Try The World Review: Sweden Box

So Try the World is a subscription box that I’ve had my eye on for quite some time. If you’re not familiar, each month, they have chefs curate a selection of 7-8 food items from a specific country of origin – for example, the Sweden Box that I’ll be reviewing here. The items are frequently artisan or smaller companies, so they’re not shipping you a bunch of snacks from Tesco and calling it the “England Box” or anything, don’t worry!

Try the World Sweden Box

The reason that I held off for so long was twofold: one, I already had a snack box subscription – the fantastic, charity-oriented Love With Food – and two, at $39 per month, it seemed just a touch steep for what you get. If you have a ton of disposable income, sure, that’s a drop in the bucket and a thoughtfully-produced exotic food sub box like Try the World would be a no-brainer (for me, at least!) – but I’m not wealthy, and my expendable income is tempted by myriad things every month. So it’s a hard choice to commit to something like this, at least currently, you know? That’s $40 less of K-Beauty or Etsy bath & body stuff…

Last month, however, Try the World started offering a free box with new subscriptions (they still are, if you use a referral link like this shiny one right here): in this specific case, your sub would get you the Sweden Box delivered alongside a freebie Thailand Box. I poked around and read unboxings for both Sweden and Thailand, and both of them sounded really, really appealing, so I decided to go ahead and pull the trigger. Full disclosure: I totally helped justify it to myself by saying that I could blog about both boxes here, so please forgive the copious amounts of referral link in this post. Just being honest about how my mind works! ?

In particular, the Sweden Box really called to me, so it will be the first Try the World review that I publish. If you’re on the main page, please click the read more now!

First of all, the boxes arrived very quickly. They were packed together in a tight-fitting box with minimal padding (just those foam bracers – sorry, I have no clue what those would be called!), so there wasn’t much risk of things shifting around or getting broken. Always a plus!

Try the World Box

The boxes themselves are a lovely pastel blue-green – really cute! I actually posted them on my neighbourhood’s Facebook page to see if anyone wanted them for storage/gifting/whatever and they seriously got snapped up within two hours. So good call on the color, Try the World!

Try the World Info Card

Each box comes with an informational card (called “Culture Guide”), with a breakdown of all the food selections, some recipes, and information about the spotlighted country. They also post a ton of articles on their “magazine” section of their website. You can see all the relevant Sweden Box posts here. There’s even a playlist of Swedish music to listen to while you nom on your box’s contents! Try the World clearly puts a ton of effort into each box’s planning and execution, which is really impressive to me and appeals to the part of me that loves trying exotic snacks specifically for the glimpse into another country’s culture that they can offer.

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So, what was in the Sweden Box?

Hafi Lingon Berry Preserves

Lingon Berry Back

Hafi Lingon Berry Preserves

For anyone who has ever been to an Ikea, the inclusion of something Lingonberry-related is probably not a surprise. This jam is really excellent – just sweet enough, just tarto enough – I’ve been putting it on toast and (this might sound weird) in my post-workout smoothies. I haven’t tried it on mashed potatoes yet as recommended, but that actually sounds pretty excellent – I’ll plan on doing that for dinner tonight, I think!

Double Chocolate Crisps

Gille Double Chocolate Crisps

These are oat-based, super crispy cookies with chocolate. I shared these with my mom as they struck me as something she’d really love, and I was right! We both really, really liked these. Not too sweet or rich, but crispy and crumbly with just enough oat and chocolate. Definitely a hit!

Kharisma Coffee

Löfbergs Kharisma Coffee

According to the site, “Kharisma is a dark and aromatic coffee with intense aroma, nutty tones and fresh, fruity shades. The mixture consists of 100% Arabica beans from Brazil, Ethiopia and Central America” – meaning I’ll probably like it a lot as I generally prefer darker roasts. I haven’t tried this yet, however, because I’ve been on a major tea kick for the past month. Blame A Quarter to Tea for that one!

