Polish Review: Excelsior Nails Romanoff

I stumbled onto pictures of this fun polish from Excelsior Nails on Tumblr, coincidentally a few days after I finally got around to watching the Avengers movie. It looked cute enough, so I decided to indulge my nerdy side and grab this. I’m so glad that I did!

Excelsior Nails - Romanoff

Excelsior Nails Romanoff is a megawatt sparkler inspired by Marvel Comics’ Black Widow superheroine (real name Natasha Romanoff, thus the polish’s name). If you love super sparkly polishes, you’ll be in heaven here. I seriously don’t think I’ve owned anything quite this brilliant! The base is a really nice red jelly-type, not too orangey, not too pinky, absolutely packed with sparkle and shimmer. It has matte black shards (to represent Natasha’s “Black Widow” identity/costume) and they come out quite easily – I didn’t have any issues with them sinking, they came out easily and evenly on their own.

I had to use three coats to get the coverage and intensity that I wanted. The first coat was very light and translucent and didn’t go on super smoothly, but once I hit the second and third coats it went on very smooth and glossy and evenly. This is not a “thirsty” polish, but you probably could have guessed that. One coat of topcoat was enough.

The polish lasted about a week on me without any chipping or shrinking (I used it with the Formula X base/topcoasts), though when it started to come off, it actually peeled more than chipped – as in the polish on my big toe came off in one complete piece while I was doing yoga. I don’t know if that has to do more with the Formula X system or Romanoff, though, since they’re both new products for me. It made removing the polish really easy, though, haha.Overall, I’m pleased! This is one of my better experiences with indie polishes and I’ll definitely be buying from Excelsior again. I loved the sparkle factor, I kept catching myself staring at my toes because it was so pretty.I also grabbed Danvers, Barton, and Frost, so I’ll try to review them soon! Once I get a camera, I’ll try to even include swatches like a real reviewer, haha. I’m hoping to treat myself to the new Kindle Fire phone for my birthday in August,  and it claims to be a good camera as well, so… here’s hoping!

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Jane Tennet
July 2, 2014
Thanks for the Link Back. XX
July 2, 2014
No problem! I actually really want that color after reading your post. Pastel purple is one of my favorite colors :L

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