Etude House Baby Pudding Pact Review

I feel like this is becoming my own personal plotline, but today’s review is yet another instance of just how vulnerable I am to cosmetics marketed via food/dessert associations.

I stumbled onto the Etude House Baby Pudding Pact (SPF 33+ PA++) on eBay, and the name and packaging alone had me running to look for reviews. I didn’t find any, so after thinking about it for a few days, I eventually took the plunge and justified it by saying that SOMEONE needed to review it, so why not me?

(Note: I purchased this in early August; since then, my Google-fu reveals two reviews have popped up – here and here. If you’re interested in this product, I recommend checking them out as well!)


I purchased this item in W13, which is the darker shade. It’s pretty much a reflex at this point, since so many companies only offer two shades and I usually only have a chance at matching the second, slightly darker (and usually somewhat yellower) shade. The first shade is called NO2, and you can see from this graphic that it’s meant to be much, much lighter than W13.


If you’re interested in seeing swatches, a coverage test, and my overall thoughts on this product, hit the read more!
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