Peach’s May 2016 Most Wanted List

It’s been quite some time since I did a shopping/wishlist style post – probably because I’ve been trying to squirrel more money away for my theoretical, maybe, someday, probably move to a different climate (preferably somewhere with less humidity and no mosquitoes, thanks) and the best way to resist temptation is to bury my head in the sand and pretend that I don’t see all the pretty things begging for my bucks.

But I’m also trying to get in the habit of writing here regularly again, and want list posts are simply fun to make. So I’m thinking to try and do this monthly – just round up all the fun things I’ve stumbled across and resisted (or not). Posting about shopping can be almost as satisfying as actual shopping… uh, maybe?

With that said, read on to see the top ten items I’m most wanting this May!

10.  Lotus Flower – Tea Candle Holder from etchpros

Lotus Flower Tealight Candle Holder

I just think this is super pretty. Lotus blossoms are probably one of the world’s prettiest flowers, and as someone who burns candles pretty often, this is kind of an aesthetic match made in heaven for me. I’m also a night owl, so I am a prime candidate for cool tealight holders that work best during dark hours – I’ll actually see the awesome light projections!

9. Taiyaki Japanese Fish-Shaped Hot Cake Maker & Sakura Cherry Blossom An Paste

Taiyaki Maker

Sakura Cherry Blossom An Paste

I recently tried these sakura anko dorayaki, and they were like edible heaven (no surprise – I love anko and I love sakura in food). I’d love to be able to make something similar (thinking vanilla pancake batter in place of the traditional taiyaki crispy outside, since those dorayaki definitely had vanilla in the mini-pancake portion) at home, and the possibilities for the taiyaki maker beyond, well, taiyaki are pretty abundant. The sakura an paste has good reviews, and sounds absolutely delicious. I could have a lot of fun with these two items!

8. tarte Rainforest After Dark Colored Clay Eye & Cheek Palette

Tarte Rainforest After Dark Palette

I missed my chance to get the Rainforest of the Sea palette at its original price, but tarte has gone and released a new palette that I actually think I like even more! You can see a ton of photos and swatches here at Temptalia. I love the mix of mattes and shimmers, and I think that literally every part of this palette would suit me. I’ve mentioned before that palettes in this sort of brown-nude-pink are kind of like my cosmetic kryptonite – I can’t stop buying them even when I probably should expand my beauty warddrobe somewhat. But this palette just looks so perfect… ?

7. Custom Funko Pop! Commission by FocoCustom

FoCo Custom Funko Pop

I’m not a huge Funko Pop! collector – I’ve had a couple gifted to me, and the only one I’ve actually purchased for myself is Star-Lord. He’s currently sitting right by my computer monitor, wondering when the hell I’m going to finish cosmicing him in Marvel Heroes (I’ve left him languishing at like 30 for… months now. Thanks Blade & Soul!) and finish farming his achievement costume. You can just tell.

I think they’re adorable, but for various reasons my favorites generally don’t get selected for POP-ification. The upcoming Captain Marvel and She-Hulk POPs will be must-buys for me – as well as the likely inevitable Iron Fist once his Netflix series airs – and if I ever find Venom and Spidey 2099 for decent prices I’ll certainly grab them, but I don’t really expect to see Nova (well, Richard Rider – I can see a Sam Alexander one as a slim possibility), Human Torch, Booster Gold, Invisible Woman, M, or comic-variant Gamora anytime soon, you know?

FocoCustom does some really gorgeous work on his customs (check out this Jamie Reyes Blue Beetle, for one) so I’d love to someday get him/her to do at least one of my faves. The hardest choice would be who, though – I guess it would depend on who could be executed most affordably.

6. Moonlight In Heaven EDP from By Kilian

Moonlight in Heaven - By Kilian

By Kilian has produced some of my favorite scents – Flower of Immortality, for example, is absolutely god-tier for me. Even his scents that don’t work for me – Love is the main example that jumps to mind – are just a matter of taste, more of a “this is nice, but not me” rather than “oh no, ew” reaction. So Kilian has earned a certain amount of faith from me.

Moonlight in Heaven pings a lot of appealing notes for me: tonka bean is probably one of my, if not the, all-time favorite base notes for fragrances. Milky rice is a note that I don’t see often, but generally love when it does crop up. The fruity notes – lemon, grapefruit, mango, coconut – imply a balance, with the citrus likely keeping the tropical fruits from going too aloha and the tropics keeping the citrus from going too sharp. Vetiver and pink pepper should, one hopes, prevent the entire thing from ending up too sweet.

One of the reviews also notes that Moonlight in Heaven is extremely delicate, which is always a plus for me – I hate, hate, hate overbearing scents. Something lovely that people smell only if they lean in – that’s my holy grail.

