Limited Edition Gingerbread Twix Review

I’m a big fan of limited edition snacks. Seriously, if you’ve ever been browsing your local grocery store and wondered “who actually buys this stuff?” when faced with Beer-Can Chicken flavoured potato chips or Watermelon Oreos: it’s me! I do. Probably too often, in fact. But I love trying new snack foods, and when the flavours are creative or unusual, my curiosity generally gets the best of me.

Sometimes, though, a limited edition comes around that’s less of a “how/why did they come up with this?” and more of a “why did it take them so long?” situation. Gingerbread Twix definitely fall into this category for me. As someone who has long been a fan of chocolate lebkuchen (seriously, what is better than soft gingerbread cookie with a crispy chocolate outer shell?), the chocolate/gingerbread combination is already something that I love. The addition of caramel would be the wild card, but honestly – spiced caramel is pretty pleasant (honestly, I’m not sure why spiced milk caramels aren’t more of a thing come wintertime) so the only real worry that I had was that the entire confection would end up being too sweet… but overall, this was me when I considered how they might taste:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to track these Gingerbread Twix in stores before they were out of season – so I kept an eye on those LE snack resellers on Amazon (you know the ones – they’ve always got Amazon shops full of whatever seasonal goodies they could get their hands on, usually exorbitantly overpriced). Because here’s the thing: winter LEs usually have sell-by dates of the next spring/summer, and any Amazon hoarders who still have a supply will start dropping their prices in desperation around late April to Early May in hopes of at least breaking even before the snacks are too old to sell.

So last week, I was able to get my hands on a bag of the Gingerbread Twix for $3.99 w/Prime free shipping. Their retail value was $2.98, so the seller did make a profit, but I was curious enough to pay the extra $1.01 for a chance to try them. Twix are some of my favorite candy bars, so my faith in them probably helped sway me towards the ‘add to cart’ button!


You get a 10 ounce bag of the little fun-sized Gingerbread Twix bars. I’ve always thought that fun-size Twix were the perfect size, since they’re relatively heavy candy bars – often I don’t feel like eating an entire normal sized one all at once, mostly because the denser caramel and thicker cookie are pretty filling. Having these little bars to grab throughout the past week-ish has been pretty nice!

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Here’s the nutritional information. Each bar is 80 calories, which is the same as the normal variety according to MyFitnessPal. Which makes sense – really the only difference here, in theory, would be a spice blend added to the cookie portion of the bar.


As for appearance, there’s really no discrepancy between the normal fun-size Twix and these Gingerbread Twix. It’s the same cookie bar covered with caramel and then dipped in chocolate covering – no food coloring or anything to try and visually differentiate the Gingerbread Twix from the default.



If you’ve had any sort of Twix bar before, you should be familiar with the basic premise – as I said above, it’s a buttery cookie bar with a layer of milk caramel on top, and then the entire thing is dipped in milk chocolate. Simple and delicious. None of the ingredients are gourmet or anything, but they all taste good – no super waxy, plastic-y chocolate like a classic Hershey’s bar or anything – and something about them is incredibly satisfying to eat. Somehow, they always just feel more filling to me than other candy bars of similar size and calorie count. Maybe it’s the fact that both the cookie bar and the caramel layer are kind of dense, so the whole thing comes off feeling richer than it actually is?

Anyhow, Gingerbread Twix bars boast the same setup. Literally the only difference is that the cookie bar is gingerbread rather than the basic butter cookie of the original variant.


The gingerbread cookie isn’t overpoweringly flavorful – so in comparison to my beloved chocolate Lebkuchen, this is a decidedly lighter variety. It’s more like they just added a touch of gingerbread spices (ginger, cinnamon, cloves and/or allspice, brown sugar) to their base cookie formula. I don’t really get any textural changes that would imply the addition of honey or molasses.

It works, though, in my opinion. While I don’t think it would entirely satisfy my winter cravings for chocolate Lebkuchen, it’s still a very delicious combination. I think, actually, that the lighter hand on the gingerbread portion is probably a good move – a really dense gingerbread texture/flavor alongside the caramel layer would probably be overkill and tip the scales towards being too many flavors and too much sweetness all at once.

If, like me, you’re a fan of the gingerbread/chocolate combo – and moreover, if you’re a fan of Twix bars – I would definitely encourage you to give the Gingerbread Twix limited edition variety a shot. Either wait it out until next winter with fingers crossed that they’ll return, or use the trick I mentioned (It’s May at the time of this writing, so actually probably your best bet to get them before they all sell out – my bag had an expiration date of August, so getting them now will give you a few months to enjoy them) and get them from online sellers while they’re trying to unload them off-season.

TL;DR: A very enjoyable limited edition, and I surely hope to see Gingerbread Twix make a reappearance this winter – only this time, I’ll try to stock up myself rather than rely on resellers!


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