Coach Poppy Flower Review

I’ve noticed quite a few people searching for “perfume” or “fragrance” in my logs, so I figure it’s time to deliver some reviews on the topic!

I’ll be up-front and say that I am really, really, really picky about perfume. I’ve tried probably hundreds of fragrances (yeah, I’m that type who does sample orders from Lucky Scent
and other similar outlets), but I think I can name maybe 10 perfumes that I’ve liked enough to actually buy a bottle.

Coach Poppy Flower

Coach Poppy Flower is one of my recent favorites, and it’s also unusual in that I actually purchased a full-sized bottle, unsniffed and totally on impulse. Sephora had it discounted – it doesn’t seem to be officially discontinued as it’s still on the Coach website, so I assume that Sephora just didn’t think it moved well enough to keep it in stock – and the price plus Sephora’s rad return policy allowed me to justify taking the plunge. I’d already received a GWP mini of the original Coach Poppy and liked it, and Poppy Flower’s notes sounded even more appealing:

It opens with citrusy notes, wet ivy, black currant and litchi. Fruits serve as an introduction to the heart of jasmine, rose, water lily, peony and sugared raspberries, fading into the background of amber wood, sandalwood, apricot skin and musk.

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