Unfortunately, By Kilian fragrances operate at an unrealistic price point for me, so bottles are forever out of the question – but I’ll probably try to get at least a sample or a decant of the scent, eventually.

5. Melon & Mascarpone Kit Kat

I’ve seen a lot of incomprehensibly negative reactions to this announcement – I can only assume that people who think this sounds gross are not actually familiar with mascarpone cheese and think this is gonna be some Watermelon and Velveeta monstrosity or something. In reality, mascarpone cheese is a creamy, light, dessert cheese that is infamously paired with fruit and common in tons of desserts (it’s the cheese in tiramisu, for example) – thus muskmelon (whenever something from Japan is melon-flavored, it’s almost always muskmelon), white chocolate, and mascarpone makes perfect sense.

Here’s the description from KIT KAT’s Japanese site:

“KIT KAT Mini sandwiching powder of Hokkaido melon and mascarpone cheese between sweet wafers is covered in mild white chocolate. It features a mild sweetness of Hokkaido melon and a fresh taste of mascarpone cheese.”

I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty damn fantastic to me! I actually went ahead and did already buy this from an eBay importer, so definitely expect a review when it arrives. I’ve missed out on all the previous melon Kit Kats, I’m not letting this one pass me by!

4. The Saem Chocopie Hand Cream in Marshmallow

The Saem Chocopie Hand Cream

I stumbled onto this hand cream while price-checking It’s Skin Cookie Hand Creams (I got the Strawberry in a past Memebox and absolutely loved it – the Cookies & Cream version is on my hit list as well now) and instantly fell for the super-adorable packaging (seriously, it looks just like a chocolate moon pie!) and scent options (Marshmallow is my first pick, but Cookies & Cream also definitely appeals).

After some googling, it appears that this hand cream is both cute AND functional (here’s a good review from Yoo Ri), so I definitely need to try it! I’m planning to pick some up after I finish off my current hand cream.

3. Spring Breeze outfit from Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul Spring Breeze Costume - Yun

Sadly, this one’s locked behind one of those cash shop RNG chests with abysmal odds for the good stuff, so this isn’t very likely as I’m not feeling spamming a ton of chests for a .01% chance at the costume. But it would look so cute on my Yun Force Master – I love the stockings that only the Yun variant gets! In my opinion, that little touch makes it the best version of the outfit, by far.

2. Suvir Saran’s American Marsala Cookbook

American Marsala Cookbook

I’ve been a fan of Suvir Saran since he appeared on Top Chef Masters – I’ve been following him on Twitter/Facebook/Insta/Blog and drooling over the delicious photos and recipes he posts. I started putting pepper in my pizza crust based on his advice (do it!) and in general have just solidified my opinion that he and I must share a very similar palate – I don’t think I’ve ever seen him post anything that I’ve not reacted to with “yep, I wanna eat that!”

Yet somehow I’ve not actually obtained his American Marsala cookbook. With recipes like Tamarind-Glazed Turkey with Corn Bread–Jalapeño Stuffing and Pistachio-and-Cardamom Pound Cake with Lemon Icing (I’m telling you, I am on the biggest kick with both pistachio and cardamom lately!), it’s kind of shocking that I haven’t, actually, because they all sound soooo good.

Suvir is returning to NYC to open Tapestry, and the description and tentative menu both sound amazing, so he’s been on my mind the past few days. I need to make plans to both visit NYC (for more than just food, I swear – though Talde is also on my to-do list for sure) and finally pick up that cookbook (and probably his others as well, eventually).

ETA: Let me just take a minute to thank Mr. Saran for tweeting this post ? ☺️ That was really cool to see in my mentions!

1. Like, the entire shop inventory from Epically Epic Soap

Epically Epic Soap

I purchased the Vanilla Cardamom and Turkish Delight varieties of vegan lip balm from this shop a little over a month ago, and I fell in love HARD. The balms have fantastic texture, moisturization, and longevity, and the person creating the scents is clearly extremely talented – the flavors have absolutely perfect balance between their various notes! Expect a full review of the balms coming up soon, and probably eventually other stuff from the shop as well – because currently, I seriously have like 1/3 of the store inventory favorited on my Etsy account right now. I think my next purchases will involve the Madeleine & Lime Flower Tea Sugar Scrub, Peach Cardamom Cake and Mint Green Marshmallow lip balms, one of the Argan Oil Hair Mists, and at least one of the lip tints (thinking maybe Red Velvet Cake?)… and that’s me trying to limit myself. I’m not kidding about how much I want from this store!

So that about wraps it up for this month’s wishlist post! I hope you guys enjoyed this peek into my wants, and if any of you have purchased any of the above items, please let me know how you liked them so I can live vicariously through your purchases…


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