Blade & Soul Preset: Petite Dark-Haired Gon Female

NOTE: The preset file, out of all the images in this post, was somehow the only file that did not survive the web host transfer – and unfortunately, I didn’t realize this until after my motherboard died and I lost all my old presets (hadn’t thought to ever back them up before).

I’m leaving this post up in case she does appeal to someone as I do go into some detail about how I made her, but the preset itself is missing. I’m sorry!

If you’d like to see more of my (actually intact) Blade & Soul presets, please browse the tag. I also have a tag specifically for female gon presets as well.


Hello everybody! I’m back with another Blade & Soul preset post!

This time, I’m uploading a female Gon!

If you follow me on instagram or twitter (or chat with me in-game), you may know that I recently appearance changed my Destroyer. I loved her old look, but something about it just wasn’t quite right for me. Female Gon tend to have a pretty classic face shape, and while my initial Destroyer preset was made with the thought of making her a bit more “Jin” in build (so she’s quite petite compared to most out-of-the-box female Gon and I actively avoided any of the more popular FemGon hairstyles, etc), I did keep that particular trait. But at some point I got it into my head to play with the character builder to see if I could make a Gon with more unique facial structure and less default Gon to as to make my Destroyer feel a bit more personalized.

I ended up totally falling in love with my new “just for fun” preset experiment and paid the money for the appearance change voucher, so I’m going to release my old Destroyer preset here just in case anyone likes her enough to use as their own – or, at least, as a base/jumping off point for their own creation, if not using her exactly.

So, as stated before, I went into character creation wanting a petite Gon. After seeing so many legs-for-days boobmonster female Gon (usually with spiky ponytail or that big fluffy layers hairstyle) running around (and I mean no offense by that – my Yun Blade Master has boobs and booty for days herself), I kind of wanted to play around with making a Gon that didn’t immediately look like a Gon.

I honestly don’t really think I succeeded, but I liked how she ended up looking anyway!

First, for non-Lyn characters, I almost always try to add a feeling of actual muscle to their bodies. To my mind, these are martial artists, so unless it’s one of the magical classes (my Force Master and Soul Fighter are more lithe Yun, for example, but even with them I had to reaaaallly scale up their body widths because default Yun look like they’re one calcium supplement away from snapped wristbones IMO), they should at least look like they’re physically capable of the movements their class requires.

For a petite woman tossing around a massive axe, I figured that meant she needed more muscle/width in her thighs, calves, butt, core, arms, etc. I would have honestly preferred to go a bit bigger overall, but I’ve learned the hard way that the two races with odd female idle stances (Gon and Yun) WILL have their bodies clip through their clothes if you go past a certain size on their thigh/butt area. My Blade Master can’t wear pretty much any slit-skirt costumes (like Ivory Specter) because her thighs clip right through the fabric and it looks dumb as hell.

So, compromise: this female Gon preset looks athletic, with scaled up widths across the board, but she’s definitely not THICC memeworthy or anything. I’ve seen some really awesome thicker Gons out there, but going with the outlier body types like that (similar to my frustrations with making a super short Lyn female) will drastically reduce the amount of cosmetics that look right on your character. If you know you have a few specific looks you want and you’re content with that, no worries, but I change my outfits constantly so I wanted her to look good in a wide range of outfits. Especially since female Gon, IMO, have many of the best variants of costumes in game!

Looking at this, I could easily see room for more width in her torso, though. The weird stance female Gon use as their idle base tends to make the torso look really slim from the side. They clearly went to the Tyra Banks school of Booty Tooch and Back Arch, you know?

As for the boobs, I (admittedly) do tend to favor larger-than-usual boobs on my characters. In this case, she’s not maxed on the boobslider or anything, but they’re still considerable. I also almost always move the boob height slider down, because as the owner of IRL big boobs, the gravity-defying collarbone-placement that I see on lots of other characters (especially female Gon) just strikes me as way more silly than sexy ?

As mentioned before, I did keep the heart-shaped face and large eye/small mouth ratio that seems to be a common feature for female Gon. I did actually try to make her eyes a bit wide and innocent, kind of going for a Namsoyoo vibe with the eyes:

I mean, not trying for an exact match, but the same general kind/cute look that Namsoyoo was designed to evoke… if not actually live up to, lolol.
How to use character presets in Blade & Soul:

  • Save the above image to your CharacterCustomize folder – it’s usually found in C:\Users\(your username)\Pictures\BnS\CharacterCustomize
  • When in character creation, hit the Manage Appearance button
  • Select the above image and apply it to your character
  • Your character should look as above :3

And for anyone curious, here is my new Destroyer:

I think she looks much more unique now, and I’m a big fan. Also, wow, I love the Gon version of Pure White so much…

Thank you for reading, and I hope someone out there likes her enough to use her!

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