My First ColourPop Haul – with Swatches!

It finally happened: my very own ColourPop haul. Yes, I know I’m insanely behind the times with regards to ColourPop – I think it was because I wasn’t paying enough attention and all of the myriad articles comparing Kylie Jenner’s makeup to ColourPop shades linked the two in my mind. Even though they weren’t actually associated, I find Kylie’s makeup aesthetic to be so far from my taste (I’m trying to be diplomatic here – is it working?) that I kind of subconsciously wrote off ColourPop just based on that tenuous, subconscious link. Plus, you know, I’d held off on buying a lot of new makeup until I did my big destash-and-sell inventory check a few months ago – I was being responsible, yeah? Kind of?

It wasn’t until my beloved Jackie Aina posted a video with a temporary $5 off any order code that I actually decided to go give ColourPop a serious look. I grabbed a few things that immediately jumped out at me from the Jackie-recommended mini-page they had set up (Hammered, More Better, La La, and Come and Get It) – but what really grabbed my attention was the KaePop collab with Karreuche Tran. Yes, old news, I know. But new to me and very much right up my alley – I’d really been slacking on trying out the matte trend, and her nudes and berries and browns actually looked like they’d work on me and not make my lips look grey or washed out (as many of the more popular nude shades do, sadly). And Saigon… well, that would be a test of my daring, because before this order I only owned one kind-of-red lipstick, the MAC x Selena Dreaming of You shade – and that was a deep berry red, even still. I love how red lips look on others, but I’ve always kind of shied away from a true red on my own lips, just out of worry that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off!

I also ended up grabbing their lip primer – since I’d never used matte liquid lips before beyond one Tarte shade, I figured it might be better to be safe rather than sorry – and also netted some mini lippie stix from the ‘mini bar’ promotional area.

Even though I know these shades are not new and have been swatched all over the internet, I thought I’d also make this one of my very first full swatch posts – I mean, since I’m entering the current Western makeup era by finally getting on the Colourpop boat, I might as well also jump onto the swatch bandwagon as well, right? Plus, who knows – maybe my specific skintone with these shades will help someone.

For reference, my only perfect foundation matches are Tarte’s Light-Medium Honey (in winter and probably on my arms, since my arms are lighter than my face) and Medium Honey (if I’ve encountered too many unavoidable DEADLY LASER BEAMS in the summer). So I am a peachy-olive, light-medium type of coloring.

So, as you can see, this was a KaePop-heavy order. I bought almost every shade that Kae had a hand in at that point (she’s since released a further collab, the FemRosa collection), albeit skipping the lip pencils. I generally don’t line my lips, as I’m not a big fan of the harsh, overlined instagram lip look. Maybe because I have naturally large lips and I associate it with people trying to fake that, so I’m kind of like – why bother? I have read, though, that for some darker shades or certain formulations (ie mattes), it’s a good idea anyway. We’ll see if I feel like I need liner, I guess!

The order came with a cute little greeting card and an informational booklet.

Within the booklet, you get more information about what makes each product formulation unique from one another, as well as tips to change or preserve finish.

First, let’s look at the KaePop Super Shock Shadow Collection. This eyeshadow quartet gives you three mattes (Wilshire, Crenshaw, and Beverly) and one shimmery satin (Sunset Blvd). First of all, as an ex-Californian transplant living in the midwest, the LA street names make me happy. I approve of whoever (Kae or ColourPop) made that call!

Secondly, I swatched in both natural, midday light in my bedroom as well as artificial light in my bathroom – just for completion’s sake. Also, for clarity, these swatches are NOT over primer and were done with Too Faced brushes. Most are just two swipes blended to look even (because that’s what I’d do on my eyes), with the exception of Wilshire as it was melting into my skintone – I had to use like 4 swipes of Wilshire to get it to even show up on my skin, it’s that much of a match for me!

So here we go. First up, we’ve got Crenshaw and Beverly.

Crenshaw, in the pot, just looks like toasted peanut butter nuttiness to me – a warming yumminess.

Beverly was probably the shade I was (and am!) most excited for, because I didn’t have any matte purple-browns like this in my kit already. And sometimes you just don’t want to shimmer, you know?

Beverly & Crenshaw in natural light.

Beverly & Crenshaw in artificial light.

I felt they both applied pretty easily and smoothly and blended decently. You can see that the Crenshaw pot got more crumbles in it when I dipped my brush in compared to the Beverly pot, though.

Sunset Blvd is a not-overly-sparkly warm nude shimmer on me, definitely golden-toned.

Wilshire is, apparently, just me-toned. This is the shade that I had to use four (maybe five?) applications before it even showed up for the camera.

Wilshire & Sunset Blvd (and Beverly, peeking) in natural light.

Wilshire & Sunset Blvd (with Beverly and Crenshaw saying hi!) in artificial light.

Wilshire was more crumbly than Sunset Blvd, as you can see in the pans.

Here are all four KaePop eyeshadow shades in natural light.

…and all four KaePop shadows in artificial light.

Overall, I like them all – Crenshaw and Beverly are my favorites, but Sunset Blvd will make a nice subtle shimmer for me since it’s base is so close to my skintone, and Wilshire will be good for blending or a very natural look. They all applied and blended quite easily for me!