Sweet Liquorice

Sweet Liquorice Back

Lakritsfabriken Sweet Liquorice

Another item that I haven’t yet tried. It seems that you could either receive Salty or Sweet variations of this liquorice. I’m slightly disappointed that I didn’t get the Salty kind, just because I’ve heard about the Swedish love for salty liquorice before and always wondered what the fuss was about! Overall, I’m kind of middling about liquorice – I don’t dislike it, and indeed have even really enjoyed some traditional black liquorice before, but it’s never something that I outright crave. I’ll save this for a day where I’m needing something sweet!

Morsjo Crisps

Mörsjö Deli Organic Flatbread Crisps

Oh, my gosh, these. These flatbread crisps are SO GOOD. Seriously, they are mega salty and mega fried, and I ate them after a particularly hard day of working out when that was exactly what I was craving. It’s probably a good thing that these aren’t easily available here, because I would be tempted to buy them constantly, that’s how delicious these crisps are!

Other Crisps

The back of the package showed some other varieties, just cementing the fact that if I lived in Sweden, I’d become some kind of weird Mörsjö Deli fangirl. Literally all of those sound amazing, but I’m especially curious about how their root vegetable crisps are. I adore root vegetables, and root veggie chips are one of my favorite salty snacks. Given how amazing their basic flatbread crisps were, I’m sure their root veggie crisps are heavenly. Do want!

Honey Mustard

LissElla’s Sweet & Hot Honey Mustard

It will probably be some time before I can open this, just because I have lots of honey mustard. I’m a big fan of honey mustard on everything from soft pretzels to roast chicken, so I almost always have a jar open and a variety of backups in my pantry. However, this stuff apparently won a prize at some sort of world-wide mustard competition, so I guess it’s going to be pretty good!

Rosehip Nordic Fudge

Nordic Fudge in Rosehip Flavor

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Okay, this item is more or less what truly sold me on the Sweden Box. I love, love, love rosehip – I have ever since I was a little kid and my mom would buy these acerola/rosehip vitamin C chewable tablets. I don’t often allow myself to indulge in fudge (my natural metabolism is pretty shit, so some things have to be rare, rare treats, sadly), but the idea of a rosehip fudge just sounded too intriguing for me to pass up.

Verdict? This stuff is worth every single calorie. It’s not too rich to the point that you’ll feel gross after eating it, and the rosehip flavor is just at this perfect median where it’s not overpowering the butter fudge.

Absolutely delicious and even better than I’d imagined!

Elderflower Syrup

Ekologisk Organic Fläderblomssaft Elderflower Syrup

When I saw this, I was both excited (I’ve never tried this before, ever!) and confused (so, uh, what do I do with this..?) – but after some Google-fu, I am definitely looking forward to trying this elderflower syrup out! The Kitchn recommends using it in summery gin-based cocktails – and if you know me, you know that gin is my spirit of choice, particularly in the hotter months. Other suggestions include making lemonade or using it to flavor cakes, but I think I know what my first attempt will involve, and it begins with a G and ends with an in!

Sweden Box: Overall Impression

For my first experience with Try the World, I honestly probably couldn’t have picked a better box. The Sweden Box is almost entirely hits for me – the only thing I’m not super excited about is the liquorice, and I’m open to being pleasantly surprised there whenever I do finally try it. The highs (the flatbread crisps, the fudge) are extremely high, and everything else that I’ve tried was definitely above average in quality. I’m really looking forward to making some summery mixed drinks with the elderflower syrup and trying out some award-winning honey mustard, so I think that – for me – this Sweden Box was absolutely worth the $39.

The people curating at the Try the World clearly know their stuff, and I’m interested to see what else they’ve got in store for me! If future boxes are of the same quality as the Sweden Box, I might even decide it’s worth the lower beauty budget in order to stay subbed ??

How to Subscribe to Try the World

Use this referral link and you’ll be eligible for a free box in addition to your “main” box. 

At the time of this writing, the deal offers a free Spain box as a bonus to your paid France box. I suspect this will change every month as long as this promotion is running! If you use my link, I’ll get some store credit with them which I will absolutely not use to buy more rosehip fudge and flatbread crisps

Thanks for your time, and I hope that you enjoyed my Sweden Box unboxing and review ? I’ll post up my thoughts on the Thailand Box soon!

There are affiliate links present in this post; please see the site disclaimer for more info. If you use any of these links for purchases, THANK YOU! 


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