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Etude House Collagen Moistfull Freshener Review

I’ve been meaning to write my Etude House Collagen Moistfull Freshener review for ages now, but I kept getting distracted by other products. My bottle is finally giving up the ghost after four months of daily use, so I figured that I’d better my butt in gear and take photos for a review before it was all gone!

etude house moistfull collagen freshener

According to the new English-language Etude House website (which calls this product “Moistfull Collagen Skin” rather than Freshener or Toner, just as a PSA), this is a “Mild facial toner with rich texture gently removes facial residues while supplying collagen and moisture to improve complexion health and look.”

Full review past the read more!

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Etude House Baby Pudding Pact Review

I feel like this is becoming my own personal plotline, but today’s review is yet another instance of just how vulnerable I am to cosmetics marketed via food/dessert associations.

I stumbled onto the Etude House Baby Pudding Pact (SPF 33+ PA++) on eBay, and the name and packaging alone had me running to look for reviews. I didn’t find any, so after thinking about it for a few days, I eventually took the plunge and justified it by saying that SOMEONE needed to review it, so why not me?

(Note: I purchased this in early August; since then, my Google-fu reveals two reviews have popped up – here and here. If you’re interested in this product, I recommend checking them out as well!)


I purchased this item in W13, which is the darker shade. It’s pretty much a reflex at this point, since so many companies only offer two shades and I usually only have a chance at matching the second, slightly darker (and usually somewhat yellower) shade. The first shade is called NO2, and you can see from this graphic that it’s meant to be much, much lighter than W13.


If you’re interested in seeing swatches, a coverage test, and my overall thoughts on this product, hit the read more!

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Massive Rose Rose Shop & Tester Korea Asian Beauty Haul!

Last month, both Rose Rose Shop and Tester Korea had some decent sales – and TK in particular had the coveted SU:M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick in stock for only $3 markup over retail – so I ended up splurging big time. The boxes arrived within two days of each other, so the end result was a gigantic Asian beauty haul! Between this and my upcoming Memeboxes, I’m pretty much set with buying new skincare stuff for awhile, I think. I also included a lot of sample packs in both orders so that I could try a bunch of new items without breaking the bank (or risking a bunch of dud products), so I’ll have a lot to review in the upcoming months even if I manage to stick to my skincare no-buy plans for the rest of the year!


A few things are missing (like my OST Vitamin C serum, as I’d already opened it and forgot to pull it out of the fridge for pictures) or my Skinfood Trouble Clear Spot Patches as I’d already used up half the box by the time I decided to do this haul post. But you can still see that this was a big batch of beauty! I’m very excited as I managed to get some items that I’d really been ogling for months for really nice prices.

Let’s take a look at all the goodies after the cut!

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Sample Stash Quickie: Etude House Sparkling Tocs All-in-One Gel Review

My Sample Stash Quickie Reviews are pretty much just as they say on the tin – reviews where I try out sample(s) of a product and then give my basic, initial thoughts. They obviously won’t be as in-depth as reviews where I’ve been able to use a product for weeks or even months, which I usually prefer, but my hope is that they will still be helpful to people who are looking for any information and thoughts on the reviewed product.

In July, I bought a few things from rinishop and received a stack of Etude House Sparkling Tocs All-in-One Gel samples along with my order.

Etude House Sparkling Tocs Gel

I did a ton of Googling to try and figure out precisely WHAT this product was supposed to do, and found only about ~2 reviews. It turns out that the gel is meant to be a sort of ‘purifying/clarifying’ treatment that you use in place of your normal skincare for one week each month. Of the two reviews, one was a video that said it worked for her despite being somewhat drying, and another one said that it broke her out and was gross and sticky. So… a 50/50 divide, haha. I decided then that I’d use up all my samples the next time that I had a sort of ‘open spot’ in my trying new skincare schedule (basically, not on my period because I don’t want hormonal breakouts to confuse the results, and not too close to any other new products or reactions because I want to be able to easily tell what results come from which new products).

Last week it was finally time, I was pretty excited because hey – it’s always fun to entertain the possibility of a miracle product, even if realistically you know that it won’t/can’t live up to its promises.

As it turned out, each sample had enough for one application, so I only had enough to use it morning and night for four days. Now I suppose there’s a possibility that some sort of cosmic transformation hits your skin on days 5-7 and I’ve missed out, but I doubt that. So for purists, keep in mind that I didn’t get to test this out for the full week that Etude House recommends.

If you’d like to read the results from my four-day Sparkling Tocs treatment run, read on!