Next, let’s look at the KaePop Ultra Matte Lip Set…

This came in a pre-packed set. Interestingly, there is another shade called Kae, but rather than make the triplet set Kae-Rooch-Chi (her name, phonetically), they went for Chi-Rooch-Saigon. I wonder why?

Saigon is the shade that I’ll probably have to work up some nerve for – it’s lovely, but so bright for me!

Just like before, I swatched in natural and artificial lights. This photo is the natural light. I find it really interesting how much brown Chi brings out in the skin around its swatch, and how much pink Saigon brings out in its swatch area! Rooch seems a bit more neutral for me, but the undertone manipulation for Chi and Saigon was really striking to me. Power of makeup, right?

Chi, Rooch, and Saigon freshly swatched in artificial light…

…and here’s how they look once they’ve dried down (took about 5 minutes). Saigon ends up looking much less RED red than expected, so maybe I can pull it off!

Next up, the Ultra Glossy Lip colors from the KaePop collab.

These are very shiny and very sheer, and they all looked like extremely easy-to-wear shades for me for days I don’t want a bold lip look. I’ve actually been using Lychee Me as one of my daily go-tos already, actually. It’s a no-shimmery version of the OTHER caramel-y-nude, semi-sheer lipgloss that I’ve been wearing to death lately (LORAC’s Barboss-y, from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection, which I love love love on me as it’s very much a shimmery MLBB – remember when that was the ultimate goal? Old habits die hard, I guess).

So yeah, I’m a fan of these sheer glossies.

Here we have Stain, Fudg’d, and Lychee Me in natural light. Stain actually reminds me of a deep berry lipgloss I used to live in back in my late teens. I am so dating myself here, but I think it was from the brand Poppy – you know, back when that brand existed.

The artificial light swatches of Stain, Fudg’d, and Lychee Me.

I’m struggling not to make a terrible pun about really liking Lychee Me… so, moving on to the non-Kaerruche parts of this Colourpop haul!

I grabbed Hammered and La La as they were both selected as Jackie’s picks and both looked gorgeous and versatile for me.

Hammered is just breathtaking, IMO. I love gilded olive and green tones. Give me that Japanese beetle aesthetic!

La La looked like it would marry well with the KaePop shadows, and plus… yummy caramels are always nice to have on hand.

So here we have Hammered and La La in natural light. They’re pretty, but Hammered in particular benefits from more direct light in order to really…

…sparkle. Look at that! I love it, honestly. That’s a gorgeous olive green base and the golden shimmer is so pretty. La La also looks quite beautiful in the artificial light, I think.

Just as with the KaePop shadows, these were very easy to swatch. I’m really enjoying the Colourpop Super Shock Shadow formula so far.

I did buy one of their pressed shadows, as well – Come and Get It. I don’t remember if this one was on Jackie’s recommendation page or if it just popped up in my “you might also like…” section, but either way – I am a total sucker for a good peachy-pink-gold!

Look at that! Like peach gold buttah. Gorgeous.

Here it is in natural light – you can see the color shift from peachy-gold to rose-gold depending on angle and light.

While in artificial light, the golden sheen becomes more prominent.

Either way, I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s what I had hoped Tarte’s Pixie shade from the Make Believe in Yourself palette would be; don’t get me wrong, Pixie is lovely and I’m certainly enjoying that palette overall, but I wanted some golden peachy pink duochrome!

I also grabbed another Ultra Matte Lip, this one from Jackie Aina’s mini-page:

It’s More Better, and it looked like a lovely berry for me. Also, the name reminded me of Mora Bella, which was once upon a time my favorite perfume, so…

I was also able to select a mini lippie stix from the ‘mini bar’ at checkout, and selected Chateau.

Little did I know how similar they were!

While not identical, it’s nice that I ended up with two different finishes of the same basic medium-deep berry vibe, you know?

Natural light for those swatches, by the way.

And here we’ve got them in artificial light, where Chateau looks a teensy bit browner than More Better, but still very close. I guess I was really feeling a berry when I made this order, huh?

And then of course, I grabbed the lip primer as I’d heard it did wonderful things for the Ultra Matte Lips’ finish and longevity.

No swatch, because… well, it’s clear. But it does smell nice and sugary!

So overall, I think I made out pretty well – I don’t think that I ended up with anything that will look bad on my coloring. The only possible missteps were the almost-dupe berries… but since one was free and they’re wildly different formulas and finishes, I’m not seeing that as a loss. I’ll have to see how Wilshire works out in practice as well – if it keeps trying to melt into my skintone too much or if it will work with just some layering and blending.

I’m quite pleased with my first ColourPop haul – and happy about that, since I ended up grabbing some of the new Karreuche FemRosa collab (I managed to net the lip set and the blush palette, but the eyeshadow palette was long gone by the time I ordered) as well some of the slim-pickings of the annoyingly-limited Crushed Crystal collection. Seriously, can they please restock those primers and the Rose Quartz highlighter??? ??

There are no affiliate links present in this post, and everything was purchased by myself with my own money. However, there are affiliate links in the rest of the site – please read the site disclaimer for more info!

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