Violet Moon Botanicals Amethyst Multi-Use Oil Review

The use of crystals and gemstones in beauty products – both as inspiration or actual ingredients – has definitely become a bonafide trend in the past couple of years. Whether it’s Colourpop’s Gemstone Collection or the myriad indie brands experimenting with crystal-infused perfumes and skincare, the idea only seems to be picking up steam.

I mentioned this in my The Magick Cabinet Carnelian Perfume Oil Review, but I have a fondness for gemstones that stems to childhood. Even if I’m not buying in to the idea that certain gems can change your life, I’ve been enjoying this whole crystal craze for the aesthetic and nostalgic appeal. This has led to many nights browsing Etsy, looking for indie brands that are doing something fun with gemstones when creating their products. I’ll admit it: I let myself splurge on a few items as long as I made sure to review them for everyone else who has been intrigued by the crystal cosmetics trend.

Which brings us to today’s review of the Amethyst Multi-Use Oil from Violet Moon Botanicals!

Here is how Violet Moon Botanicals describes this oil:

Cleanse your aura and nourish your skin with this amethyst crystal infused body oil. Let your skin absorb the powers of amethyst while using this oil during a relaxing and centering massage, in ritual uses, as a moisturizing bath oil, or as a nourishing and negativity clearing face and body serum. This multi-use oil contains a nourishing blend of sunflower, avocado, rose hip and jojoba oils infused with amethyst to promote peace and serenity and clear negative energy while hydrating and deeply nourishing your skin. Chose your own scent from a variety of essential oils, for sensitive skin and facial use I recommend choosing the unscented oil.

Whether you believe in the power of amethyst – supposedly a crystal that helps with emotional and physical stability – or not, there’s no denying that this product contains a blend of oils that are known to be fantastic for the skin. While you can add a fragrance oil to the blend if you’re planning on using this as for non-facial skincare purposes (options include rose geranium, amber, and lavender, among others), I selected the unscented version precisely because I intended to use this as a facial oil.


When purchased unscented, the ingredients are as follows: avocado oil, sunflower oil, rose hip oil, jojoba oil, raw amethyst crystal.

I’ve had great experienced in the past with all four of the oils included in this blend, though sunflower and avocado tend to be my two personal powerhouse oils – they leave my skin baby-soft without any clogging or irritation. I’ve also had great success with moisturizers that include rosehip oil, so I was very excited to see how this particular blend would work for me – especially since, at $14.50 for 2 ounces, it wasn’t a bank-breaking blend. While one could purchase the oils separately and custom-blend themselves, to make it significantly more cost-efficient that would require buying the oils in bulk, and I wanted to see how the mix would work for me before I dropped money on large amounts of each oil. Further, since I only use the oils on my face, there is concern about using up the oils quickly enough that you don’t end up having to toss any excess that has gone bad. Given that I use a very small amount of facial oil per day, I generally prefer to buy affordable, quality pre-mixed blends like this one versus buying in bulk and wasting product.

I suppose if you put stock into the ability of the amethyst crystal to actually do something for your skin and/or life, that would make this specific product more valuable as well. Frankly, though, I think it’s just cute decoration/marketing, so I didn’t really take it into account when considering the value of this product.

That said, even with the gemstone marketing element, the Amethyst Multi-Use Oil still ends up being much more cost-efficient than many pre-blended skincare oils on the market, particularly due to its inclusion of the notably pricey avocado oil.


I have found the Amethyst Multi-Use Oil to be well-blended and easy to use. Some facial oils simply don’t play nice for me – for example, the much-loved Luna oil from Sunday Riley simply does not absorb well for me. I don’t know why, but even using a very small amount, I’d end up with it just sitting on top of my skin for hours, which made it extremely finicky to use. Having to do my nighttime skincare routine 2-3 hours before bed in order to avoid all that expensive oil going onto my pillow rather than into my pores was, well, not ideal. I’ve tried blending such oils into my moisturizers, which does help somewhat with absorption – even though I’ve seen a lot of reports online that say the opposite should happen – but some oils simply don’t blend well with creams; you end up with some pilling effects – not really an appealing end result.

Violet Moon Botanicals Amethyst Multi-Use Oil, however, works beautifully both ways for me. I personally find that my skin seems to absorb the oil better – and thus look better overall – when I blend a drop or two into my face cream. I’ve blended this oil seamlessly with Farmacy’s Honey Drop Moisturizer, Ole Henriksen’s Nurture Me Creme, and Kate Somerville’s Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream, all to great effect.

The oil itself is lightweight yet packs a great moisturizing punch. I actually decant the oil into my travel-size bottle that used to hold Tarte Maracuja Oil (you can see the specific bottle that I’m talking about in my Sephora Skin Superfoods Box Review) as I find that dropper to be very precise for my needs – one drop is the perfect amount for daytime; two drops is ideal for the night.

The Amethyst Multi-Use Oil absorbs relatively quickly and with only a light sheen – more dewiness than oiliness. This is fantastic in my opinion, as I absolutely can’t stand skincare oils – or skincare products in general – that take entire eras to absorb.

The extra conditioning given by this oil is noticeable, as my skin texture becomes softer and silkier with consistent use of this product. That said, you still need to pair this with an adequately hydrating skincare routine – a facial oil is just one piece of the puzzle that is properly moisturized, hydrated, and conditioned skin. Here’s a good summary, if you’re unsure precisely what I mean.


I do want to give a shout out to how charming I found the packaging for this order!

I’d never ordered from Violet Moon Botanicals before, but I was very pleased to see that they packed the oil in a very secure fashion – nothing is worse than buying a cosmetic item online and having it delivered to you in a gross, wasted, leaky mess. Even more so when the product is an oil! The owner of this shop, however, made sure to thoroughly bubble wrap the oil’s glass bottle, as well as use additional taping to keep the top of the bottle’s pump sealed and stable:

I also appreciated the other elements of the package, which included a pretty pressed flower, a sweet note, and a free sample of their oatmeal soap:

All in all, a thoughtful package that gave me a good first impression of the company.


I’ve been very happy with the Violet Moon Botanicals Amethyst Multi-Use Oil, and find it an easy product to recommend if you’re looking for a good blended facial oil. The price range is quite good for the amount of product that you get, and the oil itself is extremely functional and easy to use while delivering great results. The inclusion of the amethyst crystal, while being merely aesthetic for most of us, is still an appealing visual element that – paired with the clean and elegant label design – makes the Amethyst Multi-Use Oil an attractive addition to your skincare shelf.

All in all, my Violet Moon Botanicals Amethyst Multi-Use Oil review is a positive one. I’m nowhere near finished with my current bottle, but I’m impressed enough that I would absolutely consider repurchasing as well as trying some of the other products that Violet Moon Botanicals has on offer.

If you’ve tried any of their other items, please let me know your experience! I’m particularly interested in the floral steam mask and some of the fragrance oils. I’m always happy to hear other people’s thoughts on the products that I review here!


I have no affiliation with Violet Moon Botanicals or Etsy. All items in this review were purchased by me, with my own money, for my own personal use.

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