Kiyi Kiyi Soap Lip Balm Review – Lingonberry & Persian Love Cake Flavors

Another month, another lip balm review from yours truly. What can I say? I’m almost as addicted to trying out new lip balms as I am to Blade & Soul, or comic books, or skincare. It’s a definitely a thing for me. This time around, I’m reviewing two lip balms from Kiyi Kiyi Soap, a Minnesota-based brand that I found on Etsy while searching for Turkish Delight scented/flavored beauty products. I’ve mentioned before that I have a tendency to go on scent sprees where I just search for something with a specific note or flavor – cardamom, melon, cherry blossom, and now Turkish Delight.

Kiyi Kiyi Soap Lip Balms

Kiyi Kiyi Soap has a lot of unique flavors to choose from in their balm selection – this is what drew me to the shop in the first place, as mentioned above. I’d recently finished off Epically Epic Soap’s Turkish Delight lip balm and loved it, but their shop was on a break and I needed to replenish my balm supply ASAP. So when I found Kiyi Kiyi Soap’s Persian Love Cake flavor, it seemed much in the same vein:

Exotic Persian Love Cake lip balm! Rose water and sweet buttercream cupcake flavors combine in a tasty treat to nourish your lips with mango butter. Plus it’s pink!

This balm was made to recreate one of my favorite cake recipes – Persian Love Cake. It combines rose water and delicious buttercream frosting. Yum!

I’m really coming around to light rose (and floral in general) flavors in my lip products, so rosewater is pretty much exactly on target. And mixed with sugary buttercream? Um, sounds delicious.

When I discovered that they also had a Lingonberry flavor – blame the absolutely delicious Lingonberry preserve in my recent Try the World Sweden Box for getting me hooked on this one – I was totally sold. I tossed the two balms into my cart and the deal was done!

You know the drill: on the main page, click read more, blah blah.

Kiyi Kiyi Order

Kiyi Kiyi Soap shipped my order very quickly, and before I knew it, my balms had arrived alongside a sample slab of soap in their “Not My Circus” scent. I’m not really much of a bar soap user myself, but it smelled pleasant and was of a generous enough size that I’ll get several uses out of it, so I did appreciate the freebie!

Kiyi Kiyi Soap Lip Balm – Flavors

Persian Love Cake: This is a pleasant, soft rose with a definite sugary frosting note. I don’t really get any butteriness that I would personally associate with buttercream icing specifically, but it’s still really yummy. It’s definitely my favorite of the two, and I’d easily buy it again, or perhaps a lotion or body wash in this same scent!

Lingonberry: There’s a tartness to this, but it’s less the almost herbaceous berry that I associate with lingonberry and more of an almost… cranberry with a slight grape-y undertone. It’s pretty delicious smelling and definitely manages to be both tart and sweet, but to me, it’s not really smelling like lingonberry! Still quite nice, though. I think if it toned down the grape and added a bit more of the “green” (for lack of a better way of describing the flavor that makes lingonberry unique) note, it would be more accurate to its namesake.

Kiyi Kiyi Soap Lip Balm – Texture & Longevity

Kiyi Kiyi Lip Balm Texture

The texture of these balms is right in the sweet spot for me – not so heavy that they feel sticky, but not so light that you feel like you have to apply 50,000 times before your lips feel adequately hydrated. Okay, so that’s clearly an exaggeration, but I think we’ve all experienced dud lip balms where it seems like you’re having to apply and reapply and apply and reapply until the heat death of the universe for your lips to feel right. Such balms are on my list of “least favorite ways to discover I’ve totally wasted my money” and, thankfully, Kiyi Kiyi Soap lip balms decidedly do NOT fall into this category.

I can just swipe these balms just a couple times and my lips will feel hydrated for several hours, even through eating and drinking. While there’s a glossiness upon initial application, it does fade over time – duh, as these are balms, not glosses. I didn’t have any trouble applying lip colors over these balms – colors applied smoothly and evenly and the balm base didn’t seem to affect color longevity.

The scent lasts for quite awhile, which I personally enjoyed simply because I found the flavors to be so pleasing. Persian Love Cake, in particular, is something that I definitely do not get tired of smelling, so the longer lifespan of the flavor was very welcome in this instance.

Kiyi Kiyi Soap Lip Balm – Ingredients

Kiyi Kiyi Lip Balm Ingredients

These balms have a pretty solid ingredient list, so it’s probably not surprising that they performed so well. I tend to find Avocado Oil (and/or butter), Mango Butter, and Cocoa Butter to be very reliable ingredients in lip balms. Beeswax is pretty much the perennial lip balm base for indies, so no surprise there. Sweet Almond Oil and Coconut Oil add to the hydration pot, though I’ve personally always found that those two alone are not enough for my lips – they need to be formulated in conjunction with at least one of the Avocado/Cocoa/Mango holy trinity for me to be happy.

The only variety in the ingredients is the flavoring – Persian Love Cake included buttercream flavoring and rose otto oil, and Lingonberry included a “flavor oil” – so some sort of pre-blended flavoring.

All in all, a lot of nice ingredients and nothing concerning. Good stuff!

Kiyi Kiyi Soap Lip Balm – Verdict

I would definitely recommend these balms to anyone looking for a new indie balm to try out. They’re solid, reliable, and both flavors that I tried were lovely. I’d personally vote for Persian Love Cake over Lingonberry, but Kiyi Kiyi Soap offers a decent range of balm scents to try out beyond the two that I purchased and tested for myself.

Kiyi Kiyi Soap Lip Balm – Where To Buy

KKS Website

KKS Etsy Storefront

KKS Twitter

Disclaimer: I purchased these products with my own money, of my own volition. I received no compensation or request for this review. Everything in this post is 100% my own, true thoughts.


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