Mairi’s 2016 Halloween Wishlist

I seriously can’t believe that it’s almost Halloween! I’ve been waiting for autumn for what felt like forever (the muggy, buggy, sticky summers of Central Ohio do not really get along with me…) and now that it’s finally here, it seems to be zipping by like nothing. I mean, here it is Halloween weekend, and I still haven’t published my Halloween wishlist post – so, uh, let’s do something about that, yeah?


So, I’ve selected 10 items (or… groups of items, in some cases, because I’m indecisive lol) and ranked them in a somewhat ordered fashion. If you’re curious to know what I’ve been lusting after this Halloween season, please read on to see my 2016 Halloween wishlist!

10. Halloween Snacks from Candysan


This year, Candysan has a whole bunch of cute Halloween items – from pumpkin mochi to skeleton-shaped cheetos to this weird, creepy-colored spicy “zomramen” to this adorable pumpkin onigiri set. I want it all, but given that I’ve already indulged quite a bit with Halloween sweets this year (and I’ve recently become obsessed with the Samyang Spicy Roasted Chicken ramen to the point that I bought multiple 5-packs so I probably don’t need to buy any more ramen right now lolol), I’m going to force myself to pass this year.

However, if you decide to order from Candysan, please use my affiliate code if you’d like – it will net you a 5% coupon code upon registration. Not huge, but hey, 5% is 5%, right?

9. Bat-Winged Flats from ThinkGeek

ThinkGeek Bat Wing Flats

When it comes to Halloween, I have three aesthetics that I love the most: pumpkins (I’m still mourning these cheapo pumpkin slippers that I got from Target years back – they were only $1, thus the short lifespan, but they were the most perfect shade of pastel pumpkin orange with a jack-o-lantern smile on the fronts), black cats (this will come up later in the list), and bats!

I think bats are some of the most adorable creatures in the world (look at this happy face omg omg omggggg) already – when you add into the fun “vampire bat” Halloween twist (see: Kudlak, aka one of my favorite mythological/SMT dudes), it’s no wonder that I go a little bonkers for bat-themed stuffs around Halloween.

These Bat Wing flats are pretty cute, and would work well with either an entirely bat-themed costume, or just as a cheeky, Halloween-spirit nod when going out, running around town, or at a dressy-ish-but-not-dress-UP Halloween event. Especially if you pair them with…

8. Silver Bat-Wing Headband

Bat Wing Hairband

…this pretty, silver bat-wing headband from mylavaliere. Are you getting the picture? The aforementioned batwing flats, a cute black mini dress, maybe some stockings (omg… imagine if they had little batwings at the top!) and silver jewelry, all topped off with this headband. How cute!

All while having glowing, moisturized skin thanks to…

7. Ladykin’s Vanpir Dark Repair Skincare Line

Vanpir Skincare

The “Vanpir” skincare line from Ladykin! I first stumbled upon these products via Memebox (and I actually ended up ordering the repair cream from them, as they seem to have the best price for it that I’ve found so far) and instantly fell in love with the cute-but-simple packaging and vampire theme.

As best I can see, there are three products in the Vanpir range: the Vanpir Dark Repairing Water Mask, the Vanpir Dark Repair Cream, and the Vanpir Dark Repair Youth Activator. They all hinge upon the inclusion of Dragon’s Blood (a flowering plant with red resin, thus the name) and are supposed to be extremely hydrating and anti-aging – of course, since vampires are forever young!

I’ve actually ordered both the Dark Repair Cream and the Dark Repairing Water Mask already – the sleeping mask arrived last week, and I’m just waiting for my next product testing rotation to add it (I’m currently recovering from a bad reaction to a cleanser ?). The cream is in my Memebox order – along with #2 on this list – and I’m still waiting not-so-patiently for it (seriously, what is up with Memebox lately? ??) to arrive!

I’ve found some glowing reviews of the Vanpir products, so I am really excited to try them out!

6. Epically Epic Soaps Halloween Products

Epically Epic Halloween Collection

I’ve mentioned my fondness for Etsy seller Epically Epic Soaps before, and I’m still just as hyped over her products. The 2016 Halloween products all look and sound amazing, so I’ve been putting in effort to finish up my current sugar scrub so I can have an excuse to purchase the EES Witch’s Brew Sugar Scrub – blood orange, smoky blackberries, black cherry, musk, and red wine sounds like a delicious fall scent!

As for the lip balms, well… the Epically Epic lip balms are still my favorite indie lip balms out there, so of COURSE I want, like, all of the limited edition flavours. Haunted Espresso is the one most calling my name (coffee and cinnamon rolls, omg), but Eye of Newt sounds just intriguing enough that I’m not sure I can resist it: lemon-lime, white grape, pear, and golden delicious apples. Sounds… fizzy!

Not in the Halloween collection, but still very autumnal and worthy of mention: the Luminaria Solid Lotion (melting candle wax, smoke, myrrh, and frankincense) and the Pumpkin Spiced Latte and Apple Cider Ice Cream lip balms. Yum!

