Whole Grains 2 Memebox Review & Unboxing

Next up in my seemingly endless line of food-themed Memeboxes… it’s time for my Whole Grains 2 Memebox review!

Several years ago, Davies Gate released a series of “Seeds and Grains” beauty products. It included items like Whole Wheat Body Lotion, Cardamom Foot Butter, Barley Body Wash, etc. For some reason, this really appealed to me and I remember trying to find it in stock online or at the Bath & Body Works near me, but never having any luck – I think I found out about it too late, and so it was all being phased out. Ever since then, I’ve always kind of kept an eye out for similar-sounding beauty products, to make up for my missing out on that particular collection.

So obviously, when I saw that Memebox had released a Whole Grains box and I’d missed THAT, I was totally bummed. Luckily for me, they announced Whole Grains 2 pretty soon after, and I immediately snapped it up. The box arrived on my doorstep this week, so now it’s time for me to revel in FINALLY getting my hands on some grain glamour!


Memebox’s official description of Superbox #34 Whole Grains 2:

“Whole grains are gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, yet powerful enough to buff away dead skin cells and encourage surface cell turnover! Whole grains will leave skin feeling silky soft, smooth and glowing. Rich in vitamins A and E, whole grains are full of antioxidants that promote cell respiration and also stimulate the production of anti-inflammatory compounds, slowing down the aging process.”

For someone who counts inflammation/sensitivity, dullness caused by inadequate natural exfoliation, and anti-aging as some of her skin concerns, this box sounds like a no-brainer!



This box has some items that I’m really excited about, and a few that I’m not too hyped to try… but of course, I will end up testing everything eventually, because you never know when a seemingly boring product can actually be a game-changer, right?

You know the drill: if you’re seeing this post from the main page, the rest of the post is beyond the read more!

Here’s the info card that came with the box. It’s probably obvious, but just click the thumbnails to expand the card images. I’ll be typing out all the descriptions and info anyhow, but I figured I’d put the card up just so people can see how Memebox cards look. They’re like gold since so often most of the actual product packaging is entirely in Korean, so the card is your only clue to how to use some items!


Young Face Nuruk Natural Mask & Scrub (Full Size)

Nuruk is a type of kneaded flour used in the fermentation process of making fermented alcohol. The kojic acid created when Nuruk goes through fermentation is highly acknowledged for its moisturizing, brightening, and anti-wrinkle effects.

How to use: Mix in a spoonful of Nuruk powder with water, milk, honey, or plain yogurt. After cleansing, spread the mixture evenly over your face, place a gauze over, and apply another layer of the pack. Rest for 15-20 minutes, remove everything, and rinse off with warm water. It is most recommended to be used 1-3 times a week, and it must be stored in a refridgerator.

Full size product: 50g for $5

This is one of two products that I’m not so sure about… mostly just because the instructions are just so fussy! I’m really clumsy, and so many spatulas and jars have gone flying off to their doom in my bathroom when they just leap out of my hands… so I’ve always been slightly hesitant about skincare products that require a lot of preparation. I suppose, though, that since this needs to be stored in the fridge, it’d make more sense to mix it in a bowl in the kitchen first and then take it upstairs to my bathroom to apply it…?

I don’t keep gauze on hand, though, so I guess I’ll either cheat and use just one layer like a normal mask, or I’ll have to go buy some gauze. Like, strips of gauze? Because I’m pretty sure they don’t sell sheet-mask shaped gauze around here, if anywhere.

Also, the name just reminds me of the Noruks in TERA Online, aka the deer-things you fight on Noob Island. Now I’m gonna imagine the elves using Noruk powder to keep themselves looking youthful for their long-ass lifespans…


Young Face Natural Soap (Full Size)

100% naturally-derived and hand-made, Young Face’s Natural Soap’s formula made from mung beans is highly effective for soothing irritated skin and treating excessive blemishes, freckles, and sagging skin. Mung beans are known to be rich in saponine, vitamin, calcium, and protein as well.

How to use: It’s recommended to be used with a bubble net because handmade soaps tend to soften faster.

Full size product: 100g for $12

Okay, I have to admit that between my awful experiences with LUSH (seriously, the things their products did to my skin…) and the general idea that the binding agents used to hold soap in their solid shapes tend to be drying and too high of a pH to be really optimal for your face, I’m not really amped about this item. I can’t find this product’s ingredients anywhere, either, which makes me doubly hesitant.

