Debaucherous Lip Balm Review: Orxata & Green Mango

When I first received my Debaucherous order, I posted some photos and initial thoughts with a promise of individual reviews soon to come. It’s been about two weeks since then, so I feel comfortable giving my opinion on the lip balms, which I’ve been using every day since they arrived.

Debaucherous Lip Balms

As I mentioned in the other post, I purchased two flavors, Orxata and Green Mango.

Orxata is a limited edition described as “Ground rice, milk, sugar and cinnamon” – it’s meant to evoke the yummy Spanish drink known as horchata/orxata. To my nose, it definitely succeeds! It’s a warm creaminess, with notes of vanilla and rice milk, and just a tad of heat from the cinnamon – not so much that you’ll end up with irritated or red lips, thank goodness. If you like sweet, food-y, dessertish scents you’ll probably love Orxata! This is an absolutely perfect fall/winter balm, in my opinion.

Green Mango, on the other hand, is all summer. The scent description for this one is “Green mangoes from the Philippines blended with lime margarita.” I picked this one hoping that it would be refreshing and not too sweet, and it turned out to be just that exactly. The mango is very green and not too ripe smelling – my problem with most “mango” scented bath & body products is that they go for such a sickly sweet note that, to my nose, it just makes me think of mangoes that have been left too long and have gone so overripe as to be… not really appetizing anymore. So I’m really happy to find a mango balm that avoids that pitfall and actually delivers a truer mango scent. The addition of the lime elevates it, giving it an extra dash of zest. Really, really loving this one – it’s my favorite of the two.

Now let’s talk about the formula! The Debaucherous Etsy shop says this about their balms:

A delightful blend that includes Virgin Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter, Avocado Oil, Carnauba and Candelila wax and Vitamin E. Lightly sweetened.

The use of the word “includes” makes me think that this isn’t a full and precise ingredients list, I expect to avoid copycats. The owner does say elsewhere that they’re vegan, and I suppose that if you have any serious allergies you could send a message asking about their presence before you order.

The balm texture is very smooth, and it melts like buttah. No, seriously, this balm melts VERY easily – if you live anywhere with hot weather, you’ll want to be careful when applying the balm – if you apply too quickly/vigorously, you might end up with a big ol’ chunk of the balm melted off, far more than you actually need. The way around this is to only twist up just enough balm, that way you don’t risk melting off way more than you wanted just by virtue of the warm air + your lips’ natural body temperature.


Once applied, the balm is quite glossy. You can see in the image above – my lips are bare beyond a fresh application of the Orxata balm. No other added color or gloss, that’s just how the lip balm looks all on its own!

The balm doesn’t fully absorb, rather, it seems that some of the moisturizing ingredients penetrate while others sit on your lips to give shine and protection. It’s not waxy by any means – so this isn’t one of those gross “feels like a wax seal on my mouth” balms. It’s also not one of those thin balms that absorbs super fast and leaves you needing to reapply every ten minutes. There’s a happy medium here, meaning that you’ll get hydration and shine for a few hours before you need to reapply.

For some more in-depth talk about the balms, how they apply with lip color, and more, hit the read more!
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Bite-Sized Debaucherous Bath & Body Review + Photos!

Last month I ordered some goodies from Debaucherous Bath & Body (their Etsy store is here if you prefer shopping that way) and my items arrived yesterday, so I thought I’d snap some quick photos to show ’em off.


My order was primarily for body scrubs, since I’d finally used up to last of my (sadly discontinued along with the rest of the flawless Spa Japan line, QQ) Adzuki Bean & Rice Washing Grains from The Body Shop and needed to find a new scrub to love. Debaucherous has some really interesting-sounding scents, and the inclusion of rice bran and sunflower oils + shea butter really appealed to me. While I can’t use shea butter in face products because it clogs me, I do love it on my body & lips! Rice bran and sunflower oils are also some of my favorites for body products – they tend to absorb easily for me and leave my skin sooo soft. I think the only oil I like better is sesame! I’m also fond of sugar scrubs as they tend to dissolve easily (be kind to your drains, people!) and don’t burn like salt scrubs if I want to use them after shaving my legs/bikini area. So, with all those points in mind, I decided to give DB&B’s “Bubbling Scrub” a shot.


