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Sub Box Deal: $4/Month Bulu Box Coupon

First of all, if you’re unfamiliar with Bulu Box, it’s a subscription box service that focuses on health and fitness items. You can choose between the normal Bulu Box and a variation that focuses on weight loss products.

Here’s a cheesy promotional video:

I actually found it more helpful to just read some people’s reviews of what they got in various Bulu Boxes – here’s a couple that I looked at:
Ramblings of a Suburban Mom’s Bulu Category
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Anyhow, I’ve never personally received a Bulu Box before because for me, $10 a month for mostly samples (though it looks like they do toss in some hefty gift cards every so often) just isn’t quite worth it. I love trying new supplements and workout products, it’s true, but the $10 price point just seemed a bit too much for what was given.


However, today Amazon Local put up a Bulu Box coupon deal, which brings the price down a LOT and made Bulu Box finally something I could justify trying out!

Basically, it’s a prepaid voucher for your choice of subscription lengths:
$15 for 3 months (so $5 per box)
$29 for 6 months ($4.83 per box)
$49 for 12 months ($4.08 per box)

Once you purchase via Amazon Local, you’re instantly given a voucher that you can go to the Bulu website, pick your box, and apply the code in place of any payment info (they don’t take your credit card info or anything, so you don’t have to worry about auto rebills). Easy peasy.

Now, at $4 per month I can totally see the value. So I’ve personally grabbed the 12 month voucher, but I thought I’d be nice and pass it on just in case anyone else has, like me, been kinda curious about Bulu but holding off due to the normal price.

Don’t worry, I plan on reviewing my boxes when I get them! I selected the weight loss variety since I’m trying to lose about ten pounds right now. My metabolism is total crap so I pretty much have to lose weight slooooowly because when I calculated anything more than a 1/2 pound loss per week, it would spit out something like 800 calories per day. Uh… no bueno. So we’ll see if Bulu can deliver any secret weapons on that front!

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