Hokkaido Melon Mascarpone Kit Kat Review

In my May wishlist post, I mentioned the Summer 2016 Seasonal Hokkaido Melon Mascarpone Kit Kat as being one of my must-tries. The new flavor has been getting a ton of buzz around the internet lately – mostly from people who, seemingly, aren’t aware that dessert cheeses like mascarpone are completely different in texture and flavor from, say, cheddar. Seriously, guys? If you’ve ever eaten tiramisu, you’ve already eaten mascarpone and chocolate. It’s not that weird!

Melon Mascarpone Kit Kat

That said, Kit Kat Japan is surely loving all this hype. They’ve been releasing limited edition flavors in Japan for years now – ranging from the relatively expected (Vanilla Bean, Strawberry) to the more unique (Creamy English Tea, Mango, the much-loved Green Tea, etc) as well as including some more traditional Japanese flavors (Kinako, Anko, Sakura, etc).

This isn’t the first year that Kit Kat has released a Melon variety – they’ve done various incarnations of white chocolate and melon (muskmelon, specifically) across several years, actually! I’ve just always had the misfortune to miss buying them, as they are almost always late spring/early summer limiteds and I kept finding out about them in, like, fall. Given how much I love melon (these muskmelon hard candies, for example, are pretty much The Greatest Ever), this was always a disappointment. So when the internet started screaming about the soon-to-be-released Melon Mascarpone Kit Kat, I grabbed my chance and ordered as soon as one of my favorite Japanese snack eBayers added them to their stock!

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Peach’s May 2016 Most Wanted List

It’s been quite some time since I did a shopping/wishlist style post – probably because I’ve been trying to squirrel more money away for my theoretical, maybe, someday, probably move to a different climate (preferably somewhere with less humidity and no mosquitoes, thanks) and the best way to resist temptation is to bury my head in the sand and pretend that I don’t see all the pretty things begging for my bucks.

But I’m also trying to get in the habit of writing here regularly again, and want list posts are simply fun to make. So I’m thinking to try and do this monthly – just round up all the fun things I’ve stumbled across and resisted (or not). Posting about shopping can be almost as satisfying as actual shopping… uh, maybe?

With that said, read on to see the top ten items I’m most wanting this May!
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Japanese Bakeable Sweet Potato Kit Kat Review!

Before I get into my review of these Bakeable Sweet Potato Kit Kat, let me just get this out of the way:

But seriously, I love sweet potatoes. I don’t know if I love them as much as Vernon Davis does, but they’re definitely top-tier food for me. I like them savory, with stuffing and sage, I like them sweet, with butter and brown sugar, I like them curried with lamb… but I have to say, I’d never really considered yams with chocolate before I stumbled upon these Bakeable Sweet Potato Kit Kats.

Baked Sweet Potato Kit Kat Bag

They’re from Japan, which shouldn’t be a surprise – Japan’s relationship with Kit Kats seems to be much more loving and devoted than America’s. Sure, we have white chocolate and dark chocolate variations of the classic Kit Kat, but Japan has created a truly massive and varied library of Kit-Kat flavors. I’ve been able to try a few before – I think I had a matcha one (which I only vaguely remember, so I guess it didn’t impress me much) and the Winter Cherry Blossom, which I recall absolutely loving. So I’ve been wanting to try more Japanese Kit-Kat flavors for quite some time, and for some reason, these bakeable sweet potato ones just sort of pushed me over the edge. I tossed a bag into my Amazon cart since they were Prime-eligible (I may have justified the impulse buy by telling myself that I could write my own Japanese Bakeable Sweet Potato Kit Kat review for the site). Two days later, they were at my door. So this morning (tsk tsk, I know), I tried them out!

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