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Sample Stash Quickie: Etude House Milky You One Step Cleansing Foam Review

My Sample Stash Quickie Reviews are pretty much just as they say on the tin – reviews where I try out sample(s) of a product and then give my basic, initial thoughts. They obviously won’t be as in-depth as reviews where I’ve been able to use a product for weeks or even months, which I usually prefer, but my hope is that they will still be helpful to people who are looking for any information and thoughts on the reviewed product.

Today’s sample is one that I’ve actually received quite a few packets of from various eBayers – Etude House’s Milky You One Step Cleansing Foam!

The product’s claims:

The Cleansing Foam cleanses in just one step, instantly melting away dirt, impurities, and makeup for moist and smooth baby skin.
Containing milk from New Zealand, the milk ceramides keep your skin moist and the colostrum helps maintain healthy skin.

So it can supposedly be used in place of the double cleansing method to fully remove your makeup/sunscreen and clean your skin all in one step, thus the name. It says it will do this without drying out your skin, rather, it presents itself as a moisturizing/hydrating cleanser.

Milk (in beauty products, at least) is usually associated with moisturizing, soothing, gentle effects as well as giving a “milky white” complexion that is soft and pure of blemishes – I’m sure this is the general idea that Etude House is trying to encourage in consumers when they see this product.

Etude House Milky You One Step Cleansing Foam

Even the packaging tries to imply moisture by way of the tube looking like it’s a glass being poured full of milk. The simple-yet-cute design of the package and the blue/white/gold color scheme is very calming (remember, milk is associated with being soothing!) and appealing!

I’m not sure that I would agree with this marketing in regards to this particular cleanser, unfortunately. No, my Etude House Milky You One Step Cleansing Foam review will not be quite so gentle as the milky-soft impression of this product that Etude House has tried to give us!

Read on if you’re curious as to why.

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Sasa.com & eBay Haul: More Asian Beauty Products (Featuring Photos, Descriptions & Mini Reviews)!

Apparently the mail service tapped into the speed force this month, because most of my overseas purchases from the last week of July have somehow arrived already! Usually it takes about 3-4 weeks for me to receive packages from Asia. Well, I’m not complaining! It’s been great fun having so much mail these past few weeks between my Etsy buys and now these all these earlier-than-expected packages~

Sasa August 2014 Haul

So this haul is from various eBay sellers and SASA.com, a well known place to buy Asian products online. As you can see, I got a decent range of Asian beauty products this time around – sunscreen, sheet masks, lipsticks, BB cream, etc.

Want specifics and some serious TL;DR about my product choices? Like you had to ask! Just click the read more~

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Holika Holika & Etude House Korean Cosmetics Haul – July 2014 Edition!

In my last Korean beauty haul post, I mentioned that what I had there was only a small part of my big June Korean beauty splurge – but since I bought from like 5-6 different eBayers, the items are turning up in chunks.

This week I received two more boxes from my June spending spree, and I thought I’d share my selections with you guys again!

Another "mini" Korean cosmetics haul!

As you can see, this time around it’s a Holika Holika & Etude House centered Korean cosmetics haul. I have to admit to really loving Holika Holika’s whole aesthetic, the cute/witchy thing is just maximum adorable to me! Etude House also has a great theme, and both brands tend to usually satisfy/impress me with their products. I need to expand into other brands, I know, but I’m already developing some serious loyalty to these two companies!

Haul Unboxed!

Here’s everything unboxed so you can get a better look at the actual product packaging.

Read on to see more pics & the specific items that I bought this time around!

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Small Korean Beauty Haul (Featuring Holika Holika, Etude House and Tony Moly)

I’ve alluded to it before, but last month I went a little nuts and bought a TON of Korean cosmetics/skincare. A few of those products turned up today, so I decided to see how my Kindle Fire’s camera handled taking some haul photos. The verdict? Um… passable, I guess, but it was a pain and I definitely need more practice with setting up shots so I can avoid that obnoxious glare! I think that’s my biggest hurdle when taking these photos. Well, that and the fact that the Kindle doesn’t have any sort of preview display that I can see when I’m taking photos of anything other than myself, haha.

Small Haul - Wide Shot

I used the June GLOSSYBOX‘s packaging as a backdrop – just to be patriotic since it’s July, and also because that box was so pretty! I’m not sure if the colors/pattern helped or hindered my glare issues, though…

Anyhow, on to the goodies! Click the read more to expand and see my mini Korean beauty haul, crappy photos and all~

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