Limited Edition Pink Marshmallow Peeps Oreos Review

So, Peeps Oreos. I’ll get this out of the way, first: I don’t really like Peeps. It’s not that I find them utterly repulsive, they’re just kind of a let-down. I really like the texture of the crunchy-ish outer sugar sparkle layer. Even better when the Peeps have been exposed to air for a few hours, so that they’re a bit chewier. The problem is that somehow, they just don’t taste right to me. It’s kind of like Twinkies (except Peeps are not offensively repulsive like Twinkies, tbh) – I go in expecting a specific flavor – sugary vanilla marshmallow for Peeps, yellow cake and sweet vanilla cream for Twinkies (instead of the putrid hellcake and whatever that gross cream is supposed to be that, in reality, are somehow so beloved by people without taste buds) – and instead, it’s just kind of… close, but no cigar? There’s just something a little bland about Peeps beyond that initial sugar crust.

So when Oreo announced an Easter/Spring Limited Edition collab with Peeps in the form of Peeps Oreos, it didn’t really gross me out the way it did some people – I kind of figured, okay, at BEST, this is going to be vaguely marshmallow-flavored cream with some sugar crystals and food coloring in between Golden Oreos. Nothing groundbreaking, but the sugar crystal crunch sounded appealing enough that I grabbed a package and tossed in into my cart. Plus, you know, I like to justify my impulsive junk food purchases by promising myself to review them here afterwards ?

So, how did I end up liking these limited edition Oreos? Click the read more for my full Peeps Oreos review!

The packaging is bright and cheerful – sunny yellow, baby pink, and pastel green – and does a nice job of both catching your eye and evoking springtime.

The calorie count is pretty usual Oreo stuff: 70 calories per cookie. This is a big reason why I so rarely buy Oreos – for me, at least, I never feel satisfied with just one or two Oreos, as they just seem like less food/time to consume versus similarly calorie-dense cookies. I hope that makes sense! So I tend to limit myself to one or two Limited Edition flavors per year, with maybe a box of the classic Double Stufs swapped in place of a variation when I just can’t resist their siren call any longer.

Uh, anyway.

Peeps Oreos

As you can see, the packaging promises sugar crystals in the pink marshmallow Oreo creme. As mentioned before, this textural aspect of crunchy sugar crystals is pretty much the only true appeal of Peeps for me, so I was hyped at the idea of sugar crystal crunch creme!

Peeps Oreos

Upon opening the box… uh, was the robot who assembled my cookies drunk? I feel like my Oreos usually have maybe one or two crooked/oddly filled cookies, but this package is almost entirely bizarretown. I mean, not that it affects the taste, it’s just surprising as I’m used to seeing Oreo packages looking a bit more uniform (and a bit more snugly packed and full).

Peeps Oreos

Closer inspection: you see the classic Golden Oreo cookie and the bright, bright, BRIGHT pink creme filling. I looked to see if the sugar crystals were visible in the creme, and…

Peeps Oreos

…not really, in my opinion. However, I can imagine that mega-pink filling pleasing any pink lovers out there, especially little kids. It’s so bright and fun!

The cookies gave off a vague vanilla scent. There was a hint of something else, barely, just enough to differentiate them from classic Golden Oreos. I guess the intended Marshmallow rather than Candy Vanilla flavour, which is already a game of splitting hairs to most people’s noses and tastebuds. Like, yeah, Bourbon Vanilla or Vanilla Bean is pretty easy to separate from Marshmallow, but think the sort of base Vanilla that’s present in normal Oreos or Vanilla Tootsie Rolls and you’ll get what I mean about it being just barely discernable from a “Marshmallow” flavor.

So far, the only obvious difference is all that screaming hot pink!

After actually trying a few… well.

Peeps Oreos

I have to say, if you eat them “normally” – ie just biting into the cookie and the cream all at once – you’d probably be hard-pressed to realize these WEREN’T basic Golden Oreos. Like, if you somehow didn’t notice the pinksplosion, you’d probably think these were normal Golden Oreos until it was pointed out, and only then would you be like “oh, yeah, okay, I kinda taste something different, maybe?”

I shared these Peeps Oreos with two people, and they largely felt the same. One said “so it’s just vanilla, then?” and the other said “it tastes like pink” – which, given how much pink dye is packed into the creme, is probably the most accurate assessment. Seriously, your teeth and tongue will be stained pink if you eat more than 3-4 of these cookies at once, so absolutely do NOT snack on these at work or anywhere you can’t immediately brush your teeth afterwards!

And now for the worst part: I’d say, out of the entire box, maybe 4-5 cookies actually had any sugar crystals in their creme filling. And even then, it was like one “crunch” and then back to just normal creme. I don’t know if I just got a bum box or if this is just how they are, but that was incredibly disappointing to me. 80% of my box had no discernable sugar crystal crunch whatsoever, and the ones that did, it was like one or two crystals per cookie. For something that was advertised as part of the Peeps Oreos’ appeal, that is seriously weak ?

Peeps Oreos

So, all in all, my Peeps Oreos Review would be… meh. They’re not bad by any means, but there’s no real wow factor (unless you just really love pink!) as the flavor and texture is barely discernible from your baseline Golden Oreos. The hot pink creme is fun, but that’s about the only unique aspect of this particular Limited Edition variant.

They’re worth a shot as they’re priced the same as the normal varieties as long as they’re in official stock, but I’d never suggest paying a reseller for these if you miss their sale window or live out of stock range. They’re just not that special.

If Oreo decides to attempt to revisit the Marshmallow Peeps Oreo concept again next year, I hope they at least fix the sugar crystal issue. Give me some actual sugar crunch in the creme, and make it actually happen for every single cookie, not just one per row – and then we’ll talk, Nabisco ?

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