June 2016 K-Beauty Haul from eBay’s iamlove-shop!

It’s been quite some time since I allowed myself a K-Beauty haul – blame Memebox for keeping me so well-stocked on most of my essentials. Really, I have so many masks, moisturizers, essences, toners, and blushes now that I should be good for a few more years!

But of course, sometimes things come along that are just so cute that you can’t help yourself. This haul was the result of several such items coming to my attention and, eventually, becoming too hard to resist.

Everything in this particular k-beauty haul came from the iamlove-shop (click here to visit them on eBay), and was shipping quickly and securely. I’ve purchased from them a few times before and always had good experiences, so this isn’t much of a surprise!

As you can see from the above image, this isn’t a mega haul. I just tried to pick a few items that were really, really calling my name!

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iamlove-shop K-Beauty Haul Breakdown – Go!

Marshmallow Chocopie Hand Cream from The Saem

I mentioned this in my May 2016 wishlist post, and in the end, I couldn’t help myself. This is just too cute, right? I bought the Marshmallow scent as it was, for some reason, cheaper than the other two flavors.

I’m constantly pleasantly surprised by the quality of super-cutesy Korean beauty products like this hand cream. I think my fellow USA residents know what I mean when I say that here, the cuter a product is, the more likely it is to be kind of garbage – adorable drugstore lotions and their ilk are usually not really worth even their dirt-cheap prices. I’m thinking of stuff like Bonne Bell and that whole arena – it’s because we still usually associate cute packaging with being marketed to children, I think, so ensuring those products are high-quality isn’t really a concern. It’s just in recent years that brands like Too Faced have started producing cosmetics that are both adorable and usable, like the infamous Chocolate Bar Palette. So buying a product that’s at this level of adorable sweets design and having it turn out to be really effective and pleasant to use is just awesome.

I’ve mentioned before that I love sweets-themed packaging for my cosmetics, and LOOK. AT. THAT. I love it. I love it so much!

The cream itself doesn’t really smell like marshmallow (it’s more of an extremely faint coconut, to my nose, and fades pretty quickly) but it’s quite moisturizing and long-lasting. I don’t have to apply a ton, nor do I have to constantly re-apply to keep my hands feeling hydrated enough, so this is already a big win for me. Maybe I’ll eventually do a more in-depth review, but those are my first impressions – all positive!

Holika Holika Dodo Cat Face2Change Glow Cushion BB

I’ve never tried Holika Holika’s Face2Change BB before, but I do use and love their Naked Face BB on days when I need/want more coverage, and I’ve been very satisfied. So when I saw this adorable, mint green compact, I knew the time had come to try out another one of their BB formulas!

I mean, how cute is this? Admittedly, I’d never heard of Audrey Jeanne before – she is apparently a French illustrator with a particular fondness for cats – but I really love the designs she’s created for this Holika Holika collaboration. Even if the color and/or formula don’t quite work out, this compact is something I’ll definitely try to preserve and re-use, somehow…

I really do hope that this works for me, though, because look how cute that pawprint is in the middle of the BB! The product in the pawprint is actually a highlighter/strobe cream, so probably not something I’ll always need to use, but nice to have easily on hand. Plus, it’s a damn pawprint in the middle of one of the cutest compacts ever – I meannn! ?

Holika Holika Dodo Cat Heartful Gel Tint Bars in Dodo Coral and Dodo Pink

I own and adore other Holika Holika Heartful lip products (you can see the haul post where I bought them here, and I really need to get off my ass and make a review/swatch post for them as well!), and both the packaging and swatches for these two shades looked absolutely gorgeous. They’re gel tints, so they’re slightly translucent and subtle – you can kind of get the idea just by looking at the lipstick bullets themselves, as they have a creamy, semi-opaque, semi-translucent look to them:

I tend to prefer subtle makeup on my day-to-day basis, so this type of lip product really appealed to me. The swatches posted here looked so beautiful that I decided to just go ahead and take the leap. I look forward to trying out these lovely lip colors soon!

It’s Skin Macaron Lip & Cheek Tint in Orange Sorbet

I’ve always wanted to jump in on the macaron-packaging-for-cosmetics trend, since – as mentioned above – candy cosmetics are my jam. I’ve been pleased with the It’s Skin cosmetics that I’ve tried so far (I have one of their color-correcting primers and some blushers), so I thought that this would be a good choice.

I like that it’s a swirl pattern so you have some control over the intensity of the color, particularly since I bought the Orange Sorbet shade and don’t really want my cheeks and lips looking all orange-glo all the time, you know?

Also, I have to admit something horribly nerdy: I picked this shade specifically because I have fallen so, so deeply in love with the makeup look that I gave my Blade & Soul Force Master.

Blade & Soul Yun Force Master

She has a transluscent, glossy peachy-orange lip and a subtle orange blush and I love the overall effect so much that I was like… fuck it, I’ma try this IRL. My coloring may be somewhat different than hers, since I’m pretty far from a pale-ish redhead IRL – I’m a slightly olive-toned brunette – but sometimes you just can’t know how something will work out unless you try, right? And if it gives you an excuse to buy cute makeup, so much the better…!

Skinfood Gummy Bear Lotion

Skinfood Gummy Bear Hand Cream in Cherry Chocolate

Once again, here I am indulging my weak point for foodie beauty products. I have a general positive impression of Skinfood bath and body products, so when I saw these cute little gummy bear hand creams, it was pretty easy for me to talk myself into adding one to my basket.

The gummy bears come in a range of texture, from gel to cream, and since my hands tend to be dryer, I chose a cream. I went with Cherry Chocolate simply because, well, it sounded yummy! ??

The gummy bear’s head screws off (sure to please those of you who always bite off the heads first when it comes to real gummy bears ?) and reveals a squeeze-bottle setup. The cream itself isn’t too thick – necessary as otherwise it might have some trouble with the squeeze packaging – and smells exactly like a tootsie roll + sweet cherry. I haven’t tried this one much as I’ve been using the Chocopie hand cream, but I have high hopes!


And last but not least, iamlove-shop included a metric crap-ton of free samples with my order! I mostly got Etude House stuff, like a Tea Tree sheet mask, some lip tint samples, a BB, a sunscreen, and… an Angry Birds mirror ?. Other samples include a Lioele BB, a Tony Moly snail essence, and a charcoal nose pack. A nice, wide selection of fun stuff to try – always appreciated, especially when it’s all free, right?

So all in all, I got some fun and cute new cosmetics to play with – I’m really looking forward to trying out the Dodo Cat items in particular. They’re just so pretty, and Holika Holika cosmetics have a pretty good track record for me thus far – I can only really think of one fail, but many successes.

Thanks for taking the time to read my little k-beauty haul post ? If you’ve tried any of these items, please drop a comment and let me know how you liked them!

There are affiliate links present in this post, however, I am not associated with iamlove-shop – everything in this post was purchase with my own money & of my own accord. All opinions are entirely my own. Please see the site disclaimer for more info. If you use any of these links for purchases, THANK YOU! 


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