I purchased one full-size scrub in the scent that most interested me, Mad Hatter Tea Cakes. From the product’s listing, the scent description is as follows:

Russian tea cakes served with freshly brewed earl grey tea spiked with aged rum, marshmallows and sugar cookies.

I’m a big fan of Earl Grey tea, and the sugary cookie/rum notes sounded like a fun addition. I haven’t actually used the scrub yet, so I’m not going to give a proper review just yet – however, for the curious, here’s a zoom-in of the scrub’s texture:


I also purchased a sample size of the bubbling scrub in a different scent, Lucy Chiffon. It’s pictured here with the freebie perfume sample that the owner threw in with my order!


Lucy Chiffon: Tart Lemons, Raw Sugar Cane, White Cake with a Gardenia flavored cream filling.

Caterpillars Smoking Pipe: Sweet tobacco, black amber, damask rose, vanilla deadwood, petals of dying gardenias and olibanum.

The Lucy Chiffon scent sounded really pleasant – I love how Gardenia can give a really pleasant floral creaminess to fragrance blends, and lemon/sugar cane is one of my favorite combinations ever (think Fresh’s Sugar and Sugar Lemon lines – I looove those). Once again, I haven’t actually tried this so I can’t give a review of how it actually smells in-shower.

As for the perfume sample – I’m generally not a fan of tobacco/pipe smells; chalk it up to the fact that actual tobacco smoke from cigars & cigarettes gives me sinus infections & also acts as a major migraine trigger for me. Too many bad connotations for me to ever enjoy the smell, unfortunately. So while I expect the owner picked it as my sample because of the gardenia and vanilla notes were present in a lot of my other scent picks, in the end I really wasn’t excited by this scent selection. I took a whiff anyhow – thankfully, the amber and floral notes seem to be the standouts here. I don’t think I’ll be trying it, though, just in case my skin chemistry amps up the tobacco note. I’ll probably pass this sample on to a friend who doesn’t have my allergies & issues, but please don’t take that as a judgement of the fragrance itself. I appreciate the effort she made to give me a scent that contains some of the notes that I picked in other blends, though!

Lastly, I bought a couple lip balms, because I go through lip balm at the speed of light so I’m always looking for new favorites in this category!


I bought two flavors:

Green Mango: Green mangoes from the Philippines blended with lime margarita.

Orxata: Also known as horchata; Ground rice, milk, sugar and cinnamon.

Her lip balms contain a really alluring mix of moisturizing ingredients: coconut, sweet almond, and avocado oils, shea and cocoa butters, vitamin e, and candelila and carnauba waxes. The end result is that they melt very easily into your lips (you can see in the photo how much the freshly opened balm had melted just from being at room temperature – around 78 degreens fahrenheit – in my house) and do seem to hydrate very well. I’ll want to use these for a couple weeks before I do an actual review, though, since I’ve had some balms start out nicely and then give me irritation after a week or so of constant use (hi, Eos and LUSH lip balms!).

I can say, though, that they feel great on, don’t need constant reapplication, and the scents are lovely without being overpowering. Expect a proper review later once I’ve made sure that I don’t have any negative reactions. The Orxata in particular would be really great during the cooler months as it really smells fall/wintery to me. Green Mango is a great fruity scent that isn’t sickeningly sweet, which is exactly what I was hoping!

I’m really excited to try the scrubs! Expect full reviews of all the products in a few weeks, once I’ve had time to use everything for awhile, but until then I hope you liked my mini Debaucherous Bath & Body review, haha! I suppose “first thoughts” would be more appropriate?

Have you tried anything from Debaucherous Bath & Body before? What did you think?