Sample Stash Quickie: Etude House Sparkling Tocs All-in-One Gel Review

My Sample Stash Quickie Reviews are pretty much just as they say on the tin – reviews where I try out sample(s) of a product and then give my basic, initial thoughts. They obviously won’t be as in-depth as reviews where I’ve been able to use a product for weeks or even months, which I usually prefer, but my hope is that they will still be helpful to people who are looking for any information and thoughts on the reviewed product.

In July, I bought a few things from rinishop and received a stack of Etude House Sparkling Tocs All-in-One Gel samples along with my order.

Etude House Sparkling Tocs Gel

I did a ton of Googling to try and figure out precisely WHAT this product was supposed to do, and found only about ~2 reviews. It turns out that the gel is meant to be a sort of ‘purifying/clarifying’ treatment that you use in place of your normal skincare for one week each month. Of the two reviews, one was a video that said it worked for her despite being somewhat drying, and another one said that it broke her out and was gross and sticky. So… a 50/50 divide, haha. I decided then that I’d use up all my samples the next time that I had a sort of ‘open spot’ in my trying new skincare schedule (basically, not on my period because I don’t want hormonal breakouts to confuse the results, and not too close to any other new products or reactions because I want to be able to easily tell what results come from which new products).

Last week it was finally time, I was pretty excited because hey – it’s always fun to entertain the possibility of a miracle product, even if realistically you know that it won’t/can’t live up to its promises.

As it turned out, each sample had enough for one application, so I only had enough to use it morning and night for four days. Now I suppose there’s a possibility that some sort of cosmic transformation hits your skin on days 5-7 and I’ve missed out, but I doubt that. So for purists, keep in mind that I didn’t get to test this out for the full week that Etude House recommends.

If you’d like to read the results from my four-day Sparkling Tocs treatment run, read on!
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