However, the soap smells absolutely fabulous – when I first opened this package, there was an interesting, citrusy smel that was soooo delicious. I figured out pretty quickly that it was this soap! I’ll probably just use this as a body soap rather than use it on my face.


eChoice Wash Oatmeal Body Scrub (Full Size)

Enriched with world-renown superfood – oatmeal and walnut – the Wash Oatmeal Body Scrub is rich in vitamin, lysine, protein, fiber, calcium, tryptophan, and antioxidant components and thus works to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, deep cleanse, and nourish your body all at the same time!

How to use: Use a body towel or your hands to lather the body wash enough to create bubbles, and then massage gently onto your body. Rinse off with warm water.

Full size product: 110g for $5

Okay, this may not be flashy, but I simply love oatmeal body products, so I’m happy with this item! It smells nice, not too strong, and as I have very dry skin on my body + keratosis pilaris, I always need a body scrub. Sure, I would’ve preferred a slightly more luxe brand or packaging, but I’m glad that there was at least one oatmeal body product in this box.


Osho Whitening Cream (Full Size)

Makeup can only hide. Don’t just hide – when you can fix with Whitening Cream! Enriched with high concentrates of rice bran extracts, this cream works to even out skin tone and brighten up complexion so you appear more awake and lively. It’ll instantly brighten up the dark spots on your face for a healthier-looking complexion.

How to use: Apply day and night at the end of your regular skincare routine.

Full size product: 50ml for $34

Okay, the description here makes me think this is aimed more at PIH/PIE and combating dullness – like more of a “brightening” product – but upon googling I found this video which seems to imply that it truly is used to make your skin tone simply look lighter, which isn’t really something that I’m concerned with…? I guess I’ll give it a shot and see which description turns out to be more accurate.


The packaging is cute, if not really hygienic. They do package it with a spatula, at least. That’s not ideal, but it’s better than nothing.

I really wish that more cosmetics brands would change to airless pumps and the like, assuming that the cream is thin enough, but then I suppose we wouldn’t get nifty packaging like this cream, eh? I know you all love this Epcot Spaceship Earth aesthetic~


Seven DIAS Medi Anti-Blemish Serum (Full Size)

Made from germinating soybean, mung bean, brown rice, barley, sophora root extracts, centelia asiatica, and pomegranate extracts, the Medi Anti-Blemish Serum has proven to be very effective in soothing, replenishing, and  treating skin troubles and blemishes for a cleaner, smoother complexion.

How to use: Apply the serum generously over your face and pat it in for full absorbance.

Full size product: 40ml for $29

I always get hormonal breakouts and am clog-prone, so anti-blemish serums to help manage such breakouts and make them go down easier are always welcome! I haven’t yet tried this, but I will for sure once my next breakout rears its head. Fingers crossed that it works, since while AC patches and hydrocolloid stickers are great, they’re an expensive habit – I’d much prefer a more cost-effective solution like this serum.


Tosowoong Timeshift Emulsion (Full Size)

Made from galactomyces extracts, black yeast extracts, and snail filtrate extracts, this emulsion works to replenish and tighten up the skin for a more elastic and lively complexion overall.

How to use: After toner application, apply an adequate amount of the emulsion evenly over your face and pat it in for full absorbance.

Full size product: 120ml for $34

This, though, is probably the item that I’m the most excited about!! I haven’t yet taken the snail plunge (despite a certain blogger’s Mizon/Snail addiction really tempting me – nnnnnnnnnnnn no-buy no-buy) but I’ve certainly read all the raves about its effects on sensitive, oily, and troubled skin types.

I googled this products and found this glowing review, which makes me really hopeful – she says it helped her breakouts a lot and that it’s definitely a repurchase-worthy product. I looked it up on CosDNA and don’t see any (known) problematic ingredients for my skin, so – knock on wood – I hope that this will be something that I can really love!

Also, is it just me, or did the frosted glass and the lighting in my photo end up making the bottle look like I did some Ahmed Angel-level photoshopping?

Any product that reminds me of such planetary beauty is clearly a keeper.

(Apparently he has his own subreddit. Who knew?)

So this Memebox was a positive experience, I think. Sure, there are some cheap items like the body scrub and the Young Face products, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be bad quality – and the final value for the box ends up at $119, which for $23 plus shipping is nothing to sneeze at, really.

Even though the soap and mask/scrub are a bit questionable for me, I’m really interested and excited by the other four products, so I think the (hopefully) good definitely outweighs the (possible) bad.


Obviously, there are referral links present in this post. Lots of them, haha. Please visit the site disclaimer for more information, and THANK YOU if you choose to buy anything via these links – I love you much!

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