Superbox #54 Pinkaholic Memebox Review & Unboxing

I know, I know. I’m really behind on my Memebox review posts, largely because I just haven’t had the drive for beauty blogging lately. On the bright side, this means that I’ve actually had a chance to use a couple of these products for a month-ish already, so full reviews will be incoming & I can give a better overview of them in this post.

Today’s unboxing will by the Superbox # 54 Pinkaholic Memebox review. Here’s the premise of the box, according to Memebox’s site:

Life is so much better in shades of pink!

Pink cotton candy clouds, baby pink lips, happy pink balloons, little presents with big pink bows, bubbly pink champagnes, sweet pink peas… at Memebox we’re so obsessed with all things pink!

If you’re a fellow pinkholic, this is the box for you! Filled with every shade of pink that you can possibly imagine, and all lovely pink-y things, this box is an explosion of pretty, pink beauty things that will surely satisfy all you pink manias!

I’ve always loved pink (when I was little, I often told people that my favorite color was “cotton pink” which apparently confused my mother to no end – but I meant, like, cotton candy, you know?) and obviously, if you’ve been reading my blog here, you know that I love cute packaging. So I was instantly sold on this particular superbox as soon as I saw the listing!

first look

Here’s the first look. The hot pink Memebox packaging really suits this box, you know? If you’ve never received a Memebox before, they come shipped in BRIGHT PINK bubble mailers and then a hot pink box within the mailer. I love it!

pinkaholic memebox

…And here’s everything laid out and unboxed. It really is a whole lotta pink products, eh? I personally think they did a really good job and selecting products that were PINK PINK PINK yet still very functional and useful.

Let’s get down to the blow-by-blows for each product. As always, if you’re viewing this from the main page, please click the read more to see the entire post!

First off, here’s the front and back of the enclosed information card. I’ll be transcribing the descriptions and product info for each item, but if you wanted to see the card itself as well, here you go!

insobeau cleansing water

INSOBEAU Perfect Deep Clean One-Step Cleansing Water (Full Size)

Enriched with tangerine peel, lemon balm, and various vitamin infused extracts, this One-Step Cleansing Water cleanses away makeup, residues and dead skin cells while soothing, moisturizing, and protecting the skin at the same time. Say goodbye to tedious cleansing with this one step cleansing miracle!

How to use: Soak a cotton pad with the Cleansing Water and gently wipe it all over your face, moving in and inward-outward direction. Use a cotton tip for cleansing eye areas.

Full Size: $22 for 200 mL

This has turned out to be my favorite product from this box and I’ve started using it daily. As it says above, it’s a gentle cleansing water. I don’t find it quite robust enough to remove waterproof makeup and sunscreen all the way, so at night I still do my oil-and-MRCS routine, but I’ve replaced my morning wash with this product. I have oily enough skin that I can’t get away with not washing my face in the morning (despite how many people will argue that nobody needs to wash their face after waking up, that’s a fast track to breakouts and greasy skin for me… trust me, I’ve tried), but obviously I don’t need to be as deep-cleaning in the AM since I’m just washing off night treatments and natural oil build-up rather than sunscreen, sweat, and all the other grime that can accumulate just from being around modern life.

This is a quick and easy solution, as it cleans enough that I won’t get greasy or break out due to oil/product build-up, but it’s gentle and doesn’t strip my skin. It also measured at a pH of 5.5, so it’s a really lovely, gentle way to start my day’s skincare!

I’ll do a full review of this soon, including makeup/SPF removal tests, but for now I’ll just say that I’m really loving this product!

pink cream

Secret Key Color Recipe The Pink Cream (Full Size)

Secret Key’s Color Recipe The Pink Cream specifically targets fine wrinkles and lines on your face and works to tighten and lift up dry, sagging skin for a more youthful, healthier-looking complexion.

How to use: After toner application, take an adequate amount of the Pink Cream and gently massage it all over your face until the capsules from the cream pop and absorbs completely into the skin.

Full Size: 55g for $34

I was bad and opened this even though I’m not going to use it yet – I’m currently testing out that Shara Shara Sake Ceramide Cream that I bought for the winter, and barring any disasters (knock on wood), I’ll want to use that up before I move on to another face cream.

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I will say, though, that the texture of this cream is really pleasant! It’s a light pink gel with little beads and it went on really smooth and absorbed quickly when I tested it on my hand. It says it’s for dry skin, so I’ll give it a shot next since it will still be winter when I need a new face cream next (plus I’m using a PocketDerm prescription cream now with tretinoin, and I’ve read advice saying that it’s best to treat your skin as if it’s dry as soon as you start using retinoids like that).

glow glow balm

AWESOME Glow Glow Balm

This ultra hydrating and soothing balm made with argan, olive, macadamia oils delivers soothing hydration wherever you need it. With its concentrated formula, a little goes a long way. It balances the moisture levels in the skin, and gives skin a healthy, glowing sheen. It can be used together with a facial cream for extra moisture and glow, and it can also be used in place of a lip balm, a hand cream, and a highlighter.

How to use: After cleansing and toning the skin, apply a small amount of balm onto the skin and massage into dry areas.

Full Size: 45g for $42

This is another product that’s seen a decent amount of use from me. Even if it’s too thick and occlusive for me to feel comfortable putting it on my face, it does work really well on lips, as a cuticle cream, and as a highlighter. I’d like it more as a hand cream if it wasn’t so… bling-y. I’ve got photos taken for a review, so you’ll see what I mean, but it’s serious Emma Frost diamond-skin levels of shimmery if you try and use it as a hand cream. I’d imagine that would be really fun for kids, but I think I’ll pass on the Twilight-vamp sparkle for my skin!

