Coffee-Mate Abuelita Mexican Chocolate Liquid Creamer Review

Like so many others, I have fond memories of making Abuelita hot cocoa as a child. I’ve always been big on hot drinks – blame my mother for getting me started with Cambric tea when I was still just a toddler. There’s something so enjoyable and comforting to me about a mug full of warm coffee, milk or chai tea, or hot cocoa – preferably in a super cute mug with whipped cream and some seasonally-colored sprinkles to complete the experience! And when it comes to hot chocolate, I’ve always liked the spiced varieties best. Chalk it up to growing up in southern California and getting used to the spices and chiles being in everything from brownies (my mom has been making jalapeno brownies for as long as I can remember) and other sweets to the more obvious savory sauces and meats. So it’s a no brainer that when it comes to hot chocolate, of course I’d favor the varieties with an extra kick, whether it’s from actual chilis or, as is the case with Abuelita, just some cinnamon for a tiny punch of heat.

Abuelita Hot Cocoa

So when I saw that Coffee-Mate had introduced an Abuelita flavored variety of their liquid coffee creamers, of course I snapped it up immediately! I tend to make my coffee very strong (I need the heavy dosage of caffeine for my neurons to start firing properly in the morning tbh), and while I definitely enjoy the roasty-toasted marshmallow notes in a lot of the very dark coffees that I buy, I like to add a tablespoon of some sort of creamer in to smooth things out and complement the whipped cream that I always use to top off my cuppa.

Dojima would probably not approve.

Dojima Coffee Comic by hiimdaisy

I’ve already used the entire bottle, so unfortunately I can’t give you any custom photos. I mean, I’m pretty sure that a pic of an empty creamer container in my recycling bin isn’t really that appealing, so forgive me for skipping that and just using the official image from the Coffee-Mate website. You still get the idea!

Coffee-Mate Abuelita Liquid Creamer

The consistency is the same as pretty much all Coffee-Mate liquid creamers – kind of a slightly creamier/thicker-than-usual milk. Considering that the base of their liquid creamers is, well, milk and cream, that’s not really surprising. However, unlike most of their varieties, the Abuelita liquid creamer is actually brown in color – the color of light chocolate milk. It gives your coffee a pleasing color when mixed together, in my opinion. If you only drink very light brews, it actually might darken your coffee!

One of the reasons that I tend to favor Coffee-Mate liquid creamers almost exclusively is that I find them to be missing the weird chemical aftertaste that I get from International, Bailey’s, and other liquid creamer brands. I usually use Coffee-Mate’s Natural Bliss line because that sort of simple creaminess tends to be my main purpose in using coffee creamer, and the NB series manages to deliver that without any synthetic ingredients, thus avoiding any weird flavor issues. However, I’ve been pleased enough with the special editions in their “normal” creamers – while they don’t taste as good overall in my opinion as the Natural Bliss varieties, they tend to dodge the crappy aftertaste. I’m happy to report that the Abuelita variety also manages to avoid the synthetic aftertaste pitfall. You actually feel like you’ve added chocolate milk to your coffee, not milk and melted plastic (International creamers, I’m looking at you) or nothing at all (Bailey’s creamer, to me, somehow managed to taste like absolutely nothing yet still give a funny aftertaste).

However, for me personally, all I could really pick out was the chocolate milk taste. I didn’t get ANY cinnamon or spice flavor, so in that aspect this creamer was a bit of a disappointment – I was hoping for the warmth and spice that I remembered from the actual Abuelita discs, but that just wasn’t present.

This creamer does, at least, work as a nice real-chocolate flavor to add to your coffee. I’ll probably purchase it again for this purpose as no stores near me actually stock the Natural Bliss Chocolate flavor, and this is a decent stand-in for days when I want a touch of cocoa in my latte.

Ideally, though, I’d love if Coffee-Mate reformulated this creamer and amped up the cinnamon so that I could really feel like this product was worthy of the Abuelita label. So, in a nutshell, this is my Coffee-Mate Abuelita Mexican Chocolate Liquid Creamer Review: it’s a nice, mild chocolate creamer, but don’t expect the warmth and spice of actual Abuelita hot cocoa.

*The Persona 4 comic used in this article is from the infamous hiimdaisy (now known as gigidigi) Persona comic. If you like it, I encourage you to go check out Cucumber Quest – it’s her new webcomic and it is gorgeous and adorable.

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