My Cute Wishlist 2 Memebox Review & Unboxing

Like so many people, one of my favorite things about Asian cosmetics is just how darn cute the packaging can be. Etude House, Tony Moly, Skinfood, It’s Skin’s Babyface line, and my personal favorite Holika Holika – tons of brands make their names with both products that are both adorable and high quality. Given how often “cute packaging” in Western cosmetics tends to mean “cheap, crappy drugstore products aimed at pre-teens”, it’s really awesome to have a way for adults with real skin and cosmetic concerns to still be able to indulge their more whimsical sides.

All that is to say, when My Cute Wishlist 2 popped up on the Memebox site? OF COURSE I grabbed it.


Here’s the official description of this Memebox:

It’s Back! We spritzed, powdered, and puckered up our way through thousands of precious darlings to bring you a box that bubbles over with cuteness!

The second edition of our My Cute Wishlist Box is loaded with darling delights that have swoon-worthy signature cheeky Korean names and gosh-darn-cute packaging. From miniature beautifying trinkets to precious pouch portables, this box full of darling beauty finds will make you bubble over with giddiness.

I’d have to say that personally, I think this box did live up to its hype! It’s definitely the box that I was most pleased with simply based on initial appearances. Obviously, as I try out individual products from all the (too many) boxes that I’ve ordered, that could change a lot, so that’s why I’m emphasizing that this is currently my favorite box just based on superficial, first appearances.


Ever since finding out about the It’s Skin Babyface line, I have been wanting… well, pretty much the entire line! I was so happy to see the trademark smiley-face-and-wings packaging looking at me from within this box! The product in the ice cream truck packaging and the happy pig box also stood out to me upon first look.

As per usual, if you want the itemized product list and my opinions on each, please click the read more!

Here is the front and back of the info card for this box:

Click the thumbnail to expand, or simply read on as I’ll be copying the product summaries in this post!


It’s Skin Babyface Petit Blusher (04 Baby Peach, Full Size)

Highlight and illuminate cheekbones and complexion with this blendable blush, available in an array of luminous colors. Cheeks will look radiant with a subtle glow that perfectly compliments smooth, perfected skin.

How to use: Use a powder brush or powder puff to dab on blush to the apples of cheeks for a radiant flush.

Full size product: 4g for $7

Okay, let’s start off with the item that I was initially most pumped to see in the box – an It’s Skin Babyface blush! As mentioned before, I’ve been hardcore lemming just about the entire Babyface product line, and the blush was no exception. They sent out a random selection of colors (options were 01 Baby Pink, 02 Baby Lavender, 03 Baby Rose, and 04 Baby Peach) and I’m really happy that I got the exact shade that I’d been wanting! I’m currently good on light pink and reddish/rosey blushes, but I can never seem to have enough shades of peach in my blush collection. You see, many moons ago, I had my absolute HG blush shade – it was CARGO’s Dublin Color Tube – but it’s long, long discontinued and as such I’ve been looking for an adequate replacement for the utter perfection of that color. It was the kind of shade that, seeing photos of myself wearing it, I’d just be like “gosh, I look so good!” and then realize it was the blush that was making me look so radiant and happy. Dublin was a pinky-peach shade, so ever since I’ve been on a total peach blush kick.

Here’s a few more photos, I went a little nuts taking pics of this blush just because of the total cuteness. The wings are obviously just a removable packaging, but it’s easy enough to replace if you want to display/store the blush with the wings intact.

I love the embossed logo! I hope that I love the actual blush as much as I love the packaging, ahaha. Though honestly, this might be one of those products where even if it ends up not being optimal for me, it’s still adorable enough that I’m happy to have it just as something cute to have in my collection, you know?


Evas Vitamin Cleansing Dessert (03 Red Wine, Full Size)

These yummy Vitamin Cleansing Desserts completely remove makeup and impurities to give you the best down-to-the-pore clean feeling! Micro bubbles penetrate deep into the pores to extract blackheads, whiteheads, and all acne-causing bacteria to give you flawless skin!

How to use: Massage gently onto wet face to remove makeup and impurities.

