Try The World Brazil Box Review

Okay, I am megas late writing this review… like, the Try the World Brazil Box came out during the Rio Olympics, and it is now… September. I kept thinking that I should wait until I’d gotten a chance to try more of the box’s goodies, but I’ve been slacking on that end, too! Truly, I have no valid excuses for how late my Try The World Brazil Box review is… oops?

Try the World Brazil Box

Here, I’ll make it up to everyone by peppering this review with badass Anitta music videos. If you’re not familiar, she’s a Brazilian pop star, and I’ve been totally hooked on her since first hearing Bang at the end of 2015.

So now that you’ve got a Brazilian bop playing to get you in the right mood, let’s get started! As always, if you’re reading this on the main page, please click the read more now to see my full Try The World Brazil Box unboxing ❤

Brazil Box

Okay, so first off, I have to say… I was really not enthused by this straw packaging stuff. Sure, I guess it looks okay, but it left this weird dust and debris all over everything that was kind of annoying to clean off. So, uh, I hope they give this packaging a pass in the future. I know that’s kind of a mega nitpick, but it just made the box feel a little grody to have to clean off each individual product, you know?

But back to what really matters…


Here’s your first look at the actual contents of the Try The World Brazil Box, all cleaned up. I would have been shocked (and kind of salty, tbh) if Try the World hadn’t included some sort of churrasco, so seeing that spice mix immediately was a relief. Speaking of churrasco, let’s start with the two related products!


Bazzar Churrasco Sauce

Churrasco is the Brazilian term for barbecue, and this sauce is meant to be used as a marinade or dipping sauce for grilled meats and/or veggies. This specific sauce, made in Rio de Janeiro, includes tomato paste, vinegar, sugar cane molasses, salt, aromatic herbs, whisky, “spices”, mustard powder, black pepper powder… among other things. I actually have some steak defrosting in the fridge right now with the intention to marinate in this sauce (and possibly pair with the Pão de Queijo mix that was also included in this box)… I’m really looking forward to it!


BR Spices Churrasco Mix

More churrasco seasoning! This time we have a dry spice mix, featuring sweet paprika, garlic, onion, parsley, thyme, rosemary, turmeric, basil, coriander, and mustard. I like having the dry mix option as well, as it gives you the freedom to use the flavor profile in less saucey or lower calorie ways… or getting creative and doing something like making churrasco fries or something! Once again, I haven’t used this item yet – I have soooo many spice mixes open right now, it’s kind of on deck until I make a little bit more space in the area where I keep all my open, in-use spices. I mean… I can’t be the only one who has this problem, right? I buy spice mixes and the individual spices and infused oils and salts and… I really need to chill…

Let’s have another Anitta vid as a palate cleanser after the churrasco combo, yeah? Here comes Deixa Ele Sofrer~

The guy in this video just cracks me up. I mean, it suits the lyrics to basically have him panting over Anitta and her squad, but ahaha ?

Anyhow, moving on!


Gran Amici Pão de Queijo (Cheese Bread) Mix

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I’ve heard of Pão de Queijo before, but never actually gotten to try it! This mix claims that it will produce crunchy-on-the-outside, doughy-on-the-instead cheese bread, with an extremely easy baking process. I have high hopes, and will make sure to hit the elliptical for like an hour in preparation for some super cheesy, mega carby goodness. I love cheese breads, but they’re inevitably always calorie bombs that end up making me so drowsy the rest of the day… but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to devour some Pão de Queijo!!


Frutos da Amazônia Brazil Nut Cookies

Okay, I love nuts. Yeah, yeah, dirty jokes, I know. But seriously, it’s to the point that people who know me well give me big bags of nuts for holidays and my birthday – they know that I loooove me some pistachios, some cashews, and, of course, some Brazil nuts. Given how expensive those tend to be, I am always down for freebies. So when I saw these Brazil nut cookies in the box, I was seriously hyped.

Upon actually opening and eating them, they were basically super buttery shortbread texture with bits of chopped Brazil nuts throughout. Absolutely to die for, seriously. Between myself and my roommate? These were gone within, like, 20 minutes. Sooooooo good ?

