Hokkaido Melon Mascarpone Kit Kat Review

In my May wishlist post, I mentioned the Summer 2016 Seasonal Hokkaido Melon Mascarpone Kit Kat as being one of my must-tries. The new flavor has been getting a ton of buzz around the internet lately – mostly from people who, seemingly, aren’t aware that dessert cheeses like mascarpone are completely different in texture and flavor from, say, cheddar. Seriously, guys? If you’ve ever eaten tiramisu, you’ve already eaten mascarpone and chocolate. It’s not that weird!

Melon Mascarpone Kit Kat

That said, Kit Kat Japan is surely loving all this hype. They’ve been releasing limited edition flavors in Japan for years now – ranging from the relatively expected (Vanilla Bean, Strawberry) to the more unique (Creamy English Tea, Mango, the much-loved Green Tea, etc) as well as including some more traditional Japanese flavors (Kinako, Anko, Sakura, etc).

This isn’t the first year that Kit Kat has released a Melon variety – they’ve done various incarnations of white chocolate and melon (muskmelon, specifically) across several years, actually! I’ve just always had the misfortune to miss buying them, as they are almost always late spring/early summer limiteds and I kept finding out about them in, like, fall. Given how much I love melon (these muskmelon hard candies, for example, are pretty much The Greatest Ever), this was always a disappointment. So when the internet started screaming about the soon-to-be-released Melon Mascarpone Kit Kat, I grabbed my chance and ordered as soon as one of my favorite Japanese snack eBayers added them to their stock!

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I only ordered one package – meaning, three mini bars inside a bigger box – just in case, somehow, they had actually fucked up such a classic flavor combination as mascarpone and a summer fruit. It didn’t seem likely – their past melon offerings had been pretty popular, as had their prior fruit-and-cheesecake flavors – but better safe than sorry when dealing with import prices, right?

Melon Mascarpone Kit Kat - Opened


Each box has three of these little mini-bars inside. The cutest thing, in my opinion, about these boxes is that they have little areas for you to write to: and from: and a message, like a postcard. I guess they’re angling for being something you use as a workplace gift or something? I’m interested to know how common gifting limited edition Kit Kats is in Japan. I love trying interesting snack flavors, so I’d be pretty pleased with something like this as a gift!

Melon Mascarpone Kit Kat - Box Reverse

The individual mini-bar packages have a similar section for writing messages, I guess for when you’re gifting them to multiple people.

Melon Mascarpone Kit Kat - Mini-Bar

That feature isn’t new or exclusive to the Melon Mascarpone Kit Kat, I’ve just always thought it was cute.


Anyhow, moving on. The Kit Kats themselves are covered in white chocolate, flavored with muskmelon and dyed a pale pastel orange to evoke their melon flavor. The color is the only hint at anything different about these Kit Kats, as everything else is the standard double-bar breakaway with the Kit Kat logo embossed onto each bar.

Melon Mascarpone Kit Kat - Zoom

The chocolate tastes exactly as described: it’s white chocolate with a very dominant muskmelon (or cantaloupe, if that’s the more familiar term for you) flavoring. For melon lovers, it’s very good, it’s basically like eating a differently textured slice of melon – just without the awesome juiciness.

Melon Mascarpone Kit Kat - Inside

The mascarpone, from what I can taste, is only present in the sugar wafer cookie. Honestly, it’s extremely faint to the taste – just a slight bit of creamy vanilla mascarpone. I’m not sure if the entire wafer is supposed to taste like mascarpone or if it’s just the strips that you can see. Honestly, it’s hard to focus on the mascarpone element just because the melon flavor is so strong – while it’s giving the whole thing a definite creaminess, you won’t be like “oh, yeah, I totally taste the mascarpone cheese in this!” by any means. Well, unless you’re a supertaster or something, I suppose.


This is definitely pleasant – I ate mine refrigerated across a span of the first 80-degree week here, and it was a nice way to get a cool, refreshing sweet snack. The melon is so far and away the main flavor that the mascarpone is more or less an afterthought – so for everyone out there that was freaking out over the “melon, cheese, and chocolate, ohmigod!” thing, I think you’d be disappointed by how decidedly non-weird the Melon Mascarpone Kit Kat actually is overall.

Should you buy it? Sure, if you have the cash and love melon and/or limited edition Kit Kats. If the hype had your interest just because it sounded weird, though, you might be disappointed unless you’ve literally never eaten any cantaloupe-flavored candy before in your life!

I won’t personally be rushing to buy more – it was tasty and I thoroughly enjoyed my little box, but the import price is not worth the payoff for me. Instead, it’s inspired me to try making something similar at home – I’m going to buy some melon candy/chocolate flavoring, some vanilla melting chocolate, mix them together, and try dipping some Nilla Wafers in the resulting mixture. If I can produce the same melon brightness and creaminess on a vanilla cookie feel as the Melon Mascarpone Kit Kat had, it will be a pretty awesome summer sweet to keep in my fridge over the next few months! If it works out, I’ll report back.


  • Starting from $6.50 per box @ eBay

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