Full size product: 130g for $18

This is another product that I was really happy to see! The Cacao Memebox, which was the box that I missed but pretty much spurred me into finally taking the Memebox plunge (it was this review specifically!), included the Coconut & Cacao Extract variation of this item. It looked really interesting and I absolutely loved the packaging.

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My Cute Wishlist 2 had a random chance between 03 Red Wine (which I received), 02 Lemon, and 01 Berry Mix. I was initially disappointed that the Chocolate and Cacao version wasn’t an option, but I assume it’s because they didn’t want to risk people receiving duplicates.

I probably would have been happy with any flavor, but of the three options, I am happy that I got Red Wine. It smells totally delectable – just like a yummy bunch of grapes – and while I’ve heard a lot about red wine in skincare, I haven’t really delved into it as much… whereas I’ve certainly used plenty of lemon/citrus and various berry-inspired products. So in the end, I think this was the best result.


And, as stated earlier, I think the ice cream truck box is just so cute!

The only thing that I’m confused about RE: this product is whether it’s meant to be the first-step cleanser (so a replacement to my oil cleanser) or the main cleanser… or is it meant to replace both into one step? If anyone can read Korean and can tell me, I’d be really thankful!

ETA: I’ve since pH tested this and it came out as an 8.5-9.5ish reading. I’ve seen the pH of the Vitamin Cleansing Dessert reported as 10 elsewhere, but they didn’t specify the variety, so I don’t know if they tested the same kind that I did. Mine was 8.5 when I put just the cream soap onto the strip, and about 9-9.5 when I mixed it with water. So it’s too high a pH for me to feel comfortable using it on my face. It’s really creamy, smells delicious and leaves a moisturizing effect, though, so I think I will mix some sugar into the jar and repurpose it as body scrub!


Sally’s Box Friendly Berry Berry Lip Patch (Full Size)

Infused with various berry extracts rich in vitamin C, this lip mask hugs all the curves of your lips and enhances them for luscious and kissable lips. Use twice a week for deeply moisturized, smoochable lips!

How to use: Place mask onto lips for 10 to 20 minutes. Remove and pat to absorb the remaining product.

Full size product: 8g for $3

I’ve never used a lip mask before! I’ve seen lip masks/patches a lot as I’ve shopped for Asian cosmetics, but never looked into them for… you know, I don’t even know why. It’s strange, because I’m probably in the demographic that could really benefit from a super-moisturizing lip treatment – EVERY winter I have at least a few instances where my lips just get incredibly dried out and painful/flaky, just because I have big lips that are prone to dryness, and I spend a fair amount of time outside in cold wind during the winter… not to mention how bad the dry heat inside can be for your skin and lips. I usually end up putting Neosporin or Benadryl cream on my lips when this happens, but even then it takes my mouth a week or more to fully recover.

I’ll be saving this mask for when this inevitably happens again this winter, and see if it gives me some relief!


The YEON Style Y Fruity Swirl Lip Balm (03 Lime Twist, Full Size)

This deep-sinking, conditioning lip balm melts across your lips for a dewy, kissable pout. Jojoba oil moisturizes and locks in hydration, and the non-greasy, never-sticky formula has a juicy flavor and hue that flatters every smirk.

How to use: Rub on lip balm onto clean lips for best results.

Full size product: one balm for $8

You know how, at the start of this post, I mentioned cheap drugstore cosmetics aimed at pre-teens? Like Bonne Bell lipsmackers or $1 hard, waxy, overly sweet lip gloss pots masquerading as balms? I totally thought that this lip balm was going to be one of those when I first saw it. I mean, it looks just like something that I could grab at Wal-Mart and then be disappointed because it’s too crappy to even be worth $1, you know?

I’m happy to report that looks are deceiving, in this instance. While this balm does have a very sweet smell (it’s supposed to be lime, but just comes off as generic candy-sugar citrus to me), it’s not headache-inducing, and more importantly: the balm itself is actually soft, easy to spread, and actually moisturizing and not sticky. I’ve been using it for a few days and I’m really pleased with its performance – I feel like it’s really hydrating my lips while giving me a protective layer that’s important in the colder fall and winter months. A very pleasant surprise, indeed!

