& eBay Haul: More Asian Beauty Products (Featuring Photos, Descriptions & Mini Reviews)!

Apparently the mail service tapped into the speed force this month, because most of my overseas purchases from the last week of July have somehow arrived already! Usually it takes about 3-4 weeks for me to receive packages from Asia. Well, I’m not complaining! It’s been great fun having so much mail these past few weeks between my Etsy buys and now these all these earlier-than-expected packages~

Sasa August 2014 Haul

So this haul is from various eBay sellers and, a well known place to buy Asian products online. As you can see, I got a decent range of Asian beauty products this time around – sunscreen, sheet masks, lipsticks, BB cream, etc.

Want specifics and some serious TL;DR about my product choices? Like you had to ask! Just click the read more~


First up is the infamous Biore SPF 50+ PA+++ Watery Essence Water Base Sunscreen. If you’ve looked into Asian sunscreens at all, you’ve probably run into about ten billion bloggers singing the praises of this stuff! I’m almost out of my Sunkiller BB, and while I do love it, the siren call of this so-called “perfect” sunscreen was impossible to resist. I have it on today and so far, I’m totally getting why it’s got so much hype. It really applies amazingly! Light, watery, with a velvety-smooth finish. Incredible. I obviously need to keep using it and make sure I have no reactions as well as test it over various makeups and such, but so far I am really impressed.

Next to the sunscreen is Skinfood’s Sugar Hand Cream. I wash my hands a ton – it’s a habit I got into when I worked at a hospital pharmacy, and I’ve kept it up ever since. I literally wash my hands after any contact with my pets, before/after handling food even if it’s just taking stuff out of the fridge and pouring creamer or something, opening mail or any packaging, anything. I tend to get sick really easily – my immune system just doesn’t put up much of a fight, basically if I’m exposed to something it’s just a matter of time before I catch it – so I just really got into the habit of erring on the side of caution. Unfortunately, this means my hands get dry really fast. Since I spent a lot of my time using computers, tablets, etc, I need a hand cream that moisturizes without taking fifty years to absorb – and anything that leaves sticky residue that can then transfer to my gadgets is obviously a no-go. So far, this hand cream seems to fit the bill: while it applies sticky, it sinks in and smooths out very quickly. The scent is a juicy grapefruit with an almost pine undercurrent – really fresh and pleasant. I’ll do a full review after I’ve used it for a longer period of time, but thus far it’s looking promising for sure.

Both the Skinfood hand cream and the Biore sunscreen were purchased from Sasa.

The other items are just some Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream samples from love-youl – I’m always happy when sellers give multiple packets of the same product, as it lets me give the product a good testing period. I’m still trying to find my perfect BB, so maybe this one could be a contender…?

Masks & Patches

Next up, we have an assortment of sheet masks and patches.

I’ve purchased the Etude House AC Clinic Intense Sheet Mask because I’ve been really pleased with the Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spotset. I figure I’ll try this during my next that-time-of-the-month inevitable outbreak and see if it helps at all.

Nexcare Hydrocolloid Patches are seriously addicting. If you take weird pleasure in using pore strips, you’d love these too, haha. Basically, you put them on a blemish that’s at a head/at that stage where it pops by itself before you go to bed, and then in the morning you’ll see that the bandage has sucked out a ton of the infected pus from the pimple. They also keeps the inflamed area protected and clean, which is helpful.

To be frank, though, they don’t really do much (in my experience) unless your zit is already at the point where it’s come to a head and would pop if you just gently pressed or something – for blemishes that aren’t quite as inflamed or far along the process as those, you’d want patches more along the lines of the Innisfree Jeju Bija Anti-Trouble Spot Patch or Etude House AC Clinic Intense Pink Powder Spot Patches (the latter is not pictured since I already opened and started using them before I remembered to take these photos – oops). This type of acne control patch is meant to cover and protect the inflamed blemish while applying a spot treatment as well. The Etude House patches work really well, I had a chin spot that went flat overnight after using one of these babies! I haven’t tried the Innisfree patches yet since I don’t like to have tons of similar products open at the same time, but I only have one sheet of the Etude patches so I’m sure I’ll get around to them soon.

The Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask and Etude House Pomegranate Sheet Mask were freebie samples, from ehappyidea and etudehouse-korea, respectively.


Aaand now for the makeup goodies! Man, all the shiny things in this picture did not want to play nice with my camera. I tried to improve it afterwards but this is about as good as my limited correction abilities were able to do… I’m still not really adept at photo editing, obviously.

I’m glad that products from Etude House’s Sweet Recipe line are still available, because I really think the concept and packaging for those items is just amazingly awesome. I bought the Etude House Sweet Recipe Cup Cake All Over Color in Peach Sugar Cake because I’ve been wanting a good peach color for my cheeks and lips. OMG, this really smells just like a sweet peach! I haven’t tried it yet, just smelled it like 50 times :X

I’d mentioned earlier that I’d ordered more Holika Holika lipsticks, and here they are: Holika Holika Heartful Glossy Lipstick in Honey Beige (this is the unboxed/opened color in the image) and Holika Holika Heartful Glossy Lipstick in Smoky Pink. Now that I’ve received all three of my Heartful lippies, I plan on doing swatches/reviews soon.

The last lip product here is the Skinfood Tomato Jelly Lip Tint in #1 Cherry Tomato. I just thought it looked like a really nice red, not too strong, to ease me into trying true reds on my lips.

And here’s the Holika Holika Petit BB in Essential SPF 30/PA++ that I’ve mentioned a few times in discussions on /r/AsianBeauty – unfortunately, this product and I don’t get along. I have pics for a full review taken already, so I won’t say everything here, but the TL;DR is that something in this formula really irritates my skin. There are things I like about it for sure, but it really makes my skin unhappy so I don’t think I can continue using this particular BB cream.


Last but not least, I decided to try a few more items from Garnier’s Sakura White line, specifically the Pinkish Radiance Essence Lotion and the Pinkish Radiance Moisturizing Cream SPF21/PA+++. I’m currently using the gentle face wash and I like it well enough that I wanted to see what the other products could do for me. I’m going to try the full line together, I think, so I won’t be using these until I finish my current essence… probably another month or two. It’s in an opaque bottle so it’s kind of hard to tell!

That wraps up this haul! I hope you enjoyed my post, sorry if I got a little long-winded… I guess I’m still just really enjoying having a place to talk talk talk about my beauty buys since it’s a little off-putting to go on rants about lipstick IRL, I think.

I purchased these items from the following places:

  • (Garnier Sakura White products, Biore sunscreen, Skinfood hand cream, Nexcare patches)
  • etudehouse-korea (Etude House AC Clinic items)
  • ehappyidea (Innisfree patches)
  • love-youl (Holika Holika lipsticks/BB cream and Etude House peach all-over color)
  • biz-inside (Skinfood lip tint)

While there are affiliate links present in this post, I am not sponsored by the individual sellers that I’ve mentioned here. I purchased all these items on my own, with my own money. Please see the site disclaimer for more information on affiliate links!


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