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September 2014 Glossybox Review & Unboxing + October 2014 Glossybox Spoilers!

Continuing my pattern of slowpoke Glossybox unboxing posts, it’s almost a week into October and here I am about to do my September 2014 Glossybox review! Apparently my mailman only feels like delivering packages in giant batches, I received *five* Memeboxes (that I’d been waiting on for like a month) and my Glossybox all on the same day. Since that’s highly unlikely to be coincidence – their shipping notices were all at least several days apart – it looks like my PO is content to just let people’s packages sit around until they finally feel like delivering things.


I’m on a no-buy right now, but if we still have the same abysmal mailman at the start of next year, I’ll probably have to look into getting a PO box (at a different PO because I’m not rewarding mine for bad service by paying them more $$ to get my mail on time) for my sub boxes and orders that need to ship USPS.

Anyhow, enough complaining, because the September box is pretty nice!


As you can see, the September box was curated by Harper’s Bazaar. This had me interested, because I actually subscribe to and generally enjoy their magazine! If only they’d stop working with Terry Richardson, though… I find him distasteful enough that I likely won’t renew my subscription when it ends unless they’ve dropped him.

Their beauty advice is generally far sounder than their taste in skeezy photographers, though, so I expected that this would be a good box, and I wasn’t disappointed!


Here’s the first look with the card and tissue paper pulled back so that you can actually see the products. I spy an Essie polish, BVLGARI something, and an OCC Lip Tar! We had a spoiler about Benefit They’re Real Mascara, so that’s obviously what the black box contains, but the other white box is still a mystery at this point…!

I am really glad that they’ve kept the new box style that they premiered last month. I still feel something about the texture and shape just looks crisper and more chic. This special edition box was white and black rather than the classic pastel pink and black – I love that they let the guest curators design their own boxes as well. Really adds to the experience, I think!


Here’s everything pulled out and lined up. Uh, please ignore the fact that the lip tar appears to be about to fire a laser beam at my (new, significantly less shitty!) camera.

Hit the read more if you’d like to see the blow-by-blow list of each product and my thoughts~

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August 2014 Glossybox Review & Unboxing + Future Spoilers

Yes. Really. I don’t know what happened, but I only now received my August 2014 GLOSSYBOX this weekend – September 5th, to be precise. It was postmarked August 5th, so I have absolutely no clue why or how a package going from Kentucky to Ohio managed to take longer to get to me than most of my Korean orders!


I seem to be the only one who got their box so staggeringly late, so I’m assuming it has something to do with my local post office – UPS has the local mail man deliver some, but not all, of their parcels, and our the mailman that our neighborhood got a few months back is notoriously bad. He’s been caught several times leaving the ‘sorry we missed you’ message in people’s mailboxes when they were standing in their yard and said hello to him, people have been finding both incoming and outgoing mail just… abandoned in piles in people’s yards (including an outgoing mortgage payment) or on the sidewalk, packages are being marked as delivered full weeks before he actually bothers to truly deliver anything – unfortunately, it seems like if an entire neighborhood constantly filing complaints for three months about him hasn’t given any results, I’m assuming that we’re stuck with him no matter how badly he does his job. I’ve always heard that it’s next to impossible to get even the worst postal worker fired, and given how serious some of his offenses are – particularly the leaving outgoing bills on the sidewalk in piles with other mail and flat-out lying about deliveries – this situation seems to be proving that statement.

If this keeps up, I’ll have to get a PO box or something because I’m losing faith in my postman’s ability to actually guarantee delivery of my parcels. But honestly, I’d probably take it out with the UPS store or something. I’d rather give them money than essentially reward my PO for being so bad by giving them even more money just to receive my mail properly.

Sigh. Okay, okay, rant over – it’s just that this is the second parcel in a week’s time that I was expecting almost a month earlier, and the PO has been absolutely zero help. Our neighborhood has a Facebook group and we’ve been documenting all this nonsense, but it seems like the PO simply doesn’t find it important enough to hire someone who actually does his damned job and doesn’t put the community at risk for theft via leaving all their mail and important documents all over the street. Seriously, how the fuck is that considered good enough to keep a job?!

I just wanted to clarify that this fault does not lie with GLOSSYBOX. They fulfilled their part and mailed it out over a month ago, so I don’t hold them accountable for my local PO’s insistence on employing this irresponsible, dishonest, and lazy idiot masquerading as a mailman.

So anyhow, not like anyone will really care since this unboxing is about a month later than everyone else’s, but here we go – my August 2014 Glossybox review and unboxing!

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Glossybox July 2014 Review & Unboxing

Well, this is interesting! It appears that the Glossybox July 2014 Spoilers that members received via email weren’t entirely accurate. I assume that something came up RE: distribution and that’s why we didn’t receive products from Nailgirls London or The Aloe Source. While I was really interested in the nail polish, I have to say that I’m honestly not upset about this development: I absolutely love all the products that I ended up receiving!