I guess we’ll just do a new video for every two products… so this time, here’s Anitta featuring in J. Balvin’s “Ginza”:

The autotune is heavy with this one, but Anitta sounds perfect as usual, and the beat is definitely one of those that gets you dancing before you even realize that you’re moving!


Monama Brazilian Nuts Spread

Continuing with products I was really excited by, we have Monama’s Brazilian Nuts Spread. This spread actually features not only Brazil nuts, but also cashews, peanuts, raw brown sugar, and coconut oil. How yummy does that sound?!

I have big plans for this and some crepes once the weather cools down a bit more – when autumn arrives, I tend to start loving pancakes, crepes, and waffles for breakfast, usually with some awesome nut or apple/pumpkin butters. Even if it’s officially fall, the days are still in the high 80’s, so… it’s not quite time yet. But that’s okay, because this box included another item ready-made for my Brazil nut breakfasts…


Cafe do Centro Parana Coffee Grounds

I am a huge coffee drinker – usually 6-8 cups per day at least – so this was a welcome sight. Try the World’s description says that this coffee has a caramel flavor with hazelnut notes which, uh, sounds fantastic. I’m currently working on a bag of World Market's mega delicious Bourbon Pecan coffee, but this is next up in my coffee queue.

Okay, next song up is Essa Mina É Louca, featuring Jhama… with possibly one of the cutest music videos I’ve seen in ages!

Well, everyone knows that I love pastels, so the fact that I find this video incredibly aesthetically pleasing is probably not a surprise, right?


Terra Moriá Jabuticaba Jam

Okay, this is something that I’m very excited to try – I’ve never heard of Jabuticaba before! It’s apparently a black berry that is exclusive to Brazil, and grows on the trunk and branches of its tree. And, seriously, it looks really fucking cool:


Wikipedia describes the jabuticaba fruit as having “a thick, purple, astringent skin that encases a sweet, white or rosy pink gelatinous flesh” and a popularity to rival grapes in the US.

See, stuff like this is why I’m kind of enamored with Try the World. I’d seriously never heard of this fruit before, but now I get to put it on my toast or ice cream. I’m trying to be good and finish off the fig preserves and caramel apple butter that I already have open before I open a new jam or butter like this, but let me tell you… it is really hard to resist. I’m so curious!

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Val Alimentos Goiabada

Lastly, we have Goiabada, or guava preserve paste. Try the World recommends trying it with Minas cheese, or some other semi-soft cow’s milk cheese. My family likes to make quince preserves (membrillo) and pair it with Manchego, so this is a familiar footing for me. Once again, this is another item that I’m absolutely dying to try, but in the interest of not having too many jams, butters, pastes and preserves open at once, I’m making myself wait (and hope to stumble on a good deal/source for Minas cheese in the meantime)!

So that’s the last of the item-by-item breakdown… which means, of course, it’s time for more Anitta! This time, it’s Sim Ou Não, featuring the sleepy-voiced Maluma.

He sounds drowsy af, but boy, he’s cute, right? ?

Try The World Brazil Box: Overall Opinion

The Brazil Box was REALLY good, in my opinion! I’m sure that some would prefer an extra item in place of one of the churrasco spices/sauces, but looking at the Brazil section of the Try the World shop, it kind of looks like maybe they did send out a variety of sauces and spice mixes, I just happened to get double the churrasco. Which is fine by me (for reasons already explained above), but oooh this chocolate-coffee sauce also sounds pretty delectable, right?

Try the World also includes a nice pamphlet with information on the chef that curated the box, the individual choices, and other flavor elements like music choices and recipes. If you’re interested in reading the Brazil Box’s pamphlet, your wish is my command:









Try The World Brazil Box: Where To Buy

As of this writing, Try the World still has the Brazil Box available for direct purchase in their web shop, albeit for $10 more than the subscription (so, $49). You can also buy all of the items featured in the box as well as some others (I think there is some variance between boxes, maybe?) in the Brazil sub-section of their store.

If you’re interested in subscribing to Try the World for yourself, using this link will net you a free box in addition to your normal first month’s box. For example, if you were to subscribe at the time of my posting this, you’d get a free Thailand box in addition to the current Italy box.

I hope that you enjoyed this review of my Try The World Brazil Box… I’ll go ahead and close out the post with, you guessed it – more Anitta!

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