Blade & Soul Preset: Cute & Tiny Pinky Blonde Lyn

So… I have trouble with Lyn character creation. It’s taken me no less than, like, 6 iterations to finally create a Blade Dancer that I’m happy with (I decided I wanted to go super-teeny for her, and man, trying to make them look somewhat proportional when they’re super shorties is REALLY hard – their absolute smallest head size is still pretty bobble-headesque), and just last night, I decided to finally overhaul my summoner.

She was super cute and smol af, but I revisited a lot of her aspects when making the aforementioned Blade Dancer with the thought that I’d keep my BD on the molecular level and then go back and use a character re-customization voucher to make my summoner “grow up” – as it were.

I’m totally thrilled with my summoner’s new appearance, but I felt like I’d release my old summoner Blade & Soul preset here – for posterity, because she was a cutie pie, and/or in case anyone might want to use her, or at least use her as a starting point.

So here’s my old summoner, having a photoshoot in Hogshead Pastures~

Blade & Soul Lyn Preset - Pinky Blonde 2

(To see the rest and access the preset, please click the read more if you’re looking at this from the main page!)

Blade & Soul Lyn Preset - Pinky Blonde 4

Blade & Soul Lyn Preset - Pinky Blonde 3


I should note that since she’s wearing the hat, it’s changed her hair. Her actual hairstyle is the Sailor Moon-esque bun twintails, but that’s easy enough to replace with one click once you’ve loaded her preset. This hairstyle actually gives you a better idea of her face, though, since her OG hair hid her brows/forehead.

(In these screenshots: Cobalt Captain, First Mate, Golden Deva Staff, Sandbox Kitty)

Here’s another shot of her with the Custom Gangplank hairstyle, since I know I’m not alone in favoring this hair for female Lyn:

Blade & Soul Lyn Preset - Pinky Blonde 5

Yeah, I was trying to go super-matchy with my familiar at the time, down to outfit and the pink-and-blush aesthetic. Sadly, Junghado hasn’t given her his outfit OR hat yet so we can’t be obnoxiously clone-y just yet! I really shouldn’t complain, though, as he dropped his hat within 15 kills on my Warlock – I feel like that probably consumed all my good RNG for Junghado ?

(In this screenshot: Warrior Cat, Warrior Cat Headgear, Custom Gangplank Hair, Pure Evil, Profane Staff)


And here’s the last screenshot I took of her before I changed her appearance – all dressed up for Halloween!

(In this screenshot: Profane Shroud, Creepurr Familiar Set, Great Pumpkin Staff)

So anyway! If you like her, here’s the preset:

Blade & Soul Lyn Preset - Pinky Blonde 6

How to use character presets in Blade & Soul:

  • Save the above image to your CharacterCustomize folder – it’s usually found in C:\Users\(your username)\Pictures\BnS\CharacterCustomize
  • When in character creation, hit the Manage Appearance button
  • Select the above image and apply it to your character
  • Your character should look as above, except without the Custom Gangplank and Profane Shroud (I’m sorry – I fucked up and forgot to take a “clean” preset this time around, but when you load her it won’t have those items)

My personal feedback would be that her torso is a touch too long for the rest of her body in SOME outfits (ie Dreamcutter and the school uniforms), so I’d recommend creating her and then going into F3 to try on all the outfits before you decide if it needs edits or not. Lyn costumes seem to be much more difficult to get a good fit on than any other race – their predisposition towards hammer pants and boxy torsos can make a body type that looks totally normal in character creation end up looking absurd once you get them into the actual game. You kind of need to pick out which costumes you’d want for the Lyn and then edit your preset specifically for those – and then just accept that it’s nigh impossible to make a short Lyn that will look good in everything because lol what are proportions??? ?

I hope that someone likes her and she finds a second life in someone else’s game! If you use her (even as a base), let me know – it would be quite flattering.

And in case you’re wondering, this is how my summoner looks now:

New Summoner

All grown up~

I may end up posting more presets in the future – I have an unused male Jin (my original Blade Master, before I decided I preferred Yun animations for that class) as well as a couple Yun that never saw the light of day due to running out of available classes for their race ?

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