The description mentions a “hue” but this does not, thankfully, turn my lips bright green… I don’t really notice any color at all. Maybe the orange and strawberry varieties are different?


RoseMine Perfumed Hand Cream (Hesperides, Full Size)

This protective, emollient formula uses the living energy of lily and hesperides to deeply nourish the skin and nails, creating sublimely smooth results. This lovely scented hand cream will instantly transport you to paradise! Enriched with shea butter, rose water, argan oil, and mango seed butter, this hand cream delivers instant moisture and nutrition for healthy hands and nails.

How to use: Apply a small amount to hands and massage until fully absorbed. Apply as required throughout the day.

Full size product: 60ml for $12

I have to confess something: I am slightly obsessive about washing my hands. I think it comes from both having a shitty immune system (if I’m exposed to something contagious, I have a 99.99% chance of contracting it, so I wash my hands after touching anything that’s been handled by a lot of people) and habit from when I worked in a hospital pharmacy (obviously, we were told to wash our hands CONSTANTLY and they even gave us fliers about how rubbing the hand soap in a circular motion was optimal, etc), but whatever the reason, the end result is that my hands tend to be consistently in need of hydration. I keep hand cream in my purse, by my bed, by my computer, in the kitchen… it’s probably, alongside lip balm and the aforementioned hand soaps, my most-used household item!

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This has lead to me being pretty picky as sooo many hand creams are either not moisturizing enough, overly scented, or they never sink in and leave you with gross, sticky hands – or some combination of the three!

I think that this hand cream is pretty solid, though. It’s not a heavy fragrance – after like 15-20 minutes I don’t even really smell it anymore unless I’m, like, huffing my hands trying to get a whiff of the scent – and it absorbs easily and quickly. The hydration is… medium. I don’t think that I could rely on this cream solely for my very-dry hands, but it’s nice enough and will work as a portable hand cream.

I received Hesperides, which has the superior pink packaging, so of course I’m happy about that! The scent itself is a light floral, very pleasant to my nose.


SaintPeau Collagen Pudding Sleeping Pack (Full Size)

This fun overnight facial mask is infused with 62% natural collagen to give you the look of radiant, more youthful skin. This jello-type collagen mask fills in fine lines and wrinkles and delivers deep and intense nourishment to the skin to help slow down the signs of aging.

How to use: After cleansing and toning the skin, massage a generous amount of the facial mask to the face. Leave on. Sleep. Wash off the next morning.

Full size product: 100g for $36

I’ve only recently been introduced to the wonder that is the sleeping pack, so I’m pumped to have yet another to try out – and how cute is that happy little pig on the packaging?!

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not really sure that topical collagen does much of anything, but I’m more than willing to give products including it a shot anyhow – who knows, maybe we’ll be eventually proved wrong and it will turn out that collagen skincare does have some secret benefit. Or maybe it will just be a moisturizing sleeping pack featuring a cute piggie. I’m cool either way.



This Memebox really impressed me, despite being on the lower end of the cash value spectrum (using Memebox’s given product values, this box is worth $84 – most that I’ve received are usually at least $100+). Sure, a lot of the featured brands may be lower-end, but they all live up to the cuteness factor promised – and more importantly, they are ALL products that I can see myself using. The few that I’ve already tried have been good quality, and I even got TWO products that I’d been wanting (the cream cleanser and a Babyface item), so in the end I feel like I made out really well with this box. So my official My Cute Wishlist 2 Memebox review: A+!

I’m consistently impressed with the value you get from Memebox as opposed to most other sub boxes. At $23 + shipping, they’re at the normal beauty box price point, but I feel like I tend to get way more interesting products in Memeboxes versus, say, Glossybox. Now, it’s probably somewhat skewed because I’m able to only choose the themes that I’m interested in, but I still tend to feel a bit more satisfied with Memeboxes than Glossyboxes, even when the Glossies have more valuable products.


I purchased this Memebox with my own money, however there are referral links present in this post. Lots of them, haha. Please visit the site disclaimer for more information, and THANK YOU if you choose to buy anything via these links – I love you much!

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