RéVive Intensité Volumizing Eye Serum Review

I’ve been a GLOSSYBOX member for about a year now (blame Jennifer for all her awesome sub box reviews), which means I’ve gotten to try out a lot of awesome products for very cheap.

Just yesterday I used up the very last drop of my RéVive Intensité Volumizing Eye Serum, which is a massively expensive eye serum featured in the Bergdorf’s-curated May 2014 Glossybox. The product promises, by way of some “bio-engineering, RES technology, cellular filling complex” mumbo-jumbo to:

– Visibly plumps and helps rebuild, re-contour and re-establish volume around the delicate eye area. Fills in visible deep under-eye “hollows” by plumping and smoothing skin.
– Significantly diminishes the look of dark circles, under eye-bags and crepiness.
– Helps regenerate the look of youthful skin and improve visible signs of aging by aiding in skin cell turnover.

RéVive Intensité Volumizing Eye Serum

It retails for an absolutely astounding $350 per .5 fl oz and comes in an understated opaque silver plastic pump-style tube. When I calculated that I was holding ~seventy dollars worth of product in my hand, I knew that I was going to start using said eye serum IMMEDIATELY and see if this super-expensive serum was the key to finally nuking my dark puffies. I’m one of those people who doesn’t quite wear their heart on their sleeve – rather, I wear my current status all over my skin. If I’m tired, sick, upset, headachey, sore – whatever, my skin will betray me and let everyone know. Puffy eyes, dark circles, sallow tones, dullness, breakouts – there’s a very real connection between how I feel and how my skin looks on any given day.

This spring and summer have featured a ton of headache-inducing fronts and storms for me, and it’s been showing under my eyes – I’m waking up with dark circles and puffiness far more than usual. You can imagine my excitement when this product showed up, right?

So… did it work? At all? Hit the jump to find out!

In a word: no.

I’ve used this for almost two months straight – from early May to the last day of June – morning and night, and I noticed absolutely zero benefit. My eyes did not appear “volumized” (sorry, that terminology just makes me lol), my undereye area was still raccoon-ish and puffy, and – worse of all – I actually noticed crepiness that I didn’t have before using this product!

Now, I’m approaching thirty. I understand that I’m quite blessed in that I really haven’t begun to age much, facially. Chalk it up to my oily complexion and the fact that I’ve used sufficient SPF and an good skincare routine since I was a pre-teen (thanks to my late Grandma who bullied instilled such habits into me at a young age), but while my friends are beginning to see some wrinkles and fine lines, I haven’t at all yet. Of course, maybe that’s some eye-in-the-beholder stuff on their part since I don’t really think of thirty as even remotely “old” and thus I’m not stressed out about it whereas some of the aforementioned friends definitely are feeling somewhat christmas cake-y, but yeah. Point being, crepiness and fine lines under my eyes were nowhere on my list of issues before using this product for about three weeks. However, I’ve noticed a weird textural change over the past two months that I really don’t like – my undereye skin seems thinner and I’ve noticed a fine line or two.

I’d say that this thin serum simply isn’t very hydrating or plumping, and that’s probably why my under-eye skin looks a bit worse – I’ve always made an attempt to ensure it’s moisturized just like the rest of my face, neck, etc.  The RéVive website isn’t particularly forthcoming about the precise ingredients at play her, so it’s possible that something in this serum is drying or irritating to my admittedly picky skin, and/or it’s just doesn’t have ENOUGH hydrating ingredients for my individual skin type. Whatever the cause, the end result is that I personally felt my under-eye area looked worse after two months of this product than it did before I started. When the product is $350 for half an ounce, “average with possible negative effects” really isn’t going to cut it. Sorry, RéVive.

Texturally, the serum is very thin – it’s a watery, slightly viscous fluid. It applies smoothly and is absorbed within a couple of minutes, though it does leave the under-eye area slightly shiny after drying. The biggest issue that this presents has to do with the packaging – of course, I’m going off the sample packaging here, but it appears that it was just a miniature duplicate of the normal version’s container, so I’m going to review it because, to me, this packaging definitely contributes to the “why Mint wouldn’t repurchase this product” checklist.

The package is opaque plastic with a silver coating. Eventually, the silver coating does begin to flake off – it’s a strangely cheap effect for such an overpriced product. I do appreciate the opaque container and the pump, though – I hate when eye creams/serums are packed otherwise as it can be unhygienic or even result in destabilizing some ingredients. However, the problem here is that it’s next to impossible to get the pump to give you the right amount of product. It really, really wants to give you about 2-3x the amount of serum you actually need. I tried pumping as gently as possible, and I still ended up with way too much serum dispensed. Once again, this product is insanely expensive. Such wasteful packaging at this price point? NAGL, to say the least.

I did try to apply the amount of serum that the pump so desperately insisted on giving me, but I found that it didn’t absorb very well at that level and, due to the product’s runniness, actually spread to my upper cheeks/bridge of my nose and clogged the pores there.

So overall, I was quite disenchanted by this product. Apologies to my beloved Glossybox, but this actually had the exact opposite of the intended effect – I don’t think I’d be interested in trying any other RéVive products after this experience.Unfortunately, RéVive Intensité Volumizing Eye Serum is a product that I cannot recommend.

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As covered in the site disclaimer, affiliate links are present in this post – thanks a ton if you use any of them to make purchases!

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