Mint Mairi: The Primer

Well, happy July and welcome to my new website. Introduction posts are always kind of lame, yet I’ve never been able to resist – and I’m preeeettty sure that I’ve always started them out with that same kind of apology for how boring I’m about to be in said post. Seriously. I’ve been blogging in some form or another since like… 2000? Maybe earlier? I started back when it was all Angelfire and Geocities. Even before LiveJournal, it was kind of a trend for kids at my high school to have their own personal blog/webcam kinda deal. I kind of followed the process of personal blog/pics site that was really only read by my local peer group to a livejournal to my own domain in college where I was kind of a camgirl-lite. Like, I took maybe one or two pics a week and used them as clickbait in the ten kajillion camportals that existed at that time. Nothing adult! I guess it might be hard to believe nowadays, but there was a time when “camgirls” were just a …thing. Not a creepy thing, not a porny thing, just a social thing like a Facebook profile or Tumblr account is today. We all wrote and blogged about our boring-ass, everyday lives, and formed a lot of friendships and had a lot of fun in the process. I still keep in contact with a lot of the people I met back during those times, even met a few of them IRL.

So when I say that blogging is just kind of a natural state of being for me, believe it. I’ve been doing this in some form or another for the past 14-15 years, and it feels weird when I don’t have any sort of internet outlet for my various bullshit.

So here we are! Mint Mairi. Why that name? Well, Mint is actually my absolute favorite word in the English language. I don’t even know why, just something about it looks and sounds so perfect to me. Mint, Minted, Minty, look how pretty it is! And Mairi is just a slight variation on my actual middle name. Fun fact: my mother is an internet junkie, too – probably my fault as she had to get started early to monitor me and make sure I wasn’t getting into creepy shit as a minor – and we both use our middle names as our online handles more often than not. Don’t even know why, but there it is.

So, what’s going to show up on this here blog? Well, whatever I want, really. I want a place to talk about and review the craploads of beauty products I use (I’m particularly fond of skincare because I have THE pickiest skin around), ramble about all the video games that I like to play (I’m a fan of console games and MMOs), inform the universe all about how adorable my dog is, ramble about comic books comic books comic books, fitness apps and DVDs, comment on random pop culture crap, maybe share some of the short stories I write every so often, you know… just whatever. You know, try to live the dream of getting some AdSense $$$ for talking about stuff I like and hopefully meeting some fun new people along the way!

So if you somehow end up here while this site’s taking its first baby steps, hi! And now you know what’s going to end up here. Stick around!

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