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Firebird Bath & Body Almond Milk Perfume Oil Review

Whoa, it’s been awhile. I’m sorry, but there are a few things to blame – one great, one average, and one bad thing, to be exact. The awesome one is that this summer, I started dating a friend of mine – who happens to be a pretty awesome streamer, so if you’re into RPGs (especially JRPGs like the Shin Megami Tensei and Tales Of series), my loyalty demands that I tell you to go check him out here. The middling factor is that I had a temporary contract job that, while interesting (it involved fragrance and candle testing), had much longer hours than I was used to and left me feeling like I was always kind of wiped out. The bad issue is that my struggles with chronic migraine reared their head again after a few months of receding, and for a few months there, it felt like all my time was basically either working or in bed with a migraine. However, the work contract is over and I’ve been feeling a bit more like myself lately in regards to motivation… which means it’s time to get to work on my massive backlog of intended posts…

Jumping right into it, my first review is going to be a perfume oil that I’ve had for several months and have – spoiler alert – become really fond of when I’m in the mood for a cozy gourmand.

Firebird Bath & Body Almond Milk Perfume Oil
Image taken from Firebird Bath & Body’s website – as I don’t (yet…) own the full-size to photograph myself!

The scent in question is Almond Milk from indie bath and body brand Firebird Bath & Body. I snagged my perfume oil samples from their Etsy shop, but they do also have a standalone website with a wider selection of products. As of this writing, the Almond Milk perfume oil is available from both avenues. There seems to be no difference in pricing between the two, so I personally would probably continue to order via Etsy when it’s available for cashback on eBates or TopCashBack (seriously, why does Etsy blip in and out of existence on cashback sites/apps so much? Pls).

Almond Milk is described as “Soft, sensual, intoxicating: almond, vanilla, musk, a wisp of white chocolate. This fragrance manages to be both a soothing comfort scent and incredibly sexy at the same time (try it- you’ll see what I mean). Sugary perfume haters need not apply, but lovers of all things sweet and gourmand- I think you’ll enjoy this one quite a bit.”

The listed notes are almond, vanilla, and musk.

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