That same shimmer does make it a pretty lip balm, though!

EDIT: I’ve posted my full review of this product, with swatches included – you can read it here!

glossy fit crayon

Style Y Glossy Pit Crayon Lipstick – 01 Strawberry (Full Size)

Style Y’s Glossy Pit Crayon Lipstick smoothly glides onto the lip, leaving a clear, glossy texture that makes your lips looking moist, supple, and radiant.

Full Size: 1 crayon for $11

I’m skipping the “how to use” section because there was clearly an error when printing the cards – it talks about a blush, not a lip color.

There’s not much to say about this item – it’s a pretty pink lip crayon. Nothing ground-breaking, but nice to add to your makeup arsenal if you didn’t have something similar already. I’ll be posting swatches of the three makeup products after their write-ups, so you’ll be able to see the texture and color better than I could describe it with words!

Though I do have to wonder… “Glossy Pit”? Why on earth is it called “Glossy Pit”?? That just makes me think of shiny underarms…

eye crayon

Style Y Color Fit Bling Bling Auto Crayon Shadow – 01 Pink (Full Size)

This auto-type Crayon shadow applies easily and smoothly onto the eyelids with a creamy texture and long-lasting finish. It’ll add that extra sparkling color and shimmering pink pearls fit for a lovely pink eye makeup.

How to use: Softly draw onto your eyelids and use a shadow brush or your finger to blend it in naturally.

Full Size: 1 .5g crayon for $9

I’d actually been eyeing a shimmery pink cream shadow before this box showed up, so this saved me a bit of money! It’s a really pretty peachy-gold sparkler of a shade – while it’s clearly not wearable for day-to-day wear by virtue of simply being too glittery, I think it would be really nice for special occasions and/or nights out.

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both crayons

Here’s a view of the crayons with the product swiveled up a bit. You can really see the gold shimmer in the peachy-pink base for the eye crayon, but the lip crayon looks significantly peachier than it does when you actually apply the color to your lips.

Look below for the swatches to see what I’m talking about:


In order, you have one swipe and then two swipes of the eye crayon, and then one swipe, two swipes of the lip color. The lip crayon looks a lot pinker and less peach when actually swatched, right? I think it’s a really pretty color, myself, and it will flatter a lot of people.

As for the eye crayon, well, I’m just a sucker for peachy-pinky-gold shades… so I obviously like it!

aurora liquid

Shara Shara Aurora Liquid Highlighter – 01 Pink (Full Size)

Shara Shara’s infamous ethereal pink liquid highlighter creates a radiantly dewy complexion and adds a soft natural afterglow. Dab this shimmering pink illuminator on the highest points of the face for an angelic sheen!

How to use: Before or after makeup application, use a brush or your finger to blend in a small amount of the highlighter along your T-Zone, under-eyes, and over cheekbones.

Full Size: 9g for $8

I’ve really been enjoying the inclusion of Shara Shara in recent boxes, because I’ve been really curious about the brand – they have such cute packaging and a lot of their products really appeal to me, but they’re practically unheard of in the English-language blogging community. Apparently this liquid highlighter is “infamous”, though, so I guess we’ve been missing out on the hype…?

The very first non-drugstore makeup item that I ever bought was a Stila liquid highlighter for my… junior prom, I think. I don’t have as much cause to shimmer and sparkle nowadays, but having highlighters in my makeup bag still makes me remember how excited I was when my mom treated me to that first one! Plus, this bottle is so cute. It’s one of those items where even though I’ll realistically only reach for it like, once or twice a year tops, it’ll make me happy to see its pinky cuteness on my vanity, you know?

Here’s a swatch of the highlighter:

aurora swatch

Right is unblended, left is blended. You probably didn’t need me to tell you that, huh? It’s a really gorgeous color, though, I think. If you use highlighters a lot, I could see being really in love with this one – it blended really easily and didn’t get all goopy, plus the color’s just lovely – and importantly, IMO, it retains the color even when blended rather than just ending up like some silver glitter. I’ve had highlighter products before that lost their supposed color and just turned to boring silver shimmer when blended, even when they were supposed to be pink or lavender… sigh.

laid out


This is easily one of my favorite Memeboxes that I’ve received. Honestly, just the cleansing water alone would have made it worthwhile for me, but I also got some pretty pink makeup, an interesting balm that makes for a nice cuticle/lip balm, and a really promising moisturizer as well! It’s got stiff competition for “all time favorite” but it’s definitely a box that made me very happy that I gave into my impulses and snapped it up before it sold out.

So, did you get the Pinkaholic box? What did you think about it? What other new Memeboxes have you ordered lately? I’m still (mostly) managing to stick to my no-buy, pumpkin pie aside, so let me live through your boxes! Link me to unboxings and stuff in the comments if you have them!

Obviously, there are referral links present in this post. Lots of them, haha. Please visit the site disclaimer for more information, and THANK YOU if you choose to buy anything via these links – I love you much!


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    Memebox definitely stuck to the theme very well! I thought that as a color specific box, they would focus mostly makeup, but they have a nice variety of items. How does the Glow! Glow! balm work as a highlighter?

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      I finally got around to reviewing the Glow Glow Balm here, so I hope the photos give you an okay idea of how it would be as a highlighter 🙂

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