July 2014 Glossybox

First of all, apologies for the washed-out look of all the images. It’s overcast and my Kindle Fire’s camera really doesn’t do well with anything but the natural light of a sunny day! I tried to balance the colors so that they look closer to how they are IRL, but you can tell that everything still looks a tad ghostly. Sorry!

As always, the Glossybox comes in cute pink boxes with tissue-and-confetti packaging, topped up with a pretty ribbon. Part of the appeal of these boxes is the care they put into their packaging, it always feels like you’re opening a beautiful gift!

Unboxed July 2014 GLOSSYBOX

As you can see, this month it was a makeup-free box. I think that’s a refreshing change, since to be honest – I can only use so many eyeliners at a time, you know! I personally find that when the boxes feature more skincare, body care, and hair care items, I tend to be happier overall. I like playing with makeup and all, but skincare stuff is my first love when it comes to beauty.

Want a closer look at the products in this month’s box? Click the read more to see my full Glossybox July 2014 review & unboxing!

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Glossybox July 2014 Spoilers

Glossybox released some “spoilers” about what will be in the July 2014 box:


Namely, we’ll be getting a generous mini-sized version of one of those much-hyped GLAMGLOW masks; specifically, the Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment. I’ve actually only recently tried the brand for the first time – I got a nice VIB sample size of their Supermud Clearing Treatment – and to be honest, I wasn’t all that blown away. I’ll do a proper review of it soon, after I’ve used it more than once, so I’ll save my detailed thoughts for that post.

The “Tinglexfoliate” treatment, which is what we’re getting in the July box, seems to be the recipient of many more glowing (no pun intended) reviews than the Supermud variation, so I’m interested to see if it lives up to the hype in a way that the Supermud didn’t.

Other, minor details have also been revealed for the July GLOSSYBOX: we’ll be getting products from SkinInc, MALIN+GOETZ, The Aloe Source, Nail Girls, and Philip B.


I’m fairly certain that I’ve received The Aloe Source products in previous boxes, but I don’t think I’ve gotten around to trying them out yet. The other brands will be new to me overall – I’ve surely heard of Philip B. and MALIN+GOETZ, but I’ve not yet had the chance to actually use anything they produce.

Of course, I’m already browsing the Nail Girls website and looking at all the pretty colors – they’ve got a huge amount of deliciously juicy-looking melons and corals that I’d love for the summer. I’m personally lemming Orange Blush, Sweet Melon, Nude Caramel, Rose Quartz & Diamonds, Bubblegum Cream, Lively Lilac Punch… needless to say, this looks like a really promising brand to me! What colors are you guys hoping to see in this box? Do the GLOSSYBOX July 2014 Spoilers have you excited for the new box?

If you’re interested in trying Glossybox, new subscribers can get a free Ciate nail polish by entering the code “CIATE” when they sign up. I got a gorgeous Ciate polish in a past box (Beach Hut, a really pretty orangey-bronze shimmer) and I was really impressed by it, so this is a pretty good code IMO!

As covered in the site disclaimer, affiliate links are present in this post – thanks a ton if you use any of them to make purchases!

RéVive Intensité Volumizing Eye Serum Review

I’ve been a GLOSSYBOX member for about a year now (blame Jennifer for all her awesome sub box reviews), which means I’ve gotten to try out a lot of awesome products for very cheap.

Just yesterday I used up the very last drop of my RéVive Intensité Volumizing Eye Serum, which is a massively expensive eye serum featured in the Bergdorf’s-curated May 2014 Glossybox. The product promises, by way of some “bio-engineering, RES technology, cellular filling complex” mumbo-jumbo to:

– Visibly plumps and helps rebuild, re-contour and re-establish volume around the delicate eye area. Fills in visible deep under-eye “hollows” by plumping and smoothing skin.
– Significantly diminishes the look of dark circles, under eye-bags and crepiness.
– Helps regenerate the look of youthful skin and improve visible signs of aging by aiding in skin cell turnover.

RéVive Intensité Volumizing Eye Serum

It retails for an absolutely astounding $350 per .5 fl oz and comes in an understated opaque silver plastic pump-style tube. When I calculated that I was holding ~seventy dollars worth of product in my hand, I knew that I was going to start using said eye serum IMMEDIATELY and see if this super-expensive serum was the key to finally nuking my dark puffies. I’m one of those people who doesn’t quite wear their heart on their sleeve – rather, I wear my current status all over my skin. If I’m tired, sick, upset, headachey, sore – whatever, my skin will betray me and let everyone know. Puffy eyes, dark circles, sallow tones, dullness, breakouts – there’s a very real connection between how I feel and how my skin looks on any given day.

This spring and summer have featured a ton of headache-inducing fronts and storms for me, and it’s been showing under my eyes – I’m waking up with dark circles and puffiness far more than usual. You can imagine my excitement when this product showed up, right?

So… did it work? At all? Hit the jump to find out!

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