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My Beauty Diary Sake Yeast Mask Review

Okay, first of all, this mask was my very first experience with both My Beauty Diary as well as the sheet-style face mask. So I can’t really give any comparisons to their other masks, I hope that you understand.

I bought this on impulse after randomly falling down the rabbit hole into reading Asian beauty blogs one afternoon – I decided to treat myself to one box of the famous sheet masks, and selected My Beauty Diary Sake Yeast Mask for two reasons: one, I’d always been interested in the sake skincare trend, and two, the advertised effects (“Offers whitened, brightens, translucent, and flawless look. Moisturizes, smoothes, and firms. Recommended for normal and acne prone skin”) sounded like something I could use.

MBD Sake Yeast Mask

Here’s the official description from the My Beauty Diary website:
Sake brewed from deep ocean water, the sake yeast extract promotes the regenerating of cells, allowing skin to be clear and radiant. The Vegetal Collagen provides the nourishment needed by the skin maintaining the skin’s regenerating healing function.Cactus Extract contains rich amount of flavonoids, polysaccharide and amino acids which keeps the skin hydrated. Grapefruit extracts soften skins and regulates sebum secretion, allowing skin to stay refreshed and oil free. Algae Extract improves the skin metabolism and keeps the skin elastic and firm.

I have sometimes-sensitive oily skin that is also prone to dryness and tends to get very stressed-out looking very easily. With the abnormally long and cold winter this year, my skin had reacted very badly to the mix of needing the super-drying heat on inside and the extremely chilly and windy weather outside. It looked dull, uneven, I was getting breakouts for the first time in months beyond my usual small period bump – my face just looked exhausted. I find drinking sake to be an exceptionally refreshing experience (Sayuri sake…. mmmm~), so I was curious to find out if my skin would feel the same way!

So did this mask help? Read past the jump to find out!

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