Small Korean Beauty Haul (Featuring Holika Holika, Etude House and Tony Moly)

I’ve alluded to it before, but last month I went a little nuts and bought a TON of Korean cosmetics/skincare. A few of those products turned up today, so I decided to see how my Kindle Fire’s camera handled taking some haul photos. The verdict? Um… passable, I guess, but it was a pain and I definitely need more practice with setting up shots so I can avoid that obnoxious glare! I think that’s my biggest hurdle when taking these photos. Well, that and the fact that the Kindle doesn’t have any sort of preview display that I can see when I’m taking photos of anything other than myself, haha.

Small Haul - Wide Shot

I used the JuneĀ GLOSSYBOX‘s packaging as a backdrop – just to be patriotic since it’s July, and also because that box was so pretty! I’m not sure if the colors/pattern helped or hindered my glare issues, though…

Anyhow, on to the goodies! Click the read more to expand and see my mini Korean beauty haul, crappy photos and all~


These are the Holika Holika Love Fantasy Blushers in Red Fantasy and Choco Fantasy! The containers are metal and the tops have a curve to them, while in person they’re super cute and gorgeous, they gave me a lot of trouble trying to get a non-glare-ified, true-to-color image.



It’s probably self-explanatory, but in the picture with the open product, Choco is on the left and Red is on the right.


Etude House Sweet Ice Cream Nail Polish in OR201 Fruit & Tony Moly Petite Bunny Bar Lip Gloss in #6 Juicy Orange. Can you tell I’ve really been feeling corals, melons, oranges, peaches, and so on this summer? And how cute are these items! I love the ice cream shaped polish bottle and the bunny gloss is freakin’ adorable. I’m sure that my fellow Bleach fans would consider this lip gloss Rukia-approved!

Here’s a pic of the bunny gloss opened, so you can see the actual product/color. It’s a really beautiful color IMO, but my image here makes the actual color look even more orange than it actually is IRL. Can you tell that I’m not so great with photo editing yet?


And lastly, here’s the Holika Holika 3-Second Starter, I got the Vita Complex type.


I bought this even though I’m still slightly confused about where precisely it’s supposed to go in my skincare regime. It says to apply within three seconds of cleansing, so I guess it goes before toner/freshener? Or is it the same thing as a toner/freshener, just with a different name? I figure I’ll try using it both ways and see if I notice any difference. Maybe it will make more sense then!

This product provides niacin and vitamin c, which is said to be helpful for healing breakout scars/damaged skin. When left to its own devices, my skin’s cell turnover/healing/etc is totally abysmal (and in turn this causes most of my skin issues), which is why I’m always interested in trying products that are supposed to help with those specific things.

The sellers were awesome and threw in some samples: Etude House’s Milky You Foaming Cleanser, Etude House Sparkling Tocs All-in-One Gel, Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream, and Baviphat Lemon Sleeping Pack. I’m not really sure what the Sparkling Tocs product is, but the seller gave me like 7 samples of it, so I hope I like it, hah.

I bought the polish from klonoa21, everything else came from rinishop. I’m not affiliated or anything, just trying to be helpful if anyone is interested in these products for themselves!


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