Saving the Universe via Shopping: My Top 10 Guardians of the Galaxy Merchandise Picks

If you follow me on twitter, you probably know that I’ve been hyped as hell for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie release. I read the comics and have been using Gamora (specifically, Phalanx-possessed Gamora from the impossibly amazing Nova series) as my avatar just about everywhere! That GotG just so happened to release on the weekend of my birthday was sheer kismet, and I spend the day in nerdy bliss watching Gamora, Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, and Drax kick ass across the universe in 3-D. The movie was excellent, with fantastic casting, a flawless soundtrack, and a plot that ran the gamut from touching to funny to badass. Seriously, go see it – even if you’re not familiar with the franchise at all, if you dig sci-fi even a little bit, you’ll probably love Guardians of the Galaxy.

The fact that I suspect they were laying some groundwork for a possible Nova movie was just icing on the cake – seriously, I have his UMVC3 theme as my ringtone for a reason, people. The Nova love is serious. Give me Richard Rider on the big screen noooooowwwww, Marvel! Let’s get some Carol Danvers in the mix as well – I’m honestly hoping that the reason she recently joined the Guardians in the comics is because Marvel wants to introduce her to all the new GotG fans and build a base for when she gets her own movie. Captain Marvel’s a total badass, and I’d love to see her played by Katee Sackhoff or Yvonne Strahovski. And Nova? Well, the now-debunked rumours that they were considering Nathan Fillion for the role of Richard Rider isn’t a bad one, but I’m not married to that idea just yet.

Um, anyway.

With all that said, I thought I’d share some of the best (in my opinion) Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise floating around the web – both official and unofficial.

So crank up the Awesome Mix, Vol. 1 and let’s get down to business!

1. Guardians of the Galaxy Inspired Nail Polish Set by Pretty & Polished

Pretty & Polished GotG Set

Nerdy nail polishes are one of my weaknesses! I first found these polishes sometime in July, and actually purchased the Star-Lord and Gamora shades. They arrived today and look totally fab – I’ll do my best to get swatches & a review up for them after I have a chance to try them out with my various basecoats and see how the wear/lifespan rates.

From left to right: Plant We All Get Along (Groot), The Gamorous Life (Gamora), Something Good, Something Bad…A Bit of Both (Star-Lord), Draximum Security (Drax the Destroyer), and In the Black Holes of Sirius Major (Rocket Raccoon). I’ve linked to the set, but they’re available for individual purchase as well.

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