or cause any sort of absorption issues for the products I applied afterwards. On my face, I proceeded with my normal routine (so: Shara Shara Honey Bomb, Xaivita Goat Milk Cream, Purebess Galactomyces 80 Eye Cream); I used The Body Shop’s Olive Body Butter on my body since the scent seemed so complimentary to the sheet mask’s fragrance – more on that shortly. No issues with any weird textural interactions on either front. I do think that the parts of my body where I applied the excess essence were noticeably softer and smoother for about a full 24 hours, so that was pretty awesome, actually.

The one thing that I liked a lot about the Hello Care Olive Collagen Sheet Mask was the scent. It was light and not overpowering, but smelled like the most amazing clean laundry mixed with the aforementioned The Body Shop Olive Body Butter. Smelling that nice, understated fragrance for the 25 minute treatment time was very pleasant and relaxing, and I thought that I smelled really nice after applying the essence all over my upper body as well! Honestly, if they repackaged the essence with this same scent as, like, an after-shower starter that you apply as soon as you towel off and then follow up with a “real” lotion or body butter, I’d probably buy it just for the additional softness and that lovely fragrance!

However, for what it actually is, I don’t think I’d bother with repurchasing the Hello Care Olive Collagen Sheet Mask. It wasn’t bad or a failure – it gave me extra moisture and smoothness without any irritation or clogs – but there are just so many other sheet masks on the market now that manage to do that and more that I simply can’t think of a reason to ever revisit the Hello Care Olive Collagen Sheet Mask over any others.

So all in all, my Hello Care Olive Collagen Sheet Mask review has to be a resounding “meh” – not bad by any means, but not good enough to be excited about or recommend purchasing unless, like I did, you managed to find it at a very low price.

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