5. Blade & Soul Creepurr Familiar Costume and Spellcaster Outfit

Blade & Soul Halloween Outfits

Well, spoilers: I already have to Creepurr outfit, as it was cheapo set available in the Hongmoon store. Now my black cat familiar really looks purrfect~ But seriously, how cute is that? It’s a little bat-cat with…creepy, huge skeleton hands. Okay, so maybe that last part isn’t strictly cute, but the overall appearance is adorbs as fuck. My summoner has been sort of neglected by virtue of my decided to main a different ranged class – Warlock – but the cuteness of this set is motivating me to at least get her to level cap so I can farm Tower of Infinity and 1v1 with her!

The second outfit, Spellcaster, is a set that I really want for my aforementioned female Jin Warlock. I got lucky and received the hat already from transmuting a chilling chest on the first day of the event, but I’m only about halfway to having enough pumpkins to trade for the dress. I’m on a mission, though – as soon as I finish writing this post, in fact, I have a date with my friend to go do our daily pumpkin spice candy farm!

4. Sanrio Chococat Tights

Sanrio Chococat Tights

I mentioned earlier that black cats for Halloween fashion is a definite thing for me, and I find these Chococat Tights by Sanrio to be right up my alley! Cat-ear stockings and tights are not new by any means, but something about Chococat’s wide-eyed stare and cute ears really make this pair my favorite variation that I’ve seen yet.

Once again, I’m imagining these paired with a cute black minidress or short black skirt – maybe with an oversized sweater. So cute!

3. Halloween Highlighters from BrokenArrowBeauty and ClionadhCosmetics

Etsy Halloween Highlighters

Seriously, how adorable are these Halloween-themed highlighters? The candy corn “Confection Highlighter” is from ClionadhCosmetics and is seriously threatening my wallet due to my insatiable love for mellocreme corn and pumpkins. The same shop actually has an entire Harvest Moon Highlighter Set – including the Confection, it also adds a “Eclipse” shade for that moonlit glow, a cream-and-caramel “Allspice” swirl, and your choice of light or dark “Cornucopia” color blend.

The “Pumpkin Spice Latte” highlighter is from BrokenArrowBeauty and appears to be a lovely, toasty pink-and-gold shimmer. I might actually need this… pink and gold shimmer is kind of my weak point for eyeshadows, nail colors, lippies…lol. You get me, right? She also has a silver-and-grey “Superstition” highlighter with a cute kitty imprinted into the pan if your desired Halloween look is a bit more luminescent!

I just have to say, I am so loving the trend of awesome and creative Etsy highlighters. People come up with the cutest ideas!

2. The Halloween 2016 Memebox, full of Spooky Sheet Masks ?

Halloween Memebox

Like almost everyone else who laid eyes on it, I was instantly enamoured with this year’s Halloween Memebox and ordered it as soon as I could! It’s basically a sheet mask extravaganza, with the main draw (for me, at least) being the spooky Halloween character sheet masks. I’m particularly looking forward to becoming a jiangshi:


(If you’re not familiar with jiangshi, my YouTube crush Mikey Chen has a fun video explaining their mythology on his Beyond Science channel!)

Other highlights include:

Niveola Fantastic Night Glow Mask – Ready for some scary selfies? These Halloween-ready sheet masks feature costume-like designs that glow in the dark! Plus, each cellulose mask is infused with a special patented blend of plant extracts that’ll nourish skin back to life.

Cellpium Vampire Cleansing Mask – Vamp up your skincare routine with this 3-in-1 mask! This single sheet mask enriched with 10 kinds of berries removes makeup, foam cleanses, and moisturizes skin.

Bat – If your skin’s feeling sucked dry, this moisturizing mask can be your hero. Flowing with Collagen and Adenosine, it’ll leave your skin feeling chok chok in no time.

The 2016 Halloween Memebox is now sold out, but if you’re pining for some 3spoopy5me sheet masks, they’ve still a got a few single/set purchase sheet masks that fit the bill:

1. A shitload of games from the Halloween Steam Sale

Night Alone

Steam is having a massive sale on all of their kinda sorta even remotely spooky titles, and as it happens – this happens to coincide with, like, half of my wishlist. I know that I am absolutely grabbing Kentucky Route Zero (I’ve been waiting for it to go on sale), Firewatch, and Yomawari: Night Alone, but I’m also considering The Last Door, Darkwood, and The Final Station… among many others.

Steam sales are always such bittersweet events – you can’t really justify getting EVERYTHING that’s on sale that you want, unless you’re made of money and time, but the sprawling choice is amazing.

For what it’s worth, if you haven’t played Sunless Sea yet and are even a little bit intrigued by its premise, I wholeheartedly recommend it – I finally started playing it in August and mainlined it for about a month. So good!

So, there you have it, my better-late-than-never 2016 Halloween wishlist! What have you been craving this October? Is there anything out there that I’ve missed but you think would appeal to me? Have you tried any of these products? Let me know the answers to all of those questions in the comments, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! ???


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