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DCUO: Tech Ninja Styles for my Sorcery Heroine!

New Look DCUO

A few Tech Ninja styles dropped for me while I was doing my lowbie Amusement Mile mission, and I actually really dig how they look with my Noble Warrior chest/tiara. The shoulders are Egyptian and dropped in today’s vault, the belt is Druid style and I have no memory of where/how I obtained that piece.

<p-align=center> DCUO Sorcery Heroine Posse

I’m also really enjoying the utility belt attachment. I can summon four summons at once right now with my TOM-BOT and Ninja henchmen trinkets + my Sorcery pet. I wonder if further utility belt upgrades will let me pull out six summons at once? Not that it would really accomplish anything, I just want to be able to summon an super squad.

I’m leveling an army of alts at the moment, trying to figure out which powersets I really love and want to main. So far, Sorcery is definitely a frontrunner along with Rage and Mental.