Probably Obvious PSA: Domain Change!

So if you’ve been following me on social media at all, you already know that I changed both my instagram and twitter handles awhile back to reflect my peach mania. I also registered this domain, mostly because I just liked how it sounded and had kind of a vague idea for something to do with it – but after some more thought, I’m going to just use it as my blog domain. As fun as Mint Mairi was, I fucked up by choosing a name that isn’t super intuitive when it comes to spelling and type-ins. So today I’ve moved the site over to its new home here at ???

I’ve also switched web hosts at the same time. I’m hoping that we’ll all notice some performance boosts, as I was getting sick of all the downtime alerts that I’d been getting recently. I’ve moved to SiteGround, which has gained a pretty solid reputation lately – especially for hosting WordPress blogs. Their plans seemed quite generous, too, compared to what I was paying for with Namecheap before. I’m hoping that it works out well! If you’re interested in SiteGround, you can use the affiliate link in this post and net me some free hosting time if you seal the deal, by the way ?

I am also physically moving in real life this weekend, so the site’s gonna be in this sort of weird in-between limbo for a few days until I get my net set up there and can redesign the site’s look a bit to match its new domain. You know what that means, yeah? Get ready for peach, peach, peach mania!

Once I’m settled in and the site’s looking better, I have a few hauls to post (Sephora, TWO!! Luvmilk packages, Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual and some various K-Beauty goodies from eBay shops) as well as several product reviews that have been simmering for awhile (Shara Shara Green Apple Martini Pore Ampoule, Candy O’Lady Chewy Jelly Cleanser, several sheet masks, Skinfood Dragonfruit Sun Stamp, among many others…) and a few more Blade & Soul presets – all coming sooner rather than later, hopefully!

I also obtained a pretty rad deal on body composition analysis via Groupon, and am planning on doing an experiment where I get analyzed, do the PIIT28 & 28 Day Reset program from Blogilates, and then get analyzed again so I can share the results here in a write-up – so we can see the nitty gritty of how much that program changes me, both in measurements and in-depth. I’m a big fan of the Blogilates monthly calendar already, and have dabbled in PIIT28 before, but I’ve never committed to the 28 Day Reset before – I figured right when I’ve just moved and don’t have any extraneous foods in the house to derail me will be the optimal time to try it out, right?

(I also may have snagged a bunch of the Mermaid Popflex workout clothes as well when coming up with this whole plan… ?)

I think that’s about everything. Let me know if you find anything that’s broken, though – I’m already aware of missing images in a few posts, but I may be overlooking some other errors that could have hopped along for the ride when moving the site’s